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Until around a few years ago, you had the option of downloading the movie trailers from the website. You could also select the resolution for downloading the content. But, the things have changed recently, and Apple no longer lets you download the trailers. The trails in 1080p are removed completely, and now you need to be content with the 720p resolution alone. Even streaming it topped at 720p. This is exactly why you would look ahead to find how to download iTunes movie trailers in high quality. Let us explore the options that are available to you.

What is iTunes Movie Trailers?

As you would have aptly found it out it and guessed it right, the iTunes Movie trailers refer to the new HD movie previews on your device or your account. You can watch the trailer to find out if the movie would appeal to you and then decide to check if you want to stream the entire movie.

This can be a huge time saver as you would be able to have a synopsis of sorts about the movie and its plot before actually watching the content in its entirety. If you feel that the movie in question is not something that would appeal to you, it may be a wiser idea to avoid it altogether. With the movie trailers on iTunes, you can check out hundreds of film trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes featurettes and images. That way, you can save your favorite content to watch it when needed.

Can you download iTunes Movie Trailers?

That was something that you could do prior to 2013. After that, Apple changed the accessibility, and now you can not download the trailers at all. Even the streaming is capped at 720p video resolution. That should make it an ideal option to look for any other third-party options that can be handy in downloading your favorite iTunes movie trailers.

Option 1 – Use a standalone video downloader

A standalone downloader can prove to be quite handy and effective in achieving more positive results in downloading your favorite content among the download Apple trailers. The standalone downloader comes with a host of advanced features that would make it a truly effective and efficient option ever to have your favorite trailers right away on your device.

We would recommend opting for the Y2Mate DRM video downloader as one of the most unique and perfect downloader options that you would find quite excellent ones ever. It should be your best and perfect bet for a one-stop solution to download movies from HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, U-Next, YouTube and more than 1000 websites offline.

Some prime features that you would appreciate on the downloader can be summarised as

  • A versatile and capable downloader that supports a wide range of streaming services and video sharing sites. Over 1000 different video sharing services offer you a unique download experience ever.
  • The high-quality video download options should further make it a truly formidable choice ever. You can download your videos in 1080p, 4K and 8K. Your downloads do follow your default configurations.
  • Batch download options at a very high speed should be yet another premium feature that you would find quite interesting and unique in almost every right. You can download a multitude of videos in just a few minutes, making it an enhanced option ever.
  • The high-end MP4 file format should be yet another great option that should assist you in organizing your files more efficiently and effectively. Given the fact that the MP4 files come with a universal appeal and compatibility, you would find it a perfect option to enjoy your videos on multiple devices.
  • Customized subtitle downloads with the option to save your subtitles as a separate SRT file or choose to embed the subtitles into your videos.
  • The built-in browser for watching, downloading and browsing your favorite Apple iTunes movie trailers.

Option 2 – Use Screen recorders

Using screen recorders can be your best option for providing you access to a huge degree of performance in downloading your favorite iTunes movie trailers ever. One such excellent option for the most effective screen recorder would include the VSDC Free Screen Recorder. It has been rated to be a great option for most of the requirements that you may have.

The easy to use and simple interface is what would make the downloader a formidable choice ever. The lightweight construction of the software should make it a perfect downloader for practically every need that you may be having. You can decide to capture an entire screen or even decide to record only a part of the screen. The option to download the content in 4K UHD resolution can be what would definitely make it one of the excellent choices and options. An ability to connect with inbuilt or external devices can be yet another prime factor that you would find quite impressive and exciting. The fact that the software is used by a community of over 1000 users can make it a truly formidable option ever.

Option 3 – The Chrome extensions for video downloads

Yet another excellent video downloader option that you would want to explore would be to use a Google Chrome extension that acts as a handy downloader for your favorite download tasks. The simple functionality offered by the downloader can make it a great option in the long run.

One of the excellent and perfect chrome extension options can include Video Downloader Professional. The downloader provides you access to an enhanced experience in terms of the best 4K download capability ever. The choice of format offered by the downloader should further make it one of the most formidable choices ever. The easy to use interface and the wide range of download options can make it a great option in almost every sense of the word.

Option 4 – The Online downloader options

The use of the online downloader should be what would make it one of the most unique options for almost each of your individual expectations. They are easy to use and work with almost every browser option ever.

SaveTheVideo downloader is what would make it one of the most unique options for enjoying one of the unique options for achieving a tremendous experience ever. It can be a great option for downloading a wide range of content that includes vlogs, tutorials, documentaries, and much more. The download options such as 720p, 1080p and other high-resolution options. You will be able to get access to one of the excellent options ever several different audio and video formats like MP4.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, iTunes Movie Trailers should be what would make it one of the excellent options in achieving a huge degree of entertainment options ever. That way, you will be able to pick the right movies in the right spirit. If you think a movie is not in tune with your individual preferences and requirements, you can simply skip watching it, and if you think it is worthy of watching, you can decide to enjoy the movie.

And in case you want to download the movie trailer for some reason, it would be advisable to go with a reliable downloader such as Y2Mate DRM Downloader. The simple interface and other advanced features offered by the downloader should indeed make it a perfect choice for your needs. Get the best downloader today and enjoy your Movie trailers like never before.

A few of the other options for downloading your favorite iTunes Movie trailers would include

FlixPal Video downloader

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