Genshin Impact: A New world of Combat and Adventure

By Ethan

Hello guys, what's going on? How's your last battle's score in Genshin Impact? Hope you bagged an excellent score with a powerful team of Genshin Impact characters. The recent updates of Genshin Impact characters are coming with several changes to make the play more exciting, and the combat and adventure must be more intense at every level you reach. Don't you know the recent updates? Don't worry. Be with us; we will provide you with the necessary information to never miss the fun on Genshin Impact playground.

Let's start with a brief note on Genshin Impact and Genshin Impact characters so that if you are a beginner, you can understand the play better and start your game immediately after the read.

A few words on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world combat role-playing game where you can play a character role while facing your enemy. Chinese game development and animation studio miHOYO is the founder of this action-cum adventurous game. Initially, the game was released on Microsoft, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Later it's available in PlayStation 5 from April 2021. From this September, Nintendo Switch owners can play with the combat players and the best tiers characters of Genshin Impact. The outstanding feature of the game is its character switching and obtaining to win the battle.

As it's a battle and combat game, you can observe a battleground, a country, players, and a beautiful story every time you switch on. Genshin Impact also depicts resonance, magical elements, lots of fun, adventure, new stunts, weapons, and lastly, your skill to adapt the gaming technique and sustain upto the end of the match. In Free mode, you will get limited weapons and resources to protect you and your team. If you wish to go further, you have to purchase weapons and unlock the resources that can save you and protect your team.

If you are thinking of money involved in the game, then let us tell you the game can be played after investment bucks to buy the weapon and save you and your team. It's not compulsory every time you play after expenses, but you must be ready with your wallet if you wish to reach a certain level.

Genshin Impact: The data you must know

Developer: MiHoYo

Engine: Unity

Platforms: Android / Microsoft Windows / iOS / PlayStation 4 & 5

Release: Android, iOS, Windows, PS4 September 28, 2020 & PS5 April 28, 2021

Genre: Action & Adventure

Mode: Single & Multiplayer

An exciting update is coming on the way.

The founder MiHoYo announced the Genshin Impact 2.2 version released on October 13, 2021, with the new features and revamp of existing characters with the new content. The new updates will be implemented from October 13, but MiHoYo studio arranges one Livestream concert with the iconic theme music, broadcast on October 3. Genshin Impact composer Yu-Pen Cheng will lead the concert with his musical team on October 3. North America, Europe, Asia will witness the grand ceremony of Genshin Impact version 2.2 live updates.

Yae Miko, Gorou, Thoma possibly the new characters entries in the new version and will be available after the release. Aloy became the free character even in the recent updates for all the platforms. Ganyu, Albedo, and Hu Tao are expected to rerun characters who return to their place and roles in the 2.2 version.

In version 2.2, PC and mobile users will get information on claiming Horizon Forbidden West protagonist Aloy. Last but not least, the magic is at the end of the update announcement that a new setting in Tsurumi Island will likely take place and offer an epilogue to the Inazuma storyline.

However, the assumptions of characters rerun, the new introduction is based on the official tweet account of MiHoYo. The founder studio will announce the official release on October 3.

Are you excited to know what's inside the update? Be a part of the grand musical ceremony and be updated!

Genshin Impact character list tiers: A tour to the Genshin Impact island

Currently, 41 total characters are available in Genshin Impact. Fair enough to build your dream team out of that 41 warriors. However, with the different elemental skills, resonance power, experience in building up combat strategy, it's a bit difficult to set up your dream team.

Though it's not an impossible task, the upper tiers players are progressive in every aspect of the battleground. However, chances are still there you can find better alternatives in the lower tiers players according to the need of the hour. The point to be noted is that character players are not that great in their tier, but the value of a character is defined based on the team's playstyle, weapons availability, and composition. In this sense, there is no wrong or low character player in Genshin Impact, as per our observation.

Here is the best characters tiers list for you:

Tiers   Characters
S   Albedo, Klee, Kazuha, Mona, Ganyu, Xiao, Tartaglia, Eula
A     Aloy, KeQing, Kokomi, Yoimiya, Barbara, Sara, Rosaria, Fischl
B Sayu, Beidou, Chongyun, Noella, Xinyan
C    Lisa, Traveller

A brief introduction of each character will help you to understand them better.

A small introduction of the above-stated characters will help you understand their playstyle, moves, and tricks. So next time when you build up your team, you can select your combat team and abort the enemy after finalizing the battle strategy. Let's begin:




Geo-infused specialist Albedo is a Geo character in Genshin Impact characters tiers. His elemental ability creates the geo explosion that covers an extended area. Albedo's noticeable elemental skill is his quick cooldown; it lasted only for four seconds.


