Advantages and cautions of Double! How to browse with Yealico

Updated on 2022-10-20
Dougle is a site for reading adult manga. Find out how to use it safely. On iPhone, first download Yealico, read the site rules and use it. The biggest merit of Dougle is that you can see the works for free, but I will explain the points that are accompanied by danger and illegality.

Dougle is a site for reading adult manga. Find out how to use it safely. On iPhone, first download Yealico, read the site rules and use it. The biggest merit of Dougle is that you can see the works for free, but I will explain the points that are accompanied by danger and illegality.

What is Double?

Let's take a quick look at what Double is all about.

Let's take a closer look at Double.

A site where you can read adult doujin manga

First of all, Double is a site where you can read adult doujin manga.

Dougle has a variety of adult comics, and there are quite a few maniac works.

Maniac things are written in considerable detail, and there are many works that are irresistible to maniacs.

Another characteristic of Double is that the quality of the pictures in the doujinshi is quite high.

It is famous for being high quality on the net, and tentacle play etc. are also posted.

In addition, the site administrator checks the quality of the manga and decides whether or not to publish it, so as a result, only the excellent manga remains.

There is also a full-color cartoon, which is a major feature of Double.

Other adult comics are mostly in black and white, but Double has many in full color.

It is a site that is quite impressive as it is uncensored.

Many original works have also been posted.

Plus, Double includes a ton of original content.

The site itself even has a search box for original content.

Also, on other adult sites, most of the original works are filled with erotic scenes.

However, in Double, there are many things that emphasize the story, so you can enjoy it as a story.

It is drawn by an amateur, but it has a reputation for high quality.

how to read dougle on iphone

Let's see how to read double on iPhone.

There is a procedure for how to read double on iPhone, so let's follow the steps one by one.

Download Yealico

First, download Yealico.

Yealico is an excellent product that can convert the contents of various sites into applications.

I think there are many people who use it because there are a lot of uses other than adults.

So first download Yealico.

Load dougle's site rules with Yealico

The next step is to load dougle's site rules with Yealico.

It doesn't make sense to have Yealico alone, so save the QR code that is the site rule of Double and start reading it.

Scan the QR code of Double's site rules into Yealico and you're done.

Dangers and precautions when using double

Let's take a look at the dangers and precautions when using dougle.

There are various dangers and cautions when using dougle, so we will look at each one.

Use at your own risk

First of all, please be careful when using it at your own risk.

There are various dangers hidden in dougle, so please use at your own risk.

may get into trouble

Dougle can get you in trouble.

There are also reports on the Internet that they have been involved in various troubles.

So when you use Double, you should be careful about troubles.

avoid clicking on ads

The most important thing to keep in mind when using Dougle is to avoid clicking on ads.

Dougle displays various advertisements.

However, there is a possibility that there is a malicious advertisement in the advertisement, and if you click it, you will be moved to a fraudulent site or a phishing scam.

I'll take a look at that ad.

Possible one-click fraud and virus infection

First of all, there is a possibility of one-click fraud and virus infection.

Dougle can be a one-click scam or a virus infection.

This is common to adult sites in general, but there is a possibility of one-click fraud or virus infection.

The first is one-click fraud.

This is a malicious site that pretends to make a contract with just one click of a button on the site and asks for a large fee.

Dougle has the potential for this one-click fraud.

In addition, it is often seen on dating sites and video sites, and damage is occurring frequently nationwide.

It would be nice to be able to judge in advance like this, but it is quite difficult.

So it's best to consult when you think it's suspicious.

Then there is the virus infection.

Viral infection can come from a variety of routes.

There are many patterns that come together when you download the software.

This virus is extremely dangerous, and there is even a virus that once it enters the PC, it will not be able to start for the rest of its life.

The damage caused by such virus infection is also spreading.

A warning has been issued in this way.

To be honest, there is a good chance that a virus is installed on a foreign-made site.

Therefore, it is better not to access sites other than Japanese.

Possible phishing ad

There is also the possibility of phishing advertisements.

Phishing scams are fake sites aimed at phishing scams pretending to be real financial institutions and companies.

