What is Disney Plus Premier Access: Everything Explained

Updated on 2023-06-29
Get every essential information about Disney plus premier access with its availability & pricing detail including step-by-step accessibility instructions.

We all know that this pandemic situation is getting on our nerves and we just can't do anything but accept and make an effort to cope with the situation. Whatever you do for our survival in this life-treating crisis, you just can't ignore the fact that entertainment and recreation are as important as your daily needs for sustainability. So, while comprehending the importance of this crucial condition across the world, many OTT platforms have come forward with their new approach, strategizes and high-quality dynamic content to provide the best entertaining ambiance around you to keep you refreshed, engaged, and attached to the rest of the world. Now, to talk about online streaming service providers the first name that hits you is Disney plus premier access which has become a very familiar name in every household and doesn't need any introduction at all. So, to get the best out of the Disney premiere access, be familiar with the in and out details of this one of the leading OTT platforms. Now, while going through this article you would get everything that you need to explore premier access Disney plus with its ultimate advantage.

What is Disney Plus Premier access?

While considering the confined situation of pandemic Disney plus premier access has been launched to provide the theatrical entertainment experience to the audience all over the world by releasing regional movies on this platform on the same day of its theatrical release with full HD picture quality and Dolby sounds. This platform has come up with its first release the live-action movie 'Mulan' in 2020 and the latest release as of now on Disney+premier access is the ' Jungle Cruise ' in 2021.

How do I get Premier Access on Disney Plus?

If you haven't experienced Disney plus premier access yet in your online entertainment world then you are missing the magic of half of the leisure world. However, if you are a little confused about how to get disney+premier access in any of your favorite devices you would be glad to know that from iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Smart TV, Android phones, to PlayStation, Xbox, FireTV, Roku, you can enjoy the unlimited world of entertainment of Disney plus premier access in any comparable device including a computer having Windows/macOS/Linux.

Now, here all you have to do to have the Disney premiere access is just to follow the given below steps.

  1. First of all, install the disney plus premier access in your device then 'sign in for Disney plus' by using the provided link.
  2. Now you need to select ' sign up for Disney+ only" to have this specific streaming service.
  3. Then you have to create a 'Disney plus account'  by using your email id and password.
  4. Next, you must give your payment details to complete the sign-up process.
  5. Now, you are ready to 'access disney plus' through the official website or from the app itself.
  6. After logging in to Disney+premier access, you would get to see the entire disney plus gallery of movies and shows.
  7. Now you need to search for the ' premier access' title by using the built-in browsing feature of the platform.
  8. Go for the content that is labeled under the ' premier access ' paywall.
  9. Here, you must go for the selected ' premier access' title's overview.
  10. Now, just click right on the 'Get Premier Access' button that is given at the bottom of the title of the movie.
  11. You can 'pay' by your existing payment method or you can go with the new one.
  12. Once you are done with the payment procedure, you should go back to the movie's overview option.
  13. Lastly, just click on the 'play' button to enjoy your favorite disney plus premier access content.

What can I watch on Disney Plus Premier Access?

So, when you have come to know what is Disney premier access then you must know what you can watch here. Disney plus premier access allows you to watch and rewatch all the movies that are released in your regional theater on the same date and day with some additional subscription charges. You are allowed to have access to disney+premier access with your regular disney+ subscription plan. The premier access would allow you to watch theatrical releases for up to three months with a one-time payment and after that, this movie will be available to the regular subscribers of Disney+. The other most interesting feature of disney premier access is that on this platform you can pre-order movies in advance and you can watch the movie in your disney plus premier access platform before it gets released to all Disney plus subscribers. Now you will be surprised to see the mind-blowing list of movies that you can explore in Disney+ premier access including Mulan, Raya, Last Dragon, Cruella, Black Widows, Jungle Cruise, and the list will continue in coming years.

How much does Disney plus premier cost to watch a full film on it?

