Are you facing difficulty in cropping videos on the desktop or mac? Are there any video clips in your recycle bin just because of some unwanted elements in the background? Then cropping is the only solution. Now the questions will be on How to crop your video on iPhone? How to crop a video on iPhone IOS 11? IPhone are popular for their amazing interface and great quality of the camera. Nowadays, everybody shows interest in creating videos to share them on the internet. It is common to share information, entertain, vlog over the internet via videos. Therefore, editing and formatting the final presented video is an essential step! 

Connecting to your circle with the phone you carry can be tricky. But it is possible to do almost all the editing functions in your iPhone as well. Many cropping and editing websites and apps are available in the apple store. To crop video free, iPhone users can access those apps. Imagine you have shot a video, but you do not want any certain element in the background of the video. Do not worry! You can easily crop that video using various apps. To Crop video iPhone apps available. In the following section, you will get details on how to crop a video on iPhones. Can you crop a video on iPhone? Yes, you can. These articles will help you fix your issue with the video clip you want to upload using your iPhone. 

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What is cropping?

Cropping refers to cutting the excess portions from a photograph or a video. Here, we are dealing with digital photographs and videos. Cropping facilities are available in app stores provided by our gadgets. For an iPhone, we have the apple store from where we can readily download any photo editing apps to perform the desired editing’s. Cropping mainly involves the removal of the excess portions from near-the-border areas of any given photo or a video. Sometimes people may find it difficult to operate the editing tools on their mobile phones. This is because the desktop or laptops can use the official Photoshop tools. Well, cropping a simple or a social media-worthy video is not so complicated. Can you crop a video on iPhone? How to crop a video on iPhone IOS 11? These are some of the common questions for a new iPhone user. You can download one of the many apps that can crop videos like iMovie, crop videos, and many others. IPhone has there owned app as well.

Thus, digital photography is so much different from a physical hardcopy of photographs. If you are accustomed to cropping your favourite piece of photograph with scissors to fit it in your purse, then the idea of cropping must not be new to you! Let us know about the digital scissors that will always help you crop the videos. You can use the cropped videos for instant upload and many other purposes. People who are in the field of filmography, broadcasting, photography, and media are mainly used to these tools. Video editing in the iPhone can be really easy if you know the steps. This article will guide you right. 

How to crop a video on iPhone using iMovie

iMovie app is useful for all iPhone users. Now the question is, color, how do you crop a video on iPhone? Every iPhone user is used to this app. iMovie can perform different functions with photos, short videos, and video files. The Imovie app can allow you to crop your video with ease. It will take some time. You can upload the created video by cropping the unwanted parts anywhere you want. You can also save it and sync it with your account. Therefore uploading a decent reel or clip of video is so easy for everyone! iMovie makes cropping the video a lot easier. This video cropping app also allows you to zoom in and carry out other editing functions with your videos. Likewise, you can merge multiple videos together or add other clips of music to your video. If you have the app and do not know the exact methods, here are the steps for how to crop a video on iMovie iPhone;

  1. First, you have to open the iMovie app and then tap on the particular video you want to crop.


  1. You have to Tap on the Create Movie.


  1. Then click on the video timeline to open the video editor.
  1. Then you have to click on the magnifying glass beside the video player.

  1. Pinch the still video with your fingers to zoom in and to move out just move the fingers away. The aspect proportion of the video will automatically adjust according to the crop.

  1. Now you have to choose the desired size and crop the excess part. After choosing you to have to press done!


  1. Then you can upload the cropped video via the upload icon. Then by clicking the save video option, you can easily add it to your library of the phone. 

Convenient apps to crop videos on iPhone

1 Crop Video Square Editor


This is one of the most used and convenient apps for video editing that crop videos in a square shape. The user can easily use this app because of its easy interface. The app has a user-friendly design and settings that enable the users to readily locate the methods and steps of video editing on their own. You can adjust your video size, rotate, or even change the background color of the video. This app has been rated 4.7 stars in the app store.  Steps to make you understand how to crop your video on iPhone using the app:

  1.  iPhone users those who want to crop video, have to download the app from the apple store.
  2. Following this users have to log in the app on your iPhone to crop the videos.
  3. The app will open and show you an incredible interface.
  4. Then you can import the desired video to this app from your video album on the phone.
  5. After choosing the selected video, you can now see the editing interface is showing.
  6. Then you can easily click on the crop tool and start cropping the video.
  7. You can pinch the screen to apply the zooming effect.
  8. There you will find the square fit for cropping the video as well. 
  9. After cropping it square, the video is ready to be uploaded or shared!

