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New Japan Pro-Wrestling World is an internet television station jointly operated by New Japan Pro-Wrestling and TV Asahi, abbreviated as NJPW WORLD.NJPW WORLD is a video website launched in 2014 with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and TV Asahi. The monthly membership fee is 990 yen. NJPW WORLD is a video site launched in 2014 in partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling and TV Asahi, with a monthly subscription fee of 990 yen. It mainly airs New Japan Pro-Wrestling PPV events, live broadcasts, and live matches like "NJPW STRONG" in the United States. In addition to this, we are also on board for interviews and programs related to the players.

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1. How to use NJPW WORLD

2. How to save NJPW WORLD videos on PC

 No.1 Download NJPW WORLD super quickly with download software

 No.2【Recording】Use the extension to download NJPW WORLD super easily

In addition

1. How to use NJPW WORLD

First of all, Access the official site to access the site. If you are a new user, you will have to register temporarily. An official login link will be sent to your registered e-mail address, and you will be able to enter your personal information to complete the process. After logging in, you will be taken to a page where you can confirm your login information and finally choose which service you want to purchase.

The "Unlimited Monthly Service" costs 999 yen per month and allows you to watch all content except PPV content.

PPV" does not include the monthly unlimited services mentioned above but allows you to independently purchase paid live and archived services.

Please note that PPV cannot be purchased within the Fire TV app. Also, you cannot start watching the purchased PPV content until 30 minutes after the live streaming.

2, How to save NJPW WORLD videos on PC

Part 1: NJPW WORLD is super easy to use with download softwareDownload

Official site: Y2mate downloader

Y2mate Downloader is a professional video downloader software that allows you to download videos from any website, including, of course, NJPW WORLD.

How to download NJPW WORLD with Y2Mate DRM Downloader?

Download the downloader from the Y2mate official website and launch it.

Click on "Youtube" on the left, then "NJPW WORLD" to access the video you want to save. Or, copy the URL of the video page you want to download and type it directly into the URL field of the home page and paste it.

You may need to log in to your account to access the video.

You can also download the audio version of the movie by clicking on the "Download" button. Of course, you can also download the audio version.

You can check the video you are downloading by clicking "Downloading" on the left side.

No.2 [Recording] Super easy NJPW WORLD download using extensions.

Official site: Loom-Free Screen and Cam Recorder

Loom-Free Screen and Cam Recorder is an extension that allows you to record your screen and camera with a single click. You can record its content and share it instantly with a link.

You can also record the screen and camera simultaneously with one click. You can also record the people's reactions to watching the game with you.

First of all, Loom-Free Screen and Cam Recorder, and press "add to chrome" → "athe dd extension."

After the successful download, you will automatically be taken to the login page, and you can also click the button in the upper right corner to Keep to the Chome screen with LOOM.

To use the Share with Ring feature, you need to log in. It will be most convenient to select and register your existing Google account.

With the page, you want to record open, click Loom in the upper right corner to open it. The entire screen will light up, and at the same time, your image will appear in the lower-left corner, allowing you to record through the camera. Hover your mouse over your screen to choose the size of the screen and turn off the camera.

Click the Record button, and a selection box will appear, allowing you to choose the window you want to record. Click on the "chrome tab" and click on the page you want to record.

Click "Record" again to start recording.

Click "Stop Sharing" at the top if you want to stop. You will then be automatically redirected to the Loom page.

Here you can edit the name of the recorded video and edit and play the video.

It's also straightforward to share and copy links.

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