Breath of the Wild 2: Everything We Know So Far

By Theodora

Nintendo’s Switch exclusive game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games out there. Breath of the Wild as a franchise has grown leaps and bounds. They have come a long way as a franchise. There is still a lot of speculation about BOTW 2 and its release date, after a lot of funneling through the insider’s information we have finally gotten a repeat status on this wonderful game. Thanks to the likes of Eiji Aonuma who is helping us know about the current status of the Breath of the Wild sequel release development. Let us know more about Breath of the World 2.

Breath of the Wild 2: Everything We Know So Far

When did Breath of the wild come out?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a 2017 action-adventure game developed by Nintendo EPD, and published by Nintendo. Hidemaro Fujibayashi directed and Eiji Aonuma produced, this world fantasy game was a highlight in some of the top league games of that time.

Know more about Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild essentially is the last leg of the series of games that has been part of the famous franchise of Legend of Zelda. It is really about an amnesiac link. You shall be Link and you have woken up after 100 years of reckless sleep and now you have to go venture and protect your city Hyrule from an evil Calamity Ganon.

It is exactly a replica of 1986 The Legend of the Zelda game where the player through Link can achieve all their objectives. They should not worry about any repercussions. You can collect gear and tools to aid your exploration and venture into the intent of your character. You will need a lot of gear and other items to facilitate and understand complex puzzles and other complex tasks.

The good thing about it is you have a facilitator in the game called BOTW walkthrough which essentially guides you through your objectives and hence it instructs you on How you can win against calamity Gagon. The game makes it compelling for you to have a plan that you can easily put into play before knowing the outcomes. In the homepage link of BOTW, you can access details about the game in a nuanced manner.

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When is BOTW2 coming out?

So, BOTW2 essentially as of now has no specifics on the exact release date. However, there is some info regarding this front. At E3:2021, Nintendo made it official that BOTW2 will surface around 2022. But Eiji Aonuma has requested fans to have patience with the game. They are making a game that is special and helps the audience experience the best gaming they have done for quite some time. Hence they have delayed the release date to Spring 2023.

There is also a controversy doing rounds in the gaming circuit that BOTW 2 release date has been leaked. However, the release date has already been clarified by Nintendo and Eiji himself, due to some up-gradation and willingness to provide gamers an amazing experience the development of the game has been taking some extra time.

Breath of the Wild 2 Dragons

BOTW 2 Dragons are special. It includes three of them which are Naydra, Dinraal, and Farosh. All these dragons give you access to specific shrines. The easiest to find is Farrosh. However, also remember that these Dragons have a particular type of infestation with Calamity Ganon. They are also spotted at specific times. In mountain peaks, you will find Dinraal at 9 AM. Do remember that all dragons have a particular intent. Some are used for scales. For instance, Dinraal’s scales can help you unlock a very famous shrine named Tutsua Nima which is vital for the growth of the character Link in the game. In the same manner, if you can put your hands around Naydra and help her fight the calamity Ganon you will have easy access to the Jitan Sami Shrine.

Know more about Link in Breath of the Wild

Link is a chief character or the main protagonist from Breath of the Wild. BOTW’s link is synonymous with How Legend of Zelda is like as a game. It’s a very non-linear, scattered game where the player needs to find the pieces and bind the entire game together.

Link is the main character, and he is an Amnesiac and it is conferred upon him now to save the Zelda town. People are enigmatic about his journey. Well, Link has to not let calamity Ganon destroy everything. It can get influx.

For this here Link requires tools and hence the game is designed more in self-discovery nonlinear/focused gaming experience. It’s more like achieving objectives here in Link’s multiverse. The striking thing is his BOTW outfits. The chief character is a chameleon in the sense that he has so many dresses to choose from. He can wear whatever he wants.

Breath of the Wild 2: Everything We Know So Far

BOTW2 News and Updates

As of now, the current update is the date on which BOTW2 will mark the screens. BOTW2 does have a teaser of 2019 where Link is shown to venture into a den, or dungeon, being trapped in deeper chambers. The experience itself is harrowing and daunting. It shakes you to the core. There is also the date change that has happened regarding the BOTW2, as released officially by Nintendo. All of us have to wait for 2023 to know How the game is and How it will fare this season.

There is also a development of the title of BOTW2. BOTW2 is centered around a few main characters and a plot. Nintendo's Bill Trinen who is also the Senior marketing manager says, “We do not want the audience to have it all at a go. The audience will get their share of info, but it will happen little by little, we cannot open our cards all at once. To help the audience absorb the experience we are not revealing it.”

ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD 2 Trailer (2022)

Breath of The Wild has interesting Character

One of Breath of the Wild characters Ganondorf has been speculated to be in this massive gaming vista. Ganondorf is the chief player of the game and he rules his people with an iron fist. Ganondorf will return what presumably looks like an old rugged Link is evil-infested Ganondorf and How he has to be defeated to break the cycle of How Ganon operates in living souls. It’s an interesting take on the story and also Ganon for that matter.

Final Thoughts

Nintendo’s big release Breath of The Wild is an enhancing experience. The series will feature the 2nd game. Vehemently due to more upgrades the game will now hit your screens in Spring of 2023. In this piece, all the latest updates regarding the release of the Nintendo’s BOTW2’s multiverse is covered. Wait for BOTW2 and enjoy the game once it’s out on Nintendo Switch.