2. Video Crop

You will find options to crop videos on your iPhone. Applestore has many apps that will let you edit your video in whatever way you want. You don't have to face the critical video editing interface; rather, these apps are only made for the user's ease. Video Crop is excellent for editing video on your iPhone. Video crop has been rated 4.7 in the apple store. If you are seeking for ways to how to crop a video on iPhone IOS 11, then this is the appropriate app. This is the most sought after app among users that lets you edit, rotate, crop, and trim your videos as per  your requirement. To crop video free iPhone users can download this application, and it is accessible on pads and iPhones only. Here are some of the steps for cropping videos using the video crop app;

  1. First, you must install the app from the apple store.
  2. Then you have to open the application.
  3. Then you have to click on the all-photos section to pick the desired video that you want to edit or crop.
  4. There is a cropping button that will start the cropping process. The button is located on the lower-left button of the screen.
  5. The video cropped can now be shared and uploaded anywhere you want.

When need to crop a video

To crop video free iPhone has various apps. Cropping videos is one of the most used functions of editing used by video editors, media designers, and vloggers. 

  • It is common for regular vloggers or media content designers to crop the videos before uploading. Sometimes unnecessary items or unwanted footage can be removed before uploading. 
  • Iphones are known for their brilliant camera and video quality. You do not have to transfer the video you shot on your phone to your Mac or desktop. 
  • It is obvious for the camera to capture unnecessary objects behind the main focus of the video clip. This you will want to crop out. This is why we definitely need to learn about the video cropping apps on iPhone for quick cropping of our videos.
  • Sometimes, the cropping tool comes in handy to fit the video in a square background. They let you crop the videos into square shapes. It adds a different structure to the total interface of the video.
  • There are some standard sizes for the resolution of the videos. To maintain the content makers, are required to crop the video clip. If you crop video, iPhone tools or apps can also help you focus on the specific portion of the short video.

Don't Mix Cropping/Trimming.

Difference between cropping and trimming a video in iPhones

There are various video editing functions such as cropping, trimming, cutting, and zooming. This article provides you ways to crop the videos in iPhones using apps. Cropping and trimming are both different functions. They are often mixed and misunderstood. Here, we will differentiate the factors. 

Firstly, before trying to crop video, iPhone users need to know its difference from trimming because it lets the user choose any specific unwanted area of the footage to be removed. These unwanted outer portions of the video can be removed by cropping. In contrast, trimming involves cutting off some of the footage of any lengthy video, either from the beginning or from the ending.

Secondly, cropping lets us remove the portions from the screenplay by cutting off the border or the edges. Trimming lets us remove any bigger or smaller portion of the video completely either from the end of the beginning. And finally, we can shape the video background in our desired proportion using the ratios or the freehand cropping tools. In contrast, trimming helps in removing any unnecessary addition or practice shots in the video clip.

FAQs -

What are the ways to delete or edit a part of a video on my iPhone?

You can now crop, cut, rotate, trim, and do any kind of editing on your video clips shot on your iPhone. Adding a new device is not at all required. First, open the Photos app or swipe down somewhere on the home screen, type "Photos," and tap the "Photos" icon. You can also click on the thumbnail of the video and click edit, which will be on the top right corner of the screen. 

You can now select the part of the videos you want to cut from the video. Then click on “play” to preview the edited video and you will get the final deleted version. After this just  click on the correct part of the video and after  deleting the desired portion from the video, you can save it and also upload it. However this procedure is very  different from how to crop your video on iPhone.

How can we easily crop a photo on iPhone

However it is very clear about how you crop a video on iPhone, let us know tell you how to crop photos on iPhone. To crop video, iPhone users had to follow several steps, but in the case of photos, the steps were fewer. First, click on the photos icon to open the application on your iPhone. Then choose the picture that you desire to crop. The edit option will lead you to the crop button in the editing interface. You can do the editing automatically or manually by selecting the options. The manual procedure involves dragging the corner borders and resizing the photo. The automatic option will show you the preferred limits of a square, rectangular dimensions that you have to select from. The ratios will be provided. Finally, when you are satisfied with the outcome, then you can click on to do.


You can now easily access your accounts via any gadget or device with a single ID and password details. iPhone has many available apps in the apple store that lets you crop the videos. Unfortunately, you might not be able to crop the screen while recording the video but to immediately crop video, iPhone users are required to know how to crop your video on iPhone using various paid and unpaid apps.