Why Does Crunchyroll Keep Buffering? 13 Solutions to Fix It

Peter Parker
Updated on 2022-11-12
Get the most effective and easy solutions of how to fix crunchyroll buffering while targeting the cause of why does crunchyroll keep buffering.

Online entertainment of the virtual world has become an integral part of your real-world and in the worldwide challenging situation of a pandemic, the ocean of the one streaming platforms have come forward with their unparalleled services, plans, contents, and support to make us feel alive in both the real and virtual world while dealing with claustrophobic confined corona conditions. However, it seems that the life challenges of confinement would never come to an end when your favorite crunchyroll keeps buffering to confine your content viewing experience.

Having more than 5 million viewers, crunchyroll creates an allure around its audiences across the world with its over 1000 anime content, near about 80 crunchyroll manga, and more than 200 East Asian drama content. So, it's quite obvious that all the crunchyroll subscribers all over the world have been trying to have the widest and fastest access to their favorite crunchyroll content with endless excitement but end up with huge disappointment when crunchyroll is constantly buffering.

What is crunchyroll buffering?

What is crunchyroll buffering

Even though buffering has become one of the most commonly known constraints in the online streaming culture, the way crunchyroll keeps buffering either loading the application or processing the software or viewing the crunchyroll content has become a constant challenge to all the crunchyroll customers of the entire world. No matter what you do, you are unable to get the accurate answer of why does crunchyroll keeps buffering wherever or whenever you are watching any crunchyroll content.

Crunchyroll buffering issue is something that prevents you from having easy and smooth access to any kind of viewing service through this platform. However, different subscribers have faced different types of buffering issues that lead to hampering their online watching of crunchyroll content while triggering the issue "crunchyroll keeps buffering". Here you go with some commonly faced crunchyroll buffering issues for your better comprehension of the problem.

  • Crunchyroll keeps buffering during the playback of content after its successful loading.
  • Crunchyroll mobile app works well when the crunchyroll website is showing buffering in its viewing service.
  • Despite switching to the DNS, crunchyroll keeps buffering.
  • Using Google Chrome browser, crunchyroll is not opening properly.
  • Shifting browser from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, crunchyroll constantly buffering with sticking buffering icon on the screen and the play or pause control got disabled.
  • Buffering issue appears with any specific commercial ad or any specific show or particular episode.
  • Only a video screenshot appears, no video player control comes or the video is not playing.
  • Language setting changes or videos in dubbed versions may sometimes cause buffering.

The never-ending list of buffering issues can go on but the purpose of this list is to make you identify your distinct buffering problem for its target specific solution.

Why does the crunchyroll buffer so much??

Crunchyroll subscribers have accessed their favorite crunchyroll content either through the official crunchyroll website on their desktop or laptop or they like to watch the content on any of their iOS, Android phone, or any game console platform through the crunchyroll app. Now you have to find out the major reasons why crunchyroll keeps buffering so much on all of these platforms.

  • Poor and inconsistent internet connection.
  • Small video buffer size of the app.
  • ISP network issue.
  • Outdated Flash Player crunchyroll issue.
  • Desktop plugins problem.
  • Full browser memory cache.
  • Too big size video queue may cause a crunchyroll buffer on Xbox.
  • The cache can cause buffering issues in any device along with iOS or Android mobile.

These are the most common reasons that cause crunchyroll constantly buffering. You must navigate the most specific reason why there is so much crunchyroll buffering in any of your particular devices to pick out the most appropriate solution of how to fix crunchyroll buffering.

How does crunchyroll buffering bother its subscribers!!!

The crunchyroll buffering issue is getting quite annoying as well as irritating to all the free and premium crunchyroll subscribers because for the free subscribers their quality and valuable time has turned out to be the most awful one and on the other hand for premium or premium plus subscribers it is not worth spending money to have quality and valuable time with crunchyroll. However, stop getting frustrated or worried because if there is a problem there is a solution too.

Now, with this article all you have to do is just to figure out the finest, fastest and smartest solution to drag down your specific reason for your crunchyroll buffering issue while going through the multiple reasons of why is crunchyroll buffering so much. Once you would target the particular reason behind your buffering issue you can simply trigger the most effective solution from a bundle of suggestions of how to fix crunchyroll buffering

How to fix crunchyroll buffering?

