It has been confirmed by Netflix that is coming back with season 2 of Bridgerton, the popular period drama series, in 2022. This will have Daphne’s elder brother Anthony as the central character and will trace his love relationship with the head-strong Kate Sharma. The season promises to pack as much (if not more) “shock”, delight and steam with exotic visuals, picturesque locales and a return of London’s Regency-era high society drama, as it did in season 1. 

One of the most popular period drama series of recent times, Bridgerton is making headlines yet again with the makers stirring excitement among audiences by releasing tantalizing trailers of Bridgerton Season 2. An instant hit after its Christmas release last year, the series has left fans craving for more. The Shonda Rhimes presentation that showcased the lives of high-society women in days of the past, with extraordinary twists, was released exclusively on OTT platform Netflix, which is all set to release a new season in 2022.

Having garnered fantastic success after the first season, the drama series that is based on Julia Quinn’s romance book series, goes on to trace the life of Anthony Bridgerton in Season 2 Bridgerton. While Anthony had an important role in season one, much of the story’s focus was on his sister Daphne and the romantic relationship she shared with Simon Basset, a ‘catch’ among the bachelors of London. Many of the characters who essayed roles critical to the central plot in season one, will also be seen in the much anticipated Bridgerton Netflix Season 2. Read on to know all there is to know about the sequel of this popular series, the new plot, release date and cast.

Bridgerton seasons: How many are there

After a successful running of season 1 of Bridgerton since its release on December 25, 2020, Netflix has announced through an official tweet, a Bridgerton Netflix season 2.

The popularity of the show has apparently made them commission season 3 and 4 even before the completion of the making of season 2. Each season will trace the story of each of the Bridgerton siblings and their quest for love in high-society, London, as in the Quinn novels. 

Netflix Release Details for the new season

With the pandemic wreaking havoc with shooting schedules and release dates, the show runners of the drama series have finally confirmed a wrap on the actual shoot of season 2. However, none have yet been able to give an exact Bridgerton Season 2 release date. There has been word going around that the makers are looking at a January, 2022 release of the much awaited show.

In his recent tweet, Chris Van Dusen, the celebrated showrunner, confirmed about the wrap on Season 2 shootings, while at the same time, thanking the show’s crew and cast for making things run smoothly amid the challenges of the pandemic.

About the Cast of Bridgerton Season 2

While season one was almost entirely about the eldest Bridgerton girl, Daphne, essayed by Phoebe Dynevor and her romantic affair with Simon played by Rege Jean Page, the show’s new season is likely to showcase Anthony Bridgerton, the elder brother of the Bridgerton family.  Jonathan Bailey acts in the role of Anthony while Simon Ashley acts in the role of Kate Sharma, Anthony’s love interest.

Repeat cast

The season 2 of Bridgerton will have some of the primary characters seen in the earlier season including Phoebe Dynevor, who will play a small role. Jean Page however will be given a miss this from the list of main characters, as their story had been given a convincing closure in the last season as the couple get their happily ever after post a riveting climax.

Adjoa Andoh, who played the wise and respected Lady Danbury in season 1, will be seen in a return role in the second season. In a photo unveiled by the makers of the show, she is seen presenting the Sharma sisters to London society. 

Interesting Debuts

Making her debut in the Bridgerton Netflix season 2 is Charithra Chandran who is playing the role of Edwina Sharma. The girls’ mother’s role, another main character in the story, Lady Mary Sharma is being essayed by Shelley Conn.

Rupert Young will play a new character- Jack- which is not mentioned in the books, who holds a mysterious link with the Bridgerton family.

Yet another interesting role will be played by Rupert Evans who will portray the character of the long gone patriarchy of the family, Edmund Bridgerton. It is believed, the character will be visited only with the help of flashback scenes where Anthony’s relationship with his father will be explored before he lost him. 

Edmund is shown as a doting parent and a loving husband to Violet Bridgerton who became a young widow. His relationship with his first born especially, is shown as one built with enormous kindness, care and pride.  

Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley isn’t a new face. Those who have been following ‘Sex Education’, a popular comedy-drama series on Netflix will know about Ashley. In Season 2 Bridgerton Ashley plays Kate, the love interest of Anthony Bridgerton. In its Twitter handle, Netflix describes Kate as a headstrong, smart young lady who is repelled by stupidity, including that of Anthony Bridgerton.

Where has Bridgerton 2 been filmed?

While the story is based predominantly in the city of London, most of the shooting was done in the idyllic city of Bath, as was in most likelihood, very apparent to several viewers. The almost fairy-tale like setting with gorgeous homes, picturesque parks and high society interiors from the 1800s, have all been carefully selected and set up in this Regency romance. 

The series has made extensive use of The Royal Crescent, the curving row of terraced houses that have been designed by architect John Wood and built between 1767 and 1774. This includes the main Bridgerton house. Besides, No.1, that is now a museum, will also be seen as the home of one of the central characters of the series.

