What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

Updated on 2023-08-08
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What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

An error code is considered the best indicator to a software user that a particular error has occurred, and you need to identify the causes of your device's issue. For example, errors like Hulu error code p-dev320, Hulu error code p-ts207, etc., often crop up, detecting and displaying specific problems on your device.

The message often indicates the occurrence of the error or problem and will suggest an identifier for indicating the nature of the error. Read this article to learn about different error codes occurring on various streaming platforms. Moreover, go through the piece till the end to learn about the downloader, which would end such problems. You can find the best Netflix Downloader here.

Different Error Codes

The following will brief about the frequent error codes in different streaming platforms with their meaning, the reason behind their occurrence, and on the devices where the error shows:

1. Hulu Error Code P-Dev320:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

Hulu Error Code p-dev320 crops up because of the communication between the Hulu web player or the Hulu app and the main Hulu servers. It might surface due to connectivity complications within the network, an outdated version of the app on the device, or errors with Hulu itself.

Reason for Occurrence

When the error appears, you are likely to encounter a message like the one below:

'We are facing trouble playing your desired show. It might be helpful if you switch off the device for a while and try again later.' Hulu Error Code p-dev320 can take place with any device that can run your Hulu app, including your Hulu web player in the web browser.

It's usually related to a connection or network problem. For example, you might face this error code by using an outdated version or due to complications with the service of Hulu.


Smart TVs, Xbox One, Android, iPhone, and Roku.


● Inspect if Hulu is dealing with server issues

● Try on any other device

● Ensure that the Hulu application is updated.

● Clear cache as well as data

● Keep a check on other streaming services

● Try operating Hulu on other web connection

● Try working with your mobile data

2. Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

Hulu error code RUNUNK13 arises when you are willing to play your desired show or movie on Hulu, but you won't be able to finish up or proceed with the request. Network connectivity or Hulu server issues can escalate the error that corrupts the downloaded Hulu content.

Reason for Occurrence

This error usually occurs because of connectivity issues, buffering issues, server crashes, etc. The users cannot restart the video or try starting other shows to watch.


The error code frequently surfaces on Apple devices such as iPhone and Apple TV, but you can also experience it on other web players and devices


● Reload your video. Refresh the opened web page.

● Try operating Hulu on any other device to check if you are still facing the RUNUNK13 error

● Clear the cache

● Make sure your Apple TV or Amazon Firestick is updated.

3. Hulu Error Code P-TS207:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

While dealing with Hulu error code p-ts207, you might have to go through a playback issue. In such a case, try restarting your device and try again later. If it fails to help, clear your cache and ensure your internet speed is above 3mbps. You can also get in touch with Hulu support if your error persists.

Reason for Occurrence

While this occurs, you will notice a few messages on the screen. Every error must consist of a code. P-TS207 is one of the common errors which users face frequently. This error code indicates playback issues, lower internet speed, or using the outdated app.


Roku, Amazon Firestick, etc.


● Check the speed of your Internet connection. Poor web connections might cause


● Restart the Hulu application. The quick start might be beneficial

● Check for the latest updates

4. Disney Plus Error Code 83:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

Error code 83 Disney Plus is one of the standard error codes in Disney Plus. This error hints at the usage of an incompatible device while streaming Disney Plus. Simply put, it thinks the user is trying to stream on a device that cannot run this app. It also indicates anti-piracy measures, glitches, etc.

Reason for Occurrence

The issue might be because of the immense internet traffic. Try contacting your local internet provider and consult your ISP to check if their routers and servers are facing issues while connecting to Disney Plus. The second reason is the problem with your device signing up for Disney Plus.


You can experience the error on various devices such as tablets, phones, computers, streaming devices such as Smart TVs, Roku or Apple TV, and other gaming consoles like Xbox One, Playstation, etc.


● Check your device's compatibility with Disney Plus

● Restart the device

● Ensure the stable connection of your Internet

● Reinstall your application

● Update the app to the latest version

5. Disney Plus Error Code 39:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 happens because of the support issues. It can also occur due to corruption of temporary data, failing the copy-protected check, generation of passive temporary files, or capturing in-game settings of the gaming console or your HDMI splitter.

Reason of Occurrence

Server complications, temporal service outages, and poor internet connections can result in Disney plus error code 92. You can also encounter errors due to obsolete application versions. For example, if you see the error code on your PC, you can blame your antivirus software.


Windows 10, Xbox app, etc.


● Start loading your video again

● Turn off the PC Xbox streaming application

● Switch to any other HDMI port

● Delete and install your Disney application

● Work on other streaming services

6. Disney Plus Error Code 42:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

The primary cause behind Disney Plus error code 42 is complications with the connection to your Disney+ service. The error could also appear in the audio glitch form where users can only hear their playback sound, witnessing a blank screen. While in some cases, you cannot listen to or see anything.

Reason for Occurrence

The main reason behind the error code is complications with your Disney Plus servers and issues with the internet connection.


Windows 10, Xbox app.


● Try signing out and re-signing on your Disney Plus application

● Check for the latest updates on the Disney application

● Restart the streaming service

● Look for a few firmware updates of the streaming device and immediately install it.

7. Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

The Netflix error code NW-2-5 questions your network connection issue, meaning that the device cannot reach your Netflix service. It is a relatively common and challenging Netflix issue that users face.

Reason for Occurrence

A connectivity issue prevents the Netflix website or application from communicating with your servers.


Xbox, Smart TV, and PS4.


Step 1: Switch off the device

Step 2: Unplug the router as well as a modem from power. Be patient for 30 seconds

Step 3: Plugin your modem, and after 1-minute, plug in your router

Step 4: Stream Netflix again

8. Netflix Error Code UI-800-3:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

If you encounter Netflix error code UI-800-3, your stored information on the device must be refreshed.

Reason for Occurrence

This error arises when there is an issue with your Netflix application. For instance, the corruption of your stored apps and cached data. In such a case, refresh the stored information on the device to resolve this issue.


Smart TV

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: On your Xbox 360 dashboard, visit the Apps and My apps section.

Step 2: Highlight your Netflix application

Step 3: Tap on the X& icon for details of the application

Step 4: Select Delete. Press on Yes. You are done.

9. Paramount Plus Error Code 3205:

What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

If your installation process corrupts in between, you might have to deal with paramount plus error code 3205. In such cases, a few modules might fail to work to the expected level and thus cause severe issues. So instead, try to reinstall your application to eliminate the problem.

Reason for Occurrence

The error mainly occurs because of network connection issues and can be dealt with by checking the internet connection and ensuring your internet speed. If you still face the problem, clear the cache and cookies.


Smart TV


● Check your web connection

● Disable the Ad-blocker

● Clear cache

● Force stop the application

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What to Do When Error Codes Occur on Major Streaming Platforms?

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In this world of digital media, people prefer watching their favorite latest movies, series, and shows on different streaming platforms. At times, such streaming platforms irritate users with some error codes. Amongst the many popular platforms, one of them is Hulu.

Streaming videos on Hulu is relatively easy and convenient, but there are some Hulu error codes like Hulu error code p-dev320 and Hulu error code p-ts207, which are pretty tricky to understand.

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