What is CHIA-ANIME? Alternative sites and how to download!

By momoka

What is CHIA-ANIME? Instead, it's a site and how to download it!

CHIA-ANIME is an international site famous for its anime videos.

Many people think of it when they want to watch anime for free.

Since CHIA-ANIME is an illegal video site, there is a high possibility that some of them have been closed down and cannot be watched.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce alternative sites and download methods for CHIA-ANIME.


What kind of website is CHIA-ANIME? Here we will take a closer look at CHIA-ANIME.

CHIA-ANIME is an international free anime site.

CHIA-ANIME is an international free anime site, with millions of anime uploaded as of July 2020.

As of July 2020, millions of anime have been uploaded to the site, and the latest anime can be viewed immediately after their broadcast in Japan, making it a very popular site. Below is a summary of information on CHIA-ANIME.

Genres of uploaded videos

Check out the videos available on CHIA-ANIME. Only watch or download legal videos, and if there are no legal videos available, please refrain from watching or downloading.

Cheer Anime's anime features are

  • All uploaded in full HD quality
  • You can watch high quality anime videos
  • There are no different viewing options for different anime, as is the case with the linked sites.

In addition to anime videos, you can listen to anime soundtracks.

  • You can listen to anime soundtracks.
  • In addition to anime, many cartoon works
  • Dramas from Asian countries are also uploaded.
  • Not only famous Japanese dramas, but also popular Korean dramas are uploaded.

and more.

Search function

The greatest feature of CHIA-ANIME is its search function. On many anime sites, you can search for works using an input form.

In the case of CHIA-ANIME, in addition to the search from the input form, you can search by the first letter of the alphabet, by genre such as the latest works or popular works, or by keyword tags.

When you have forgotten the name of an anime work, or when you have not decided which work to watch, this may be a good opportunity to find an unexpected work.

CHIA-ANIME mirror site

Currently, this seems to be the correct URL: https://www.chia-anime.me/


This URL has been in operation since around 2013-2014. Currently, accessing this site takes you to chia-anime.me.


Currently, accessing this site will take you to chia-anime.me.


Details are unknown, but accessing this site now redirects to chia-anime.me.

Download CHIA-ANIME (chia-anime)

Here is how to download CHIA-ANIME (chia-anime) videos.

Keepstreams Downloader

KeepStreams was created as a downloader for major streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, but now also supports TVer, NHK PLUS, FOD, GYAO! It can also easily download videos from various illegal video sites, such as Anime NEW. Next, we will explain the advantages of KeepStreams.

Advantages of KeepStreams Downloader

  • Can store videos in HD, Full HD, and up to 4K quality
  • Easy downloading of videos with DRM
  • Download and save videos in MP4/MKV and convert them to other devices
  • Add your favorite show series to the sugegure and start downloading as soon as the latest episode is released.

How to use KeepStreams Downloader

1. First, go to the KeepStreams homepage and click the "Free Download" button to get this software.

2. open the KeepStreams downloader and enter the CHIA-ANIME website URL (https://chia-anime.su/) in the address bar on the homepage.

3. access the CHIA-ANIME website with the built-in browser, register as a member, and search for your favorite anime.

4. Click on this animation to play it. In the pop-up that appears, select the desired quality and click "Download Now"!

5. Now wait a while for the download to finish.

After introducing the KeepStreams downloader, many of you may still be unsure about the features of the movies available on CHIA-ANIME.


Vid-DL is a site that allows users to download videos not only from CHIA-ANIME, but also from other video sharing sites such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, bilibili, etc. Because it requires the use of Java, Vid-DL has security issues. Please be aware of its dangers and be cautious when chia-anime) dl.

How to download CHIA-ANIME (cheerleading anime) videos on Vid-DL and save them on your device

CHIA-ANIME (cheer anime) Download Step 1: 1.
Go to the official Vid-DL website: http://www.vid-dl.net/にアクセスして and paste the link of the video you want to download into the input box next to "Video URL". Then click on "Link Analysis" next to it.

CHIA-ANIME Download Step 2
After the link analysis is complete, you will be able to select a file format to download. Right-click on the [Download FLV/MP4] button and select [Save Target As] to download and save the video file (FLV format or MP4).

Note that you need to install a Java applet, so if you cannot download the file, please check if you have Java installed. This software is also not recommended because it is time-consuming.

Video DownloadHelper

If you want to download CHIA-ANIME videos with Video DownloadHelper, you need to install this software in Chrome/Firefox first.

How to install in Firefox: 1.
Open Firefox browser → Click on the "Open menu" icon in the upper right corner → Select "Add-ons" on the screen that appears → Select "More add-ons" on the new screen → Enter "Video DownloadHelper" in the search field& rarr;Click "Video DownloadHelper" in the list of results→"+ Add to Firefox" → Done

How to install in Chrome: 1.
Open the chrome web store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/video-downloadhelper/lmjnegcaeklhafolokijcfjliaokphfk?hl=ja) → Click on " Click "Add to Chrome" → Complete

After installation is complete, enter the download phase. Before downloading, go to the page of the video you want to save and play the video you want to download.

CHIA-ANIME) Download Step 1:.
Click on the "Video Downloadhelper icon" in the upper right corner of the screen. If the icon is black and white, play the video again.

CHIA-ANIME Download Step 2
Wait for the download to finish. The supported formats depend on the video you uploaded, but the downloadable formats will be displayed automatically, so you can download your favorite format from among them.

Video DownloadHelper supports a variety of sites, but it may not be possible to download some videos on YouTube because it is considered illegal to download copyrighted videos such as anime and movies. In addition, some settings are required to convert the videos to Japanese. In addition, if you choose Quick Download, the settings for the downloaded location also seem to be a little complicated. You can experience some of the features for free.

Freemake Video Downloader

Downloading CHIA-ANIME videos with Freemake Video Downloader is easy.

CHIA-ANIME Download Step 1: Open your browser and find the video you want to download.
Open your browser, find the video you want to download, and copy the URL of the online video.
CHIA-ANIME Download Step 2: Click on the "Paste URL" button.
Click the "Paste URL" button, select video quality and conversion format, and decide where to save the file.
CHIA-ANIME Download Step 3
Click the "Download" button and wait for a while until the process is finished.

Alternative Sites to CHIA-ANIME (CHIA-ANIME)

Below are some free anime sites that can be substituted for CHIA-ANIME.
















CHIA-ANIME (CHIA-ANIME) Alternative pay video distribution site



  • Monthly fee: 2189 yen (tax included)
  • Number of unlimited anime:More than 4907 works
  • Picture quality: High quality can be selected
  • Free trial period: 31 days

dAnime Store


  • Monthly fee:440 yen (tax included)
  • Number of unlimited anime: more than 4400
  • Picture quality: High quality selectable
  • Free trial period:31 days

All you can watch anime


  • Monthly Fee:440 yen (tax included)
  • Number of unlimited cartoons: more than 3400
  • Picture quality: High quality selectable
  • Free trial period: 31 days

Bandai Channel

アニメ見放題サービス - バンダイチャンネル

  • Monthly Fee:1100 yen (tax included)
  • All-you-can-watch anime: more than 2056 titles
  • Picture quality: High quality selectable
  • Free trial period:31 days

FOD Premium


  • Monthly fee:976 yen (tax included)
  • Number of unlimited anime: more than 1100
  • Picture quality: High quality selectable
  • Free trial period: 2 weeks



  • Monthly fee: 1026 yen (tax included)
  • Number of unlimited anime: more than 860 titles
  • Picture quality: High quality selectable
  • Free trial period: 2 weeks