Now after knowing what, how, and when to watch movies on Disney+ premier access, now it is time to know how much Disney plus premier access needs for allowing you to watch its premiere release. The one-time payment of US$29.99 along with any of the basic plans of Disney+ would be just perfect. Here, you have to keep one thing in mind that one-time payment is just for one movie and depends on the offer pack provided by the premier platform. This one-time payment doesn't include all the premier movies. For example, if you have paid for the film 'Mulan' then you would not be allowed to watch Cruella or any other Disney+premier access film along with Mulan. Sometimes this platform provides offers on some of their premier movies that you can watch in your one-time payment. Like, now, you can watch Mulan and Raya both films for $29.99.

Though it may seem a little stiff pricing, it is cheaper than the two theater tickets with popcorn. And this price is equivalently applicable in different countries with local currency value. Now to enjoy Disney plus premier access you must have the basic disney+ subscription plan of $7.99 monthly, bundle plan ( Disney plus+hulu+ESPN plus) of $ 13.99 monthly and $ 79.99 annually. So, after knowing the accurate Disney pulse premier access cost in detail you just go for the most pocket-friendly subscription plan to enjoy Disney premier access movies for the rest of your life til you use the Disney + because the premier movies will be there in Disney + forever. So, you can watch them as many times as you want without paying any extra amount.

How we can download Disney Plus movies/shows offline on windows/mac:with KeepStreams for Disney+ downloader

Now, when you know every detail of information about disney plus premier access then why don't you take the best advantage of KeepStreams for Disney+ downloader to enjoy all of its content in your offline watch along with the satisfaction of online viewing. To have a clear and brief idea of this downloader you just go through the details of the most impressive feature of this software given below.


  • You can download any regional content of disney+from any country of the whole world.
  • Enjoy your Disney movies and shows with HD clarity by selecting the resolution between 720p to 1080p according to your choice.
  • The batch downloading option would allow you to have your Disney+ content with its parts, episodes, and seasons in one go.
  • The state of art technology would allow you to experience the latest updated version of this downloader to enjoy updated Disney+ content.
  • Select your sound channels among EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 according to your preferences.
  • The ads-free offline watch would help you to save your time while enjoying any Disney+ content.
  • You can save your preferred subtitles and other metadata of your favorite Disney+ content with the video manager feature of this software.
  • Enjoy the best compatibility with any of your favorite devices while transferring or sharing any of your Disney+ downloads.
  • Experience the fastest MP4 file format saving feature along with a built-in browse facility.

So, if you are quite convinced and impressed with the features of KeepStreams for Disney+ downloader then quickly follow the given below simple three steps to complete your download.


You just need to select 'Disney+' from the ' VIP service '.


Time to select your favorite video for download by using the built-in function of the software.


Finally, just tap on the " Download" button.

So, you have your download to watch. Now to complete your offline watch you must begin with the best subscription plan of the KeepStreams for Disney+ downloader that starts from $19.99 monthly, $41.94 bi-annually, and $59.99 annually. You just need to pick the most affordable one according to your budget.

FAQs related to Disney plus premier access

Are we able to watch all the new theatrical releases on Disney+ premier access?

Even though Disney plus premier access platform is specially launched to allow you to watch your favorite theatrical release on the same day in your home without going to the theater, unfortunately, you can not get all the theatrical releases on this platform. This premier platform gives limited service to limited theatrical releases.

Is there any expiry time for Disney plus premier access?

Once you have paid the one-time premier charge with the basic subscription plan of Disney+, you are going to enjoy the premier service as long as you are a Disney+ subscriber. Unlike other premium views on-demand services that will expire after 48 hours of watching the film, the Disney premier access will never expire once the one-time additional subscription charge is paid along with the basic subscription plan of Disney+.

Is group watching possible with Disney plus premier access?

Yes, group watching is possible with Disney premier access. You can share your premier access film streaming with your friends and family as long as the participants are active subscribers of Disney plus and they need to unlock the premier access option for that particular movie title.

So, I am sure that this one platform has given you the best possible solutions to each of your queries and questions regarding Disney plus premier access with several additional information. Now, when you know how to make the most out of this one of the leading OTT platforms then why are you keeping yourself away from the excitement of exploring this Disney premier access platform with the additional advantage of KeepStreams for Disney+ downloaders. So, if you have missed some exclusive services of Disney plus premier access then there is nothing to worry about. Instead, get yourself ready to be bang on time while taking the most flexible as well as privileged service of Disney+ premier access.