Plot of Bridgerton Season 2

The Bridgerton tale revolves around the Bridgerton family. It unfolds the lives of the eight children of the family whose names, most interestingly, come in an alphabetical order. Their names are as follows: Anthony starting with ‘A’, Benedict starting with ‘B’, Colin starting with ‘C’, Daphne starting with ‘D’, Eloise starting with ‘E’, Francesca starting with ‘F’, Gregory starting with ‘G’ and Hyacinth starting with the letter ‘H’. It follows them through the trials and tribulations they are faced with as they attempt at finding ‘true love’ in the high societies of the yesteryears. 

The first season traced the life of Daphne, the eldest sister and her scintillating love life with the handsome duke Simon. Bridgerton Season 2 will be all about the first born and Daphne’s older brother, Anthony and his love interest, Kate Sharma. As was in the book- The Viscount Who Loved Me, Anthony, will be shown looking for a partner who will join him in raising an heir to head the Bridgerton family estate.

Anthony, who was seen flitting his time away with a mistress in the first part, comes to decide that it is now time for him settle down. He however, dreads he might follow in his father’s footsteps and meet an early death. Thus he holds love at an arm’s length and refuses to fall for any girl lest he dies early and leaves behind a lovely wife. 

Fate however, has other things planned out for him as he crossed paths with what he least expected. He came across a feisty young girl named Kate who was his perfect match although not the least bit interested in him. 

Van Dusen spoke highly about the “magnetic” chemistry between the central couple of season 2, and said, “You cannot take your eyes off of them when they're together on screen, I can't wait for audiences to see that, or really, to feel that. I'm really excited.”

The drama features an anonymous writer pens weekly columns about the who’s who of society and in the process reveals titillating gossip and all their personal secrets. At the end of the first season, the identity of the high society gossip writer was divulged to be the coy Penelope Featherington, portrayed by Nicola Coughlan, which stopped viewers in the tracks.  

In the new season however, Coughlan has said, there will be a different experience where Lady Whistledown is concerned. She said, “Coming in to season 2, she’s a bit wiser. She knows the game a little bit more, but also getting to see both sides of her and to play, it’s so much fun. I really am having a ball, I can’t lie.”

Bridgerton Season 1 performance Details

Season 1 of Bridgerton on Netflix had turned out to be as resplendent a period drama, as were the streets, fine carriages, fancy gowns and dazzling apartments, portrayed in the series. The Regency-era romance went on to blow all the original viewership projections of Netflix, completely out of the roof as it became a particular favorite among households across the globe.

The first season of Bridgerton, either in partiality or in its entirety, was viewed by more than 82 million households across the world in less than a month of its release. This was a jaw-dropping 19 million more than the streaming service’s four-week projection, making it at the time, the fifth biggest launch in Netflix history.

The series was released during the Christmas weekend amid a weary world bogged down by the vagaries of the Covid-19 pandemic and this, many say, added to the popularity of the series. The fantasy appealed greatly to people in several countries exhausted after spending several months in quarantine.

Chris Van Dusen’s production was a big hit. It ranked high on the charts in about 83 countries of the world, including UK, US, France, Brazil, South Africa and India. Furthermore, it came within the ‘Top 10’ in all countries worldwide. Japan, however, was the only exception.


Is the Duke of Hastings there in Bridgerton Season 2?

Although, his wife will appear in the second season of Bridgerton, Simon Basset played by Rege Jean-Page will not be seen in the new season. He will however be mentioned on and off and will enjoy an off-screen existence. 

What will the Netflix Bridgerton season 2 be about?

The second season of the popular series will be based on Julia Quinn’s second work in the Bridgerton novel series, titled- The Viscount and I. While the first season had the spotlight on the eldest daughter Daphne and her relationship with the handsome duke of Hastings, the new season will be all about the first-born Bridgerton Anthony and his love relationship with the feisty Kata Sharma.

Is Bridgerton Netflix’s most expensive show?

The popular Netflix series cost the makers about $7 million per episode. It is however, not the most expensive show the channel has produced. 

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As excited fans gear up to see what happens next in this captivating Regency-era drama, the makers of the show on their part, seem to have left no stone unturned in keeping Bridgerton Season 2 as compelling, raunchy and enthralling for audiences as they did in season 1. 

As in the Quinn Bridgerton series, the televised version also attempts at tracing the eight eponymous children of the family and their quest for love during the social season, amidst London’s high society, ballrooms and Lady Whistledown’s pamphlets. 

Slated for a 2022 release, Netflix Bridgerton season 2 promises a gripping storyline, exemplary performances and charming settings to viewers, so much so that Netflix has seemingly already renewed Season 3 and 4 even before the completion of the shooting of season 2!