How to Download NHL Videos?

Updated on 2023-09-01
The official NHL website has tons of amazing videos for sports lovers around the globe. But can you download those videos from the NHL website? Let’s explore this and a lot more in this article.

NHL is an abbreviation of the National Hockey League.

NHL or the National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league in North America. There are 32 teams in the league. Twenty-five teams are in the United States and seven teams in Canada. It is considered the premier professional ice hockey league globally and is one of the prominent sports leagues in Canada and the United States.

The Stanley Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. It is awarded annually to the NHL playoff champion at the end of each season.

The official NHL website has tons of amazing videos for sports lovers around the globe. But can you download those videos from the NHL website? Let’s explore this and a lot more in this article:

How to Download Videos from NHL?

Previously, NHL offered live sports streaming. It included the live-streaming of over 500 national and out-of-market NHL games. Through the NHL.TV you could catch the live sport streaming on your smartphone, laptop, connected devices, or tablet.

After buying the subscription to NHL LIVE, you could get access to over 500 national & seasons games, and much more.

Moreover, you can watch every NHL game available this season through a live TV streaming service. The NHL recently renewed the broadcast rights for nationally airing games. The NHL's linear channel or the NHL Network has national broadcast rights. Moreover, Disney (ABC and ESPN) and AT&T's WarnerMedia via Turner Sports (TBS and TNT) are also granted streaming permission for NHL live sports streaming.

While there are several ways you can use to stream your favorite sports videos from NHL, the real issue arises when you want to download those videos for offline viewing.

If you check the official NHL website, you’d be glad to see that they have their dedicated NHL app available for download. But you can only use that to get alerts, view scoreboards, and get the latest news and updates.

But if you want to download NHL videos so that you can enjoy them later on your devices, you will need a third-party app or a downloader.

Best Downloaders to Download Sports Videos for Offline Streaming

There are different OTT Streaming platforms through which you can stream sports. But you can only view them online or maybe could save a few of them within the app for offline viewing. If you want to download any sports video on your local device storage for offline streaming, then you must have a third-party Downloader.

There are different downloaders available that you can use to download sports videos for offline streaming. The few best ones among them are as follows:

Y2Mate DRM Downloader

It is all in one package for you. With a wide range of options and unique features, Y2Mate DRM Downloader tends to be the ideal choice for the users.


  • It can download TV shows, movies, and series from different streaming services, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and Paramount Plus
  • It downloads a video from 720p to 1080p, up to 4k, and even 8k resolution
  • It offers a stable and high-performance downloading service
  • You can download multiple episodes, movies, or even the entire season via the batch download option
  • You can download streaming videos as MP4 files
  • You can now enjoy your favorite shows without being interrupted by ads
  • It can auto-select the audio and subtitles by detecting the default language you set
  • It can save all the metadata of downloaded movies, TVs, and shows offline, including movie name, cast, season, and episode title

KeepStreams Downloader

KeepStreams is another best downloader with great compatibility and user-friendly features. You can try this one to download sports videos for offline viewing.


  • It is another powerful tool capable of grabbing videos from various platforms, including Disney+, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO
  • It supports UltraHD quality, 1080p, and retains 5.1 audio tracks
  • It is one of the best premium downloaders you can use to download Sports videos in stunning high quality
  • KeepStream Disney plus Downloader provides Windows PC users with a swift and clear-cut interface to download their favorite movies and playback them on any device
  • It lets you download multiple episodes at a go, and you can “auto-download” new releases
  • It is a comprehensive, full-featured downloading application

MyStream Downloader

MyStream Downloader is an easy-to-use solution to download movies from Netflix, HBO Max, HBO Now, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, U-Next, YouTube, and many other websites offline.


  • It downloads video with quality ranges from 720p, 1080p, 4k, and even 8k resolution
  • It also enables you to select subtitles and languages according to your default settings
  • It offers Batch Download and Lightning Speed downloading
  • It saves Movies in MP4, Output 5.1 Audio Channels
  • It offers a built-in Browser for Video Searching and Playing

FlixPal Downloader

FlixPal Downloader is a great downloading application that you can use to download videos for offline viewing.


