What is DeepNude? Can you make a swimsuit photo naked with one click?

By momoka

DeepNude is a forbidden program that, as the name implies, was born from an outrageous idea: to use deep learning technology to turn a photo of a person into a nude.

In this article, we will introduce the usage and dangers of DeepNude.

What is DeepNude?

To put it bluntly, it is said that the ease of being able to create a naked woman with "one click" has become an unnecessary spark.

With DeepNude, a single swimsuit photo can be made completely naked with a single click!

The impact was so great that inspired IT engineers moved en masse to the AI industry.

What was the problem with DeepNude?

To be clear, it is said that the fact that it was so easy to use and could make a woman naked with "one click" ignited the fire even more.

With DeepNude, you can make a single swimsuit photo naked with a single click!

The impact was so great that inspired IT engineers moved into the AI industry en masse.

The DeepNude Incident

When it was first developed, the developers released it just for fun to promote the possibilities of deep learning, and it received a huge response not only from certain engineers, but also from various celebrities, analysts, politicians, businessmen, and feminists, mainly women, around the world, and was widely reported in the NEWS The film is scheduled to be released in 2019.

It was released in 2019, but was censored after only 5 days of distribution.

How to use Deepnude.to

Using Deepnude.to is very simple.

Please do not misuse the program. deepnude.to and click the big button "Upload Image".
(If you are using a PC, you can also drag and drop an image directly onto the "Upload Image" button.)

*Deepnude.to seems to be compatible only with women in bikinis.


Select the photo you want to make naked and upload it.

You will then be taken to a screen where you can enlarge the image. Here you can adjust the image so that the person in the bikini is highlighted brighter in the center.
Use the bar at the bottom of the image to adjust the image.

When you are satisfied with the adjustment, press the " Get Deep Nude!

  Click the "Get Deep Nude!

Wait for the image to be generated...!
This process takes about 20 seconds.

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Do not abuse

We even show you how you can easily use the DeepNude program.

However, we are only disclosing this information as a reference for the study of AI technology, so please do not abuse it in any way.