Here are the TOP 5 successor sites similar to Fbay! [Latest Edition in 2022

Updated on 2022-09-27
Fbay has closed down, but I will tell you about free alternative sites below. 1. mangaPLAY 2. conbay (cartoon bay) 3. manga world 4. manga town 5. manga village girl

Did you know that there is a successor or similar site to the piracy site "Fbay"?

Fbay" became a hot topic as an alternative illegal copy site to Manga Bank.

However, it was closed on January 23, 2022 due to alleged copyright infringement by Shueisha.

We have therefore compiled a list of the latest successor and similar sites to replace "Fbay" and introduce them here.

What kind of site is Fbay?

Fbay, the successor site to MangaBank, closed down for a moment.

But instantly revived as MangaPLAY

- Ram (@tm05071555) January 24, 2022

Fbay" is the successor site created after "Manga Bank" was closed.

However, since "Fbay" has already been closed, a successor site is now in the works!

The design of the site is almost the same as "Manga Bank", so it is said that only the name of the site and the administrator have changed.

Alternative sites to "Fbay

  • Manga PLAY
  • Combay
  • Manga World
  • Manga Town
  • Manga Village Girls
  • Manga Row
  • Hanascan
  • SakuraManga
  • Mangamura Pro
  • Star Romi

As an alternative to "Fbay", we decided to create the BEST 5 most visited piracy sites.


There are so many alternative sites to "Fbay".

Above are the BEST5 of the latest piracy sites as alternatives to "Fbay," but please do not access them, as they are very dangerous sites.

No. 1: Manga PLAY

How to use Fbay (Manga PLAY)

Manga PLAY" is said to be the successor site of "Fbay," and its design is the same as "Fbay.

It seems to have taken over the data of "Fbay" as it was, but it became temporarily inaccessible in early March 2022 and was closed in April.

There were also rumors of frequent access errors and the site being down frequently.

In addition to that, Manga PLAY was complicated to search for manga.


If the manga search doesn't work, you can't read the manga you want to read...

No. 2: Combay (MangaBay)

Combay is the successor site to MangaBank and was created two weeks after MangaBank closed.

Its existence became known immediately, as it was redirected directly from MangaBank's site, but it was shut down two days after Combay's birth.

Because the site was shut down so rapidly after its birth, it appears that the manga itself was never uploaded.

Therefore, the manga was eventually closed without being readable.

No. 3: Manga World


Manga World is not a website, but an app.

It used to be available on the App store, but now it seems to have been erased as it does not appear in searches.

Moreover, this Manga World was one of the lowest rated apps in the App store because it just sends you to an external link.

Therefore, it seems that this app was not user-friendly for those who want to read manga.

No. 4: Manga Town

I heard that Manga Village is back as Manga Town, but that site looks like it could be planted with a virus like that. I'm afraid to even access it.

Manga Town is a successor site created by the same operator after Manga Village was closed down!

What makes this site unique is that, unlike previous sites, it is a pirated illegal site that requires membership registration.

However, upon closer inspection, it seems that reading manga was allowed without membership registration, but uploading manga required membership registration.

The site was shut down three months after its opening, and is currently inaccessible by search.

No. 5: Manga Village Girls

People say Mangamura has been shut down, but Mangamura Girls is still around, renamed Girls Manga, so let's shut this down together too

- Anal Kaori (@kaori_t__) April 12, 2018

Manga Village Girls is an illegal copy site launched in April 2018, and what makes it unique is that it is a site that mainly uploads shoujo manga.

It is also important to note that in addition to shoujo manga, the site also offered BL works, adult works, and maniacal works.

The site had a rich lineup and was in constant demand by those who liked it.

However, Mangamura Girls is of course closed and the site does not appear in searches.


Fbay, the successor to MangaBank, has been closed and has become MangaPLAY.

Maybe this one is safer because of the virus-like ads #MangaBANK #MangaBANK #Mangabank

MangaBANK closed? Is it coming back with MangaPLAY, Fbay, or Combay (Mangabay)? Thorough explanation of dangers and illegality! Free manga sites to replace & take over

- Miruuze (@miruuze) February 14, 2022

In this article, we introduced the latest dangerous successor and similar sites to replace Fbay 2022.

Fbay has closed down, but we will tell you about the free alternative sites below.

1. cartoon PLAY

2. konbay (Cartoon Bay)

3. Manga World

4. Manga Town

5. Manga Village Girl

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