How to Download Kickstarter Video
By Kaya

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where you can raise capital for your startup products. It is globally recognized as one of the best and reliable crowdfunding platforms for anyone that wants to launch a project. The company is operated by America Public Benefit Corporation based in Brooklyn, New York.

To make your products stand out on Kickstarter, you need to add videos that potential investors can watch to know more (in detail) about your product. Kickstarter videos are created strategically, and some investors would like to download them and share them with others.

Hence, there are quite many software programs and online tools that allow you to download Kickstarter videos in decent quality.

Kickstarter Video Format, Size, and Resolution

Kickstarter videos shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes; it'd be boring if it's made longer and the viewer may lose interest. Also, Kickstarter videos should be in MP4, AVI, MOV, or WMV format, and less than 3GB in size. Automatically, Kickstarter makes your video appear in a 640 x 360 (16:9 ratio) display. Your Kickstarter video can be in 720p or 1080p resolution.

How to Download Video from Kickstarter?

To download a Kickstarter video, you need to copy the video link and paste it into an online downloader app or program that supports downloading videos from Kickstarter. Interestingly, there are pretty many tools you can use for the download, and below are the most reliable ones.

On Mobile Phones (iOS and Android):

1. Kickstarter Online Downloader

This online downloader app is free and accessible on any device; it also works on computer systems - all you need to do is to visit the website using a web browser. Kickstarter Online Downloader works in a simple way, you just need to copy the Kickstarter video URL and paste it into the address bar on the website, then tap on the download button. The downloaded videos are saved in MP4 format.

2. Y2Mate.Party

The Y2Mate.Party app is a web-based downloader that allows internet users to download videos from Kickstarter and a lot of other sites. This tool is free to use, and it works on both Android and iOS devices. The interface is quite intuitive; it even has a dark theme, so you can access the website at any time, even at night. Using this Kickstarter video downloader is pretty easy, simply paste the video link and tap on Download.

3. Kickstarter Online Video Downloader

With this online downloader tool, you can download Kickstarter videos on any device you own. Interestingly, it downloads the videos in clear HD quality, and it's very easy to use. As an online downloader, this tool is free to use and it can run on any web browser you have on your device.

On Computer:

4. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

When it comes to downloading movies from websites and streaming services, free online downloaders are no match to professional applications like the Y2Mate DRM Downloader. The Y2Mate DRM Downloader program supports several websites and great features.

It is a powerful tool that supports Batch Downloading, which means you can download multiple Kickstarter videos at the same time in HD quality. With this downloader, you will save tech videos or any type of product video uploaded on the Kickstarter platform. More interestingly, this downloader software features a super-intuitive interface that is pretty easy to navigate, and it works on all Windows 7/8/10 PCs.

To download Kickstarter products' videos using this downloader, simply copy the products' video URLs and paste them on Y2Mate DRM Downloader, choose the download parameters, and download your videos - easy peasy.

5. Tube Offline

Tube Offline is an online downloader that allows you to save KickstarterKickstarter product videos in MP4 format. It provides a clear-cut interface with a few customizable options for video downloads. The tool is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of your PC's operating system; it can even run on mobile devices via web browsers.

6. Save Video Tube

Here’s another impressive free tool for downloading product videos from Kickstarter. Save Video Tube works just like every other online tool mentioned above; you need to copy the product video link and paste it on the website, then click on the “Download” button to grab the media. This downloader has a clean interface that loads very fast across devices.

7. DoVideo Kickstarter Downloader

DoVideo Kickstarter Downloader is one of the simplest online video downloader tools you'd ever use. It has a clean interface and loads very fast across devices. This tool works on macOS and Windows OS computers. It is reliable and safe to use. The DoVideo Kickstarter Downloader is pretty fast in downloading Kickstarter videos.


Conclusively, there are pretty many tools, apps, and programs to download Kickstarter product videos, but these 7 mentioned above are the best ones to use. These programs are dead-easy to use and they are safe. The Y2Mate DRM Downloader, however, stands out because of its impeccable features such as BATCH download, fast speed, and advanced download options.