la hitomi ( 20 erotic manga/doujinshi manga illegal sites

By momoka

"Is Hitomi closed already?" "Are there any sites other than Hitomi where you can read manga?"

Many of you may have questions like this.

This time, we will explain in detail how the illegal manga site Hitomi is closed and how to use it.

Also, in the second half of the article, we will introduce a regular manga site that can replace Hitomi, so please refer to it.

What kind of site is hitomi?


Hitomi is an illegal manga site that currently illegally uploads more than 165,000 erotic manga and erotic doujinshi.

Unlike other illegal comics sites, it is a style to scroll and read one page at a time.

Since many adult-oriented manga are handled, many advertisements that are against public order and morals, phishing scams, etc. can be confirmed.

Also, when you browse the site, you will often be skipped to another site, so many people will find it very difficult to use.

Furthermore, if you touch an advertisement by mistake, you will be guided to a virus application or a video that violates public order and morals will be played without permission.

Therefore, hitomi can be said to be a very dangerous illegal manga site with risks such as virus infection and personal information leakage.

did hitomi close down? can you still read

Hitomi is an illegal manga site that can still be viewed today.

However, there are many cases where the server is in an unstable state, such as being unable to access many times in the past or being unable to load images.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the operator will create a clone site and migrate in the future, or it may be closed.

Also, like the famous illegal manga site "Mangamura", the operator may be arrested.

It is currently operating despite being in violation of the law, but since it is a well-known site, the day when it will be closed will be near.

If you use illegal manga sites like Hitomi, there is a risk of personal information leakage and virus infection, so please do not use them.

How to use hitomi


How to use Hitomi is divided into the following four steps.

① Search the site
② Search for words you like
③ Select the manga you want to read
④ Press Read Online

First, if you search for hitomi manga, hitomi's site will appear and you can access it.

Once accessed, enter the title or keyword of the manga you want to read in the magnifying glass box at the top.

If you search, you will find many related comics and comics with the same keyword.

Select the comics you want to read from the hit comics.

Once selected, you can view it in a scrolling format by selecting Read Online.

There is also a download button under Read Online, but don't press it.

This is because files from illegal manga sites are downloaded, so there is a high possibility that they contain viruses.

Also, when I select a manga or read online, I am often redirected to another site.

If you are redirected to another site, you may see a pop-up message such as "A virus has been detected on your device."

If such a pop-up appears and you tap it, there is a high possibility that your phone's calendar will be hijacked or you will be forced to download a virus-infected app.