DOAXVV MOD download site and how to install!

By momoka

If you install a mod in DOAXVV, you can

  • You can change your outfit to something that is not officially available.
  • You can even make them look nude.

In this article, we will introduce the DOAXVV MOD download site and how to install it.

Download site of DOAXVV MOD



Download Venus Vacation Mod Manager (registration required)


Download your favorite mod (registration required)

Install DOAXVV mod


Unblock 3Dfix-DOAX-VenusVacation-2.2.7z before unzipping the file.

This will vary depending on the decompression tool you use.
Roughly, right-click and select Properties.

  1. Unblock
  2. Apply
  3. OK

Merge into game folder

All files in the unzipped folder should be
Drop all files in the unzipped folder into the same hierarchy as DOAX_VV.exe.
Now you have the basic mod installation prerequisites and some mods included in the Mod Pack temporarily installed.


From the launcher, click on "Preferences" and change the following items.



According to the creator, if all settings are not at their highest values, the mods may not render properly.

[Once you have confirmed that it works.

Try one of the following after starting the game.

  • Press the F1 key and see if the orange text appears. Press it again and it will disappear.
  • Check if the green text "Costume Mods Enabled" and "Costume Mods Disabled" appear and change every time you press the F2 key. (They will disappear after a time.) If none of the above is displayed, repeat the procedure up to this point.

If none of the above are displayed, please review the previous steps again.

Install the skin.

Some of the girls are for 4K, but they also work in Full HD (1980x1080).

You do not need to include all the girls. You can add only the girls you like and add others later.

Download the file, unzip it, and save it in [Game Data Storage/Mods/Skins]. Faint~Patty

Click on "Reveal hidden contents"
Kokoro has another improved skin, do not download it here.

Swimsuit mods to check if it works

Install either "White Lace" or "White Lace Nude Puffy 1.3" from the links below. (*Installing both will cause problems, so be sure to install only one of them.)

Unzip the downloaded file and save it in [Game Data Storage/Mods/Costumes].

  • White Lace

Nude Puffy

  • White Lace Nude Puffy 1.3

She is completely nude. Her nipples are slightly swollen. (Puffy Nipples)
Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End to switch between pregnant and normal body shape.