  • It offers you full liberty to download videos without any limitations
  • It also supports download services for live streaming sites
  • It lets you watch live TV and programs anywhere and anytime
  • It can download live TV shows offline that you can watch during a journey without the Internet
  • It offers different resolutions for downloading
  • It can batch multiple download series
  • It will save shows as MP4s with a high level of compatibility and can transfer to any available device.

StreamGaGa Downloader

StreamGaGa is the ultimate download solution for you that enables you to download videos not just from NHL but countless other websites and social channels.


  • StreamGaGa Video Downloader ensures you a streamlined option to download videos from multiple OTT platforms
  • It will download movies, TV shows, and other videos offline in full HD 1080p
  • It also offers a batch download option
  • It has a High-Speed GPU Acceleration
  • It downloads video in high quality up to 1080P, 4k

BBFly Downloader

BBFly Downloader is another smart downloading solution you can try to download your favorite videos from NHL and other sports and entertainment streaming platforms.


  • It is capable of downloading movies and shows from over 100 websites
  • It allows you to download TV series, movies, and TV shows in 720p directly from the original streaming sites
  • Country-specific excellent customer service
  • MP4 conversion
  • Ad-free downloads
  • Complete control over subtitles

Other Streaming Services and Ways to Download Sports Videos


Did you know Netflix also has some of the best sports shows ever aired to be streamed online? Not only this, but you can also enjoy romance-based anime, manga, thriller, adventure, reality shows, and sitcoms on this one and only OTT platform.

The good news is Netflix also has a downloading feature that allows users to download their desired videos and enjoy them later on in their spare time. But because Netflix automatically deletes downloads after some, it is better to have a permanent solution.

Here, we are talking about third-party apps and downloaders that let you download pretty much everything from Netflix (including sports videos) with just a few clicks.

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Disney Plus

If you’re into fantasy-based content, you can’t miss out on all that amazing content Disney Plus has in store for you. But Disney Plus is not just about princesses and cinderellas. In fact, you can also stream some amazing sports programs on this all-inclusive channel as well.

You can either use Disney Plus’s own built-in downloading feature or choose to go with a reliable third-party app. The choice is yours to make.

Check out this amazing full guide here: Download Disney Plus Videos and Movies


Unlike Netflix and Disney Plus, HBO doesn’t include an offline downloading feature as of yet. But don’t worry as there are countless downloaders you can use to download your favorite sports videos and other content from HBO Go.

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Amazon Prime Video

Did you know you can watch sports documentaries, Thursday Night NFL Games, and even replay classic NBA and MLB Games on Amazon Prime?

All you need is a reliable downloader and you’re all set.

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Mind watching some entertaining anime while watching your favorite sports videos? Funimation can be your best buddy. Home to breathtaking anime and manga, Funimation has a plethora of content for viewers of all ages and interests.

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Paramount Plus

From College Football MLB to NBA and NFL, Paramount Plus broadcasts plenty of sports videos, leagues, and tournaments for its viewers worldwide. Not only this, but you can also access content from the ViacomCBS archive.

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Hulu’s sports programs cater to the needs of all binge-watchers out there. From sports programs to movies and reality shows, you can stream pretty much everything on Hulu’s official platform.

Fortunately, Hulu also has a built-in downloader for you to download videos for offline viewing.

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Other OTT Platforms Guide

We shared as many offline downloading options as possible in this section. For more options, you can check this Ultimate Guide: How To Download Music and Videos From All OTT Platforms


We’re down to the last section of this article.

This post included everything you needed to know about NHL and the ways to stream or download it for both online and offline streaming.

We also shared several downloaders with you to download NHL videos for offline viewing. Plus, we also told you about different streaming websites that offer equally thrilling sports content for streaming.