In most cases, the design data is exactly the same, so it's difficult to judge just by looking at it.

Damage such as IDs, passwords, and even account numbers being stolen by this fraud has occurred frequently.

In some cases, emails are sent pretending to be from Amazon.

These emails are difficult to judge.

Downloading can be illegal

Downloading can also be illegal.

This hasn't been implemented yet, but it could be illegal to even download it later.

Can't read on mobile

Furthermore, I can't read it on the smartphone version.

So you need to watch it on a PC or convert it from an app to a site before watching it.

There is this one cushion, but you can't see it on your smartphone, so be careful.

Advantages and disadvantages of double

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of double.


First is the merit.

There are several benefits, so let's look at them one by one.

free to read

First of all, you can read it for free.

This is a big advantage, but you can read a huge amount of manga as much as you want.

I have a color work

Another point is that there are works in color.

The basics are black and white, but there is also a full-color version, so you can enjoy it to your heart's content.

You can also read uncensored works

The next point is that you can also read uncensored works.

Usually mosaics are applied, but there are even uncensored works.

There is also an adult parody

There are also adult parodies.

Parodies don't usually exist, but it's a big advantage that there are parodies drawn by amateurs.


You can also download it.

If you want to be able to watch it offline, you can download it and watch it offline.


Now let's look at the cons.

However, there are few disadvantages.

too many tags

First, there are too many tags.

There are too many tags, which makes it very difficult to search.

Can't search in detail

I can't do a more detailed search.

You can search by genre, but you can't search in detail as you can't search by keyword.

5 ways to read adult comics safely without dougle

Let's take a look at 5 ways to read adult comics safely without dougle.

We will introduce five in order.

ebook japan

First is ebookjapan.

ebookjapan has 26,000 volumes, and there are many works such as masterpiece manga that are no longer distributed.

You can get a 50% OFF coupon when you log in for the first time.

FANZA unlimited reading

Next is FANZA unlimited reading.

The FANZA all-you-can-read service is set at a high monthly fee of 1,480 yen, but the variety of genres is No. 1 in the industry.

You can read your favorite works from over 100 detailed genres!


Next is U-NEXT.

U-NEXT has 520,000 e-books.

There is also a 31-day free trial, so it might be a good idea to try U-NEXT once.

Kindle Unlimited

You can also watch it on Kindle Unlimited.

It is a service provided by Amazon, but Amazon also has doujinshi.

Kindle Unlimited is also recommended because there are many high-quality ones.

5 ways to read adult comics other than dougle [free site]

Let's take a look at 5 ways to read adult comics on free sites other than dougle.

All sites are dangerous, use at your own risk


First is Buhidou.

Buhidou is a doujinshi site for anime series such as The Idolmaster and Dragon Ball.

A lot of famous anime parodies are available.

There are also comics that can be scanned and downloaded, so I highly recommend it.


Next is nHentai.

nHentai has a lot of doujinshi drawn in the style of manga and anime.

AV images are also posted, and it is a site that deals with quite a lot of genres related to adult.

my erotic book

Next is my erotic book.

In my erotic book, I really deal with manga of various genres, and there is no manga that I don't like.

Moreover, there are so many high-quality manga that you can use it for free.

daily erotic comics

Next is an erotic comic every day.

Everyday erotic comics are packed with acts that are usually considered taboo, such as cuckolding, lesbians, and incest.

There is no doubt that sexual desire will explode in manga because it is something that should not be done in everyday life.


Next is D-Smart.

D-Smart has a full line-up of professional-grade doujinshi, and the image quality is probably number one.

There are many parodies of popular anime such as One Piece and Fate that you can enjoy.


What did you think.

You can read a lot of erotic comics on Double.

Furthermore, since you can read it for free, the satisfaction is not half-hearted.

But Double also has many dangers.

Among them, the risk of phishing scams, virus infection, one-click fraud, etc. is not zero.

There are also voices on the Internet that Double has been a fraud victim.

So please use at your own risk when using Double.

We also introduced a site that can replace Double.

Even if you can't use Double, there are still sites that can be used, so let's use Bang Bang.