You will be happy to have multiple effective solutions to resolve any of your crunchyroll buffering issues. So, here you go with the solutions to make your crunchyroll streaming experience flawless and uninterrupted.

1. Check internet connection

At first, you have to check your internet connection quality and compatibility with your specific device where you are accessing your crunchyroll service from. You must restart the router or modem to have a fresh start. 

2. Change your wireless internet to Ethernet

While enjoying crunchyroll streaming on your PC or Mac you can switch to a wired internet connection instead of using the wireless one to stop competing for signals while streaming your videos.

3. Change the video quality 

To get rid of the crunchyroll constant buffering issue you can lower the existing video quality of your streaming since your selected existing video quality may not have adequate internet support through your limited internet service. Here you would get the exact speed information of different videos to ensure compatibility between the existing speed of your internet connection and your selected video quality.

  • For SD quality video 0.6mbps is required.
  • For 480p videos, 1.5mbps is required.
  • For 720p videos, 2.5mbps is required.
  • Each episode needs at least 500MB to 580MB of data for buffering-free watching.

4. Restart your crunchyroll app

If you are completely clueless about why does crunchyroll buffer so much, another most effective trick you can try is to shut down the crunchyroll app on your phone and restart them to reset the glitches causing your buffering.

5. Update your crunchyroll app

If you are using the old version of the app then it may cause a buffering issue. Crunchyroll has come up with lots of new features in its new video player, so to have access to those features to increase your streaming speed, quality, and services you have to update your existing app.

6. Tackle Adobe Flash Player plugins

Since crunchyroll still has been depending on the Adobe Flash Player plugin technology which is a very old standard as compared to today's modern technology, it may be one of the reasons why is crunchyroll buffering so much. To fix this problem all you have to do is just uninstall and reinstall it with its updated version.

7. Use crunchyroll HTML5 extension and video speed controller

Using HTML5 extension on your existing browser can resolve your crunchyroll constantly buffering issue for your uninterrupted watching. Along with the extension of your use video speed controller, you can watch your videos at any speed of your choice.

8. Use wireless signal booster

To enhance the speed of your crunchyroll streaming you can try the strength of a signal booster with the minimum expense of $20. You just have to plug this device into your existing network to boost up your signal.

9. Try a ping test

If you're facing a bad gateway error while streaming on a crunchyroll app due to server down or overloaded traffic issues then you must try a ping test or traceroute to ensure accessibility to the server. You must also check whether you are using the correct IP address or not.

10. Installation of VLC media player

Being one of the most effective media players, VLC can save you from your never-ending crunchyroll buffering issue. You can shift your crunchyroll streaming service to a VLC media player by following the simple instructions. After successful installation of the VLC media player on any of your Windows or Mac platforms, right-click on the media file to play your video content and then select the 'Open with VLC Media Player' option.

11. Clear caches of your devices

Clearing caches in any of your devices is very important to improve the speed and video quality of your application. From different browsers to your mobile application, you have to clear all the old caches to make space for your buffering-free watching.

12. Use VPN as Savior

While using a VPN system you can overcome the limitation of an overloaded CND server to speed up your crunchyroll streaming service. While skipping the CDN issue, VIP would help the video to get loaded faster than before. From free VPN to the paid version, you can use anything of your choice. 

13. Stop other data-hungry application

While streaming your favorite crunchyroll content you must shut down all other data-hungry applications including social media applications to get rid of crunchyroll buffering caused by data deficiency.

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So, if you are tired of trying too many tricks and techniques to fix your crunchyroll keeps buffering problem then instead of looking here and there you just follow the above-mentioned steps and instructions of how to fix crunchyroll buffering while analyzing the most exact reason of why does crunchyroll keep buffering on your device. 

While trying these solutions to fix your crunchyroll constantly buffering issue you better give a try to the most hassle-free offline watch benefits of the Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader with unlimited flexibility in limited fees. On the other hand, feel free to try most of the solution options to fix your crunchyroll buffering issue if any particular solution doesn't work for you.