Best Ways to Download Comedy Central Videos

Updated on 2023-06-30
You can download CC videos to your local storage- either on your mobile phone or computer. To do this, you need a Comedy Central video downloader application.

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Every streaming service or Live TV provider seems to have a specific niche they focus on; for Comedy Central, it's all about funny videos and comedy shows. Comedy Central is a leading American cable channel owned by ViacomCBS through its MTV Entertainment Group unit.

The Comedy Central channel is available on Live TV streaming services such as Philo, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and many others. There are many contents to watch on the channel, from stand-up comedy to late-night programmings and even originals. You may find some of the streams to be very interesting that you'd love to download them.

What is Comedy Central?

Comedy Central (CC) is a cable TV channel you can stream online by subscribing to a Live TV streaming service. The service provides full episodes, originals, stand-up comedies, and much other interesting content. You can get the Comedy Central channel on DirecTV; it is on Channel 249 (East; HD) Channel 249-1 (West; HD).

Also, Comedy Central is available on Live TV streaming services, so you can enjoy your favorites shows on the go. To download Comedy Central videos, you need an online video downloader that supports CC videos.

Can I Download Comedy Central Videos?

For sure! You can download CC videos to your local storage- either on your mobile phone or computer. To do this, you need a Comedy Central video downloader application. Interestingly, there are many of them out there that are available for free. Hereunder is how to download videos from Comedy Central to your PC or mobile phone.

How To Download Videos From Comedy Central

On Computers

These downloaders are compatible with Windows OS and/or macOS, so they are the preferred choices for downloading CC videos on PCs.

1. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Starting with the Y2Mate DRM Downloader, a super-efficient video downloader that supports over a thousand websites, covering both streaming services and video-hosting sites. This downloader is developed for Windows OS computers and it is very fast in downloading online videos.

Unlike most other online video downloaders, Y2Mate DRM Downloader allows you to download multiple CC videos simultaneously. It supports batch downloading and lets you download online videos in clear HD quality. There is also a built-in full browser to quickly browse through websites and playlists.

2. AceThinker Video Keeper

With AceThinker Video Keeper, you can download any from any website. This PC program supports over 1,500 websites, including video-hosting/video-sharing websites and streaming services. The interface is superb and allows you to download bulk-online videos at the same time.

AceThinker Video Keeper supports a number of digital formats, so you can download Comedy Central videos in different formats. This program is compatible with the latest Windows OS versions, and it is easy to use.

3. iTubeGo

iTubeGo is a professional online video downloader software developed for Windows and macOS systems. It features a clean interface that anyone could easily understand and navigate. This app allows you to download shows and full episodes from Comedy Central.

The iTubeGo software comes with a pack of configurable download options to make your videos stand out. More interestingly, it provides you with the option to convert the CC video to any of the supported video formats such as MP4, M4A, MKV, and others.

4. VideoPower RED

This piece of utility software runs on all Windows OS computers, and the interface is clean - easy to understand and navigate. VideoPower RED allows you to download online videos from a wide range of websites, including a couple of streaming services.

It is fast and allows you to customize your download. This program is available for free and shows you the download process in real-time. There are other useful tools integrated into this downloader application.

On Mobile Phones

If you stream Comedy Central on your mobile phone, you can also download your favorite videos using online downloaders.

5. Tube Ninja

Tube Ninja is an online downloader tool, it does not require the installation of any software program. It runs through web browsers, and as such, you can use it on any mobile device, both Android and iOS systems. This downloader can download any Comedy Central videos to MP4 format, and it's pretty easy to use. The interface looks good too.

6. Fetch File

The Fetch File downloader is a free online downloader application you can use on any mobile device. Its interface is clean and easy to understand; simply copy the CC video URL and paste it into the address bar on the Fetch File downloader website, and you're good to go. However, with this downloader, you can only download one Comedy Central video at a time.

7. Comedycentral Online Video Downloader

With this Comedycentral Online Video Downloader, you can download CC videos on your Android or iOS device. This downloader is completely free, and the interface is easy to understand. However, it serves pop-up ads, and you can only download one video at a time. Well, it saves the videos in MP4 format and you will never pay a dime to activate any of the features.

8. VideoToSave

VideoToSave is a free web-based Comedy Central downloader with a clean interface. It loads very fast across devices and does not require installing any app on your phone. You don’t also need to register an account - the VideoToSave tool is completely free, and it supports hundreds of websites.


These downloader tools and software will help you to download and save Comedy Central videos on your computer or mobile phone. The Y2Mate DRM Downloader supports many more sites and allows you to adjust different video download settings.