Buhidou (ぶひどう) back from closure! 20 of the best free manga doujinshi sites!
By momoka

Buhido (ぶひどう) is a free manga doujinshi site.

erocool.com died due to closure Nyah Hentai is back and has been replaced and succeeded by a collection of free erotic manga doujinshi sites.

Uploaded numerous doujinshi manga to the site.

We researched doujinshi manga sites to replace Buhido (ぶひどう).

What is Buhido?

Buhido is the largest erotic doujin site in Japan.

Many people may have the image that an erotic doujin site is Buhido! is the image that many people have of Buhido.

The high quality of the site, which is updated daily, has won the hearts of users.

Good points of Buhido

The lineup of doujinshi is extensive.
What makes this site unique is that you can find good doujinshi without stress.

There is not a huge amount of doujinshis like on E-Hentai, but only carefully selected doujinshis are uploaded daily, so you will not miss anything if you look for doujinshis from the New arrivals or Favorite Anime pages.

Recommended for those who don't have a particular book they are looking for, but want to get a quick erotic doujinshi out of the closet.

Easy-to-use Doujinshi browsing page
Loading images one by one or clicking a button to jump to the summary reading page is tedious, but Buhidou's Doujinshi browsing page has a summary reading by default.

The pages are light and very easy to use.

And you can download them in ZIP or PDF format, so I have no complaints.

Lively comment orchid
The site has the atmosphere of a community of erotic doujinshi lovers, and there are plenty of comments on each doujinshi.

There are various kinds of comments such as critiques of good or bad, comments on the story, etc. The comments include details of the main story and interesting comments. The comments also include details of the main story and interesting tidbits, making it possible to enjoy the doujinshi even more.

It is a new feeling to be able to enjoy even if you take it out.

Bad points of Buhido

The number of doujinshis is small.
As I mentioned earlier, this site uploads only selected doujinshis from the Internet, so the number of copies is very small compared to other major sites, around 16,000 to 17,000.

There are no maniacal or rare works, making this site unsuitable for searches.

Also, even during periods when a large number of doujinshis are uploaded, such as Comiket, only a few copies are updated per day, which may not be enough for enthusiasts.

Searching by tags and categories is difficult.
When trying to find a doujinshi from the tag cloud or category page, it is difficult to find it because there are so many words in a row.

Also, there are no tags for situations or plays such as cuckoldry or paisley, so you cannot search by your favorite sexuality.

Manga doujin sites (free) that are alternatives to Buhidou

We researched alternative manga doujin sites when Buhido (ぶひどう) closed down.

Doujin Dolci

We continue to upload doujinshi.

Doujin Free

We continue to upload doujinshi.

Doujinshi Storeroom

Uploading of doujinshi is ongoing.

Manga Zetsuboukan

Uploading of doujinshi is ongoing.

Doujin Nights

Uploading of doujinshi continues.

Erotic Manga Cafe

Continues to upload doujinshi.

Painful Erotic Doujinshi

Continues to upload doujinshi.

Doujinshi Forest

We are continuing to upload doujinshi. Search type.




Closed to nyahentai and doujinshi.

20 free manga doujinshi sites to replace erocool!

My Erotic Books

We continue to upload doujinshi.


Continue to upload doujinshi.

Niji-Gazo (Nijigen Pocket)

Continues to upload doujinshi.


Continues to upload doujinshi.

Everyday Erotic Manga

Uploading of doujinshi is ongoing.

Eromanga Time

Continues to upload doujinshi.


Uploading of doujinshi is continued.

Roku Hentai

Uploading of doujinshi continues.


Uploading doujinshi continuously.


Continuing to upload doujinshi.


If you want to get out of erotic doujinshi easily, Buhii! is recommended.

It is a simple and easy-to-use site, so it is especially recommended for light users.

You can start by looking for doujinshi here, and if you want to see more, you may want to look for them on other sites!