How to fix Disney Plus Not Working?

By SahilSharma

Disney Plus has been one of the excellent options for providing you access to a greater degree of experience in wholesome entertainment. The wide range of genres that the streaming service offers you access to can prove to be an excellent option for almost all the expectations that you may have. However, have you ever come across a situation where you would find that Disney Plus is not working? Then, we thought of assisting you in how to fix Disney Plus not working on your device.

How to fix Disney Plus not working?

Before moving into the specific errors that may need a particular intervention and investigation, let us examine the basic and standard troubleshooting to fix Disney Plus not working on your device. If you cannot resolve the errors and issues even after following these steps, you can move to advanced troubleshooting steps.

Some basic troubleshooting steps that would help you find and fix why is Disney Plus not working would include

  • Restart the device that you are facing Disney Plus not working error on

  • Restart your internet device

  • Update your Disney Plus app

  • Reinstall the Disney Plus app

  • Check if clearing the cache can solve the problem

  • Check if your streaming device has any pending updates

Fix Specific errors on Disney Plus

If you have information on any specific errors that may be affecting your Disney+ not working, it would be advisable to check out the individual steps and tutorials to find the best ways to fix it.

  1. Disney Plus error Code 83

error Code 83

The Disney Plus error code 83 can specifically affect you due to device compatibility problems. It has been the biggest issue that would affect Disney Plus compatibility. It can result when the device that you are streaming Disney Plus is not supporting Disney Plus.

The error code 83 can ideally affect a wide range of devices, including Apple TV, Streaming Media Player, Roku, Smartphone, Tablet, and computers. If you are sure the device is supported on Disney Plus, you can check out additional troubleshooting.

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Here are a few tips that can be helpful –

  • Power cycle your device

  • Try deleting and reinstalling your device

  • Try logging on to other devices

  • Check if the firmware for your device has any updates

  1. Disney Plus error code 41 and 42

The error code 41 belongs to the content rights management. Ideally, it can mean that the content is n longer available on the Disney server anymore, or the app on your device is outdated and needs an update.

error code 41

The error code 41 can be fixed using the following steps –

  • Try playing a different show and check if it works. If it does, the video may be removed from the server

  • Check the internet connection and its speed

  • Restart the service

The error code 42 can be a result of several reasons. A few such reasons can include slower internet speed, server issues with Disney Plus, and streaming device issues. Unfortunately, that would mean you would not find the simple fixes for the error code 42.

error code 42

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The best options to fix error code 42 can include –

  • Check your internet speed and connectivity

  • You may connect with another network and check if it resolves the error

  • Unplug the streaming device, wait for a few minutes, and then turn it on again.

  • Uninstall Disney plus app and reinstall it

  1. Disney Error code 39

The Disney Plus error code 39 provides explicitly you access to streaming via Xbox One devices. The error generally affects the Xbox One devices. The primary reason you are likely to come up with this issue is that you are streaming on several devices and have exceeded the device limit.

Disney Plus error code 39

How to fix the Disney Error code 39? Follow the steps here below –

  • Check to reload your screen to ensure that it was a temporary error.

  • Check if you have connected to more than a specific number of devices

  • You can even check if it works on another HDMI port

  • Restarting your device may also help you get it working

  1. Disney Plus error code 73

The Disney Error code will ideally affect you when you have device compatibility issues. It can affect you when you are trying to stream Disney Plus or a title on it in a region where it is not available. That should be one of the outstanding Disney Plus issues you would want to fix.

It should be noticed that Disney Plus or any other streaming service offers content based on the regions that it is copyrighted to. Therefore, accessing the content designed for one particular region may not be available in the other areas.

Here is how you can fix the Disney Plus error code 73 –

  • Check if the title is available in your region

  • Reset or power cycle your internet connection

Another similar error: How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 76

Disney Plus Error Code 76
  1. Disney Plus error code 43

The Disney Plus error code 43 can affect you when you have login or connectivity issues on your device. It can also come up when you have the very worst level of internet connectivity. You may also find the error affecting your device if the content you are searching for has been removed from the streaming service.

A few fixes can be –

  • Rest your network settings

  • Restart the device. This would apply to both streaming devices and routers.

  • Sign out from Disney Plus and log back in

  • Check if the content is available on Disney Plus.


  1. Disney Error code 24

The Disney Error code 24 can be due to login and connectivity errors. It can be the same error as error code 43. It can also be due to a slow internet connection, an issue with your HDMI cable, or an issue with your streaming device.

A few of the fixes that can be helpful in fixing Disney error code 24 can be

  • Refresh and reload the video

  • Restart your device – both router and streaming device

  • Check if the Disney Plus server is facing any downtime

  • Login to Disney Plus from another device

Other reasons for Disney Plus not working

Apart from the specific error codes, you may also come across a few other reasons that can result in Disney+ not working. Let us check out how to fix Disney Plus issues.

The servers may be down.

There may be issues on your Disney Plus server, and that may be something you may not have anything to do with. It is only Disney Plus that needs to fix the error. You may check if Disney Server has any issues and downtime. You can do it through the websites such as DownDetector.

Your internet service may have severe speed issues

Your internet connectivity itself may not support the streaming service. Most of the streaming services require a specific speed, and if your internet service does not meet the speed requirement, you may end up facing connectivity issues on your Disney Plus.

Your browser issues

The browser cache and cookies can also be a culprit in certain cases. If you are using Disney Plus on a browser, you can simply clear the cookies and cache. You can check if clearing the cache and cookies can prove to be one of the excellent choices.

Watch Disney Plus in an error-free way.

The best options available at your disposal in getting access to an enhanced degree of service quality can assist you in resolving most of the issues you may be looking ahead to.

You can check out a few of the best options that can prove to be one of the prime choices for most of the expectations that you may have.

  1. Use an Online Downloader

An online downloader can prove to be a great option for downloading your content as per your preferences. You can check out different online downloaders either specifically designed for Disney Plus or the ones that work with practically any streaming service.

There are several options available for the best download experiences. The benefit of online downloaders lies in the fact that they do not need you to install any software on your device. Moreover, they can be used on any device as they are Browser-based.

  1. Third-Party Disney Plus Downloader

The Disney Plus Downloader should be one of the excellent options for providing you access to an improved and enhanced degree of downloading your Disney Plus content. In addition, it can be helpful in providing you access to outstanding video downloader options such as UltraHD quality, 1080p, and retains 5.1 audio tracks.

The ability to download the subtitles and metadata when downloading the videos should further make it one of the excellent options. The auto-download option for the new releases and new episodes of your favorite series should be what would make it a perfect choice for most of the needs that you may have in downloading your favorite videos from Disney Plus.

  1. Screen Recording Software

The screen recorder app can be yet another great alternative for getting an outstanding experience in helping you download your titles with ease. The tools can definitely be a great option for downloading and saving anything playing on your screen.

If your device has a built-in screen recording tool, it would be advisable to use the software for an added advantage. If you are not happy with the quality of the default option, you can make use of a third-party downloader as well. However, do note that the screen recording software may reduce the video quality.

The Concluding Thoughts

Disney Plus is definitely a great service in every way for enjoying the perfect streaming experience ever. However, you would find that there are times when you would find the service not working as expected, or it may even begin throwing errors. In such a scenario, learning how to fix Disney Plus not working can prove to be quite an excellent idea. The tips above should assist you if Disney Plus app is not working on your device.              

The ability to download the videos on Disney Plus can indeed be something you would find quite an excellent option. While Disney Plus has a built-in download feature, using a third-party downloader can prove to be a great idea. So check out the best downloading options available at your disposal and get the outstanding downloading capability ever.