A female lead Klee in the Genshin Impact team can destroy her enemy with the explosion. She is a bombing expert with a high voltage attacker who is a specialist in Pyro damage and catalyst. With her ability, she can quickly build her strategy for Pyro damage. Her only drawback is to measure the range between her and her enemy. A female lead Klee in the Genshin Impact team, can destroy her enemy with the explosion.


Kazuha has the versatility to impress you by his ability to abort his enemies with a sword. He is the first Inazuma character to join the game and can be a game-changer at any time with his attacking elemental skills. His mighty sword can damage a large in the battleground and prove to be a tricky combat mate during the play.


A hydro character Mona is a specialist in an elemental burst. She is also an expert in freezing her enemies with the combining of Cryo teammates. She can protect the main DPS after doing maximum damage by spawning her Phantom. Her immobilize power lies in her powerful catalyst wielder.


Ganyu and her Bow; it's a deadly combination to freeze the enemies. She is a specialist in Cryo arrows, and Bow proves to be a massive attacker and can damage a functional area. With her strong AoE elemental ability, she can keep moving and harming her enemies by freezing them.


An anime character who can harm his enemies by his elemental swirl. Focused on DPS, Xiao can attack multiple characters with his elemental abilities that are exceptional in the Genshin Impact character list. His most fundamental skill is to damage more enemies within a short time but cover a large area.


A hydro character Tartaglia with his Bow and arrow is enough weapon to damage most enemies. Unlike other hydro characters, he quickly sets up Hydro/Electro or Hydro/Cryo combinations. Tartaglia's positive corner is his elemental damage trigger that can be dangerous.


Eula is the top-tier damage dealer in the Genshin Impact tier characters. Her unique ability to make AoE burst damage with her Lightfall sword. You can unleash her superconductor elemental power to do massive damage by reducing the physical resistance power of her enemy.



Harnesses the power of Cryo; Aloy is another Powerpuff combat warrior with her Bow and arrow. She is powerful enough to damage her enemy line with her Bow.    


The Sword and Electro character is always the best combination in the Genshin Impact game. Her unique ability is attack, HP, and strong defense. She is a fantastic melee fighter with her Electro abilities.


She is a priestess of Watatsumi island in Inazuma. She can make a great war strategy for you at the time of a war crisis.


She is a Pyro character with a unique bow and arrow. The Genshin Impact player hails from the Inazuma region.


One hand with weapon and another with the Holiness Barbara is a holy cum attacking tier character. She is the most famous Bard of Mondstadt.


She is the leader of the Tenryu Commission's force. She has sword allegiance, and her elemental ability is to abort her enemy mercilessly.


Rosaria is the sister of the Church of Favonius. She is a Cryo character with a Polearm weapon; she prefers to kill her enemy.


An investigator in the Adventurers' guild, Fischl is an odd character who prefers to roam with a night raven, OZ. She hails from Teyvat, a place beyond the world. She is also an Electro character in Genshin Impact characters tiers.



A ninja anime character who prefers to sleep. But during the combat and in charge mode, she is an unstoppable attacker who can finish the battle anytime during the play.


The captain of the Crux, a well-known crew in Liyue Beidou, is an attacker cum defensive character in Genshin Impact. She is also an Electro character in the Genshin Impact family.


A Cryo character who is also an exorcist. He deals with the ghost and is always full of positive ( Yang) energy.


She is a Geo character whose aim is to become a Knight of Favonius and serve as a dutiful maid. Her protecting nature helped the Genshin team build during the battle.


A Pyro Claymore character whose weapon is a sword. He prefers to attack with his powerful elemental skill and burst out his enemy in the battleground.



An overloaded reaction a Catalyst Lisa is powerful with her elemental reactions. Her elemental burst can do massive damage to the enemy. When she charged, she became unstoppable.


Traveller Sibling, famous protagonist who is separated from his brother by an unknown God far from the world and captivates them in Teyvat. His adaptive elemental skill helps squeeze the enemies.

Genshin Impact best Characters

S Tier players are the best Genshin characters with the best fundamental skill and weapon adaptive capability, charged for killing the enemies mercilessly yet protective for their teammates. While you start playing and switching to the characters, it can slowly reveal who the best Genshin Impact characters are.

At the end

Online games are getting popular among kids and grown adults. Genshin Impact characters play the battle following the association that you can control with your team's understanding level and power of collaboration. The time spent with the characters develops skills for the real-life situation, and the coordination of eyes and hands with mind power is fantastic.