Bose QC 25 Review

By Theodora

Believe it or not, Bose QC 15 were the first headphones to revolutionize the market. For the first time in the history of headphones, we had a pair of headphones that could potentially deliver bass and treble with clear sound clarity. Bose QC 25 then came to the market and blew everyone’s brains off. Launched in 2014, this giant boombox of a headphone is a crazy awakening for all neo-music listeners. In this piece, we will discuss all aspects of these headphones and what they provide you largely in themes related to noise cancellation. Let us delve into the details:

Bose QC 25 Review

Bose Quietcomfort 25 Review

Our take on Bose QC 25

Bose QC 25 has pushed the boundaries as far as noise cancellation is concerned. The earphones as far as the review goes have a clear sound. It does its bits in jumping around with good quality sound. The comfort level when wearing this beast is an unmatched experience. I guess some drawbacks that can be stated for this amazing product shall be the price point at which it’s available and there is some voice leakage even in moderate sounds. So, voice/tune leakage means a person who is nearby can hear what is playing through your Bose headphones.

Shop Bose QC 25

People interested in Bose QC 25 can simply order it from Amazon and here is the link.

Performance Of These Bad Boys

Frankly speaking, Bose QC25 has surpassed my expectations in the department of performance. I think what makes these headphones stand out is the way the sound and tunes are balanced while you play them. Nothing is exploding or firing up here. A well-balanced moderate sound consistency exists. The depth and nuance as well as the bass is freaking fantastic. You can sense the depth and the sharpness of the sound. Bose QC 25 can be seemingly these amazing headphones that can provide you sound that has been analytically put forth. It doesn’t explode, rather it has finesse.

Looks of Bose QC 25

If you can provide a sound enjoyment experience and can also merge the looks it stands out. The best part about the looks of Bose QC 25 is, that no matter what their looks as per outer viewpoint is, they stand firm to comfort. So the finish is great, the color black seems to be a standard color and does not look like the white counterpart which had brown circles on the ear cushion. Memory Foam is another cushioning factor that helps you relax, enjoy and take in the beauty of the headphones

Any upgrades?

Bose QC 25 had an upgrade recently. You can get the Bose QC 35 and Bose QC 35 II and both are amazing headphones. To get a real sense of the benefits let us dwell on some common comparisons.

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Comparison Between Bose Qc 25 And Bose Qc 35/Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Ii

Before going through the differential pointers please be clear of the fact that the feature profile of both Bose QC 35 and Bose QC 35II is very much similar. The only difference is Bose QC 35 has no google assistant which is available in Bose QC 35 II. Now let us look at both the items in pointers.

  • As far as the availability of both Bose QC 25 and Bose QC 35 is concerned, both of them can be availed on Amazon. Bose QC 25 can still be attained through third-party shops. For QC 35 there is no such bound.
  • The major difference that can be seen in both these headphones is the chasing support. Bose QC 25 only supports charge remaining till long hours. On the other hand, when we see and talk about Bose QC 35 the charging remains only till 20 hours.
  • Bose QC 35 offers you the offer to use Google voice assistant and sadly you don’t get that in Bose QC 25.
  • Bose QC 35 supports fast charging while Bose 25 simply does not.
  • For the style and color preferences of both Bose QC 25, the available color is just black. However, Bose QC 35, they are available in three different colors and they can choose it as per convenience.
  • Bluetooth and NFC remain other major contention in the product. Bose QC 25 likely does not have a Bluetooth connection. Bose QC 35 II on the other hand has Bluetooth and a trigger button that can open up Alexa and Siri. Bose QