What is Talesto? Here are some alternative sites.

By momoka

We will examine what kind of site Video Erotic Talent is, including its features, cautions, and alternative sites.

What is Video Erotic Talent?

First, we will introduce the number of adult sites available on Video Erotic Talent and their popularity.

Convenient features such as narrowed-down search

Video Erotales allows you to refine your search by tags, search words, playback time, and more. You can refine your search by tags, search words, playback time, etc.

VideoEroTalest is linked to adult websites that introduce free videos, but it is made to look like the contents of its own website with an "RSS" feature.

In other words, VideoEroTalest itself has no originality, and the videos you like there are merely links to sites that distribute the videos, so VideoEroTalest is a collection of links, so to speak.

One of the most popular adult sites in Japan

Video Erotic Talest is a mammoth site that boasts one of the highest PVs in Japan among adult sites where you can watch erotic videos for free.

In Japan, it boasts a PV that can be said to be on par with pornhub and xvideos.

The number of videos in each popular genre is said to be in the millions. The site is so large that even those with unusual sexual proclivities can encounter satisfying erotic videos.

Is Video Erotic Talest safe?

Is this popular video erotica site really safe? Are there hidden dangers because it is free?

Because it is a convenient site that can be accessed easily and allows you to quickly search for the erotic videos you want to watch, we are concerned about the precautions you need to take when using the site.

Video Erotare itself is not dangerous.

Video erotare itself, as a site, is considered low risk when actually used.

The reason for this is that basically when you register an erotic site or sites with Video Erotare, you have to go through a screening process on the management side.

Therefore, adult sites and blogs that are considered potentially dangerous are not registered with Video Erotare, which means that they are highly safe.

The only videos that are safe are the individual videos that are linked to the site.

Blogs, vlogs, and other sites that are deemed less problematic by the operator's review process are generally safe.

Since Video Erotic Talest is an antenna site that mainly links to well-known erotic video sites, there is little risk when viewing videos because they often go to sites with a proven track record.

However, in some cases, clicking on the links will lead you to other sites, which should be avoided to increase the risk.

Access to video providers is dangerous.

In other words, links provided by video erotica sites are relatively safe, but accessing various sites via video providers increases the risk.

Video erotic sites such as "EroticTales," which is registered with Video Erotic Tales, allow users to view videos from free adult sites overseas as videos operated by the original adult site.

Therefore, it must be said that the safety of the free adult sites themselves is not so high.

Popular erotic video sites other than Video Erotic Talest

We have explained that Video Erotic Talest is a link-only antenna site that does not operate videos itself. It is also true that there are dissatisfactions and disadvantages due to this.

Below, we will introduce some popular sites for safe and secure erotic videos.

Hey Video

Japan's pay-per-view and subscription-based distribution service " HEY Video" has over 20,000 JAV movies featuring popular Japanese adult actresses, some of which are shot in HD, in a variety of genres. VOD includes many niche videos and a complete range of popular genres.

It costs $14.99 per month, or $19.99 per month if you watch premium videos. It is very inexpensive to have unlimited access to uncensored adult movies at such a low price (about $0.5 per day).

Moreover, there is currently an end-of-year half-price sale, so you can save even more.


Ippondou is a long-established, safe overseas pay adult site that has been in operation since 2001, and is in the general AV and AV actress genres.

Membership Course

Monthly Plan
(30 days)

Annual Plan
(360 days)

Flat Fee

44 USD (about 4,400 yen)

440 USD (about 44,000 yen)
↑$88 (about 8,800 yen) less than Monthly Plan!

Available Movies

All available movies

All available movies

Streaming playback



Video DL

Not available

Not available

Discount rate for single item purchase site (*1)

5% discount

10% discount

Single item purchase site (*1) coupon

30 discount coupon

Coupon for $100 discount

D2 points (*2) gift

1,000pt for each renewal

2,000pt per month

Live Chat Points (*2)


20pt for every continuation


XVIDEOS is a "free" video site operated by a Czech pornography industry company.

It is said to have over 9 million videos, covering a wide range of genres. The advantage of this site is that there are almost no advertisements.

However, the lack of Japanese language support and the somewhat weak accuracy of free word searches are disadvantages. However, there is no doubt that this is one of the largest pornographic video sites, along with "Pornhub" introduced below.


Pornhub is a very popular pornographic video site known for the large number of videos it posts. It is also known for a former incident in which over 8 million videos were removed due to illegal uploading measures.

However, since that incident, the number and popularity of pornographic videos posted by amateurs has skyrocketed, showing signs of a complete revival.

It is said that there are few videos showing their faces, but there are chances to see extreme videos such as close-ups of their parts. Recently, however, there has been a growing trend toward "blurring.


XHAMSTER is a free adult video site established by a Cypriot company. Its features include almost complete Japanese language support and high searchability, which can be said to be an advantage.

It also has a harder selection of foreign movies than the two mentioned above, so it can be said that this site is suitable for those who like such movies.

Using Video Erotic Taleste