How to Download from Hotstar

Updated on 2023-06-30
These are the best apps and PC programs you can use to save videos from Hotstar. They are quite intuitive to use, and you can download multiple videos to your local storage using any of them.

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Although the service is now co-owned by Disney, its offerings did not change, Hotstar is a streaming service where you can find lots of Indian movies, shows, and entertainment videos. It is a premium streaming service just like Netflix, Hulu, and the likes. You must subscribe to a plan to stream on the network.

Similarly, just as you can download movies and videos from other popular streaming services, it is also possible to download from Hotstar. In this article, we’d discuss the many possible ways to download a video you found on the Hotstar streaming service.

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a streaming service owned by Star India and operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. The service offers live cricket games, on-demand titles, TV shows, and other entertaining content. Currently, Hotstar has over 45 million users, and the service is available in over 17 languages.

There are different types of content to find on the Hotstar streaming network. The service is available in quite many regions, and the plan(s) are affordable. Kids’ content are dedicated to the “Kids’” category.  Continue reading to discover how to download your favorite Hotstar shows and episodes.

Can I Download Hotstar Videos?

The simple answer is YES. Anyone can download videos and movies from the Hotstar service. However, you need a Hotstar video downloader app or program to download the videos. Interestingly, there are quite many Hotstar downloaders out there, and most of them are available for free.

Ways to Download from Hotstar

Whether you’re streaming on your mobile device or PC, there are Hotstar downloaders for all platforms.

On Android and iOS Smartphones

1. Save From Net

This Hotstar downloader app runs on mobile web browsers; hence, it is accessible from any mobile device that can access the internet. SaveFromNet Hotstar downloader is entirely free - you’re not paying anything to unlock any of its features.

More so, the interface is super intuitive and it can run smoothly on all iPhone and Android devices. However, with this downloader you can only download one Hotstar video at a time; it does not support batch download and advanced features.

2. Using the Hotstar Mobile App

If you have the Hotstar mobile app, you can download some of the videos you find on the streaming network. With the mobile app, not all videos can be downloaded; the ones you can download will include a download button beside the video details.

Actually, this option is referred to as “Offline Download,” which literally means you’re saving the video for offline streaming. The download feature is available on the Hotstar app for Android and iOS devices, and you must be subscribed to the service to use this feature.

3. Video To Save Downloader

This is another web application that allows you to download Hotstar videos on mobile phones. It can run on any mobile web browser and does not require any installation. More so, this downloader tool loads very fast across devices.

To download Hotstar videos with this tool, you have to copy the video's URL and paste it into the address bar on the downloader's web page. Furthermore, you can download multiple Hotstar videos for free using this tool - you'd only have to download them one after another.

4. Free Online Video Downloader

AceThinker Free Online Downloader is another impressive tool you can use to grab videos from Hotstar. This downloader works like other online downloaders whereby you have to paste the Hotstar video link into the provided address bar, and then tap the "Download" icon. This Hotstar downloader is entirely available for free, you won't be paying anything.

On Computer (macOS and Windows OS):

5. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is a professional video downloader program for PC users. It allows you to download videos (movies and TV shows) from over 1000 websites, which includes streaming services and video-hosting websites. This downloader is easy to use and it can download multiple videos at a go.

Furthermore, Y2Mate DRM Downloader provides you with adjustable download settings so you can download online videos in stunning HD quality. This downloader uses minimal system resources, so it doesn’t slow down your PC while running.

6. Streaming Video Downloader by Keepvid

Here’s another great tool you can use to download videos from Hotstar. It is a professional video downloader with lots of handy features to make video downloads much easier for users.

The KeepStream Downloader also supports over 1000 websites, and the interface is pretty intuitive. With this downloader, you can save online videos in 4K and 8K quality if the streaming service offers such resolution.

7. MyStream Downloader

The FLVTO MyStream Downloader also lets you download Hotstar videos. It is a professional video downloader for Windows PC with support for over 1,000 websites. You can download multiple videos using this downloader and it doesn’t slow down your PC performance.

8. AceThinker Video Keeper Classic

Available for Windows and macOS computers, the AceThinker Video Keeper Classic is a great tool for downloading videos from streaming services and platforms. It is a professional software - available for free for a limited time, and then you’d need to pay to keep using the premium features. You can also download content from different websites using this program.


Conclusively, these are the best apps and PC programs you can use to save videos from Hotstar. They are quite intuitive to use, and you can download multiple videos to your local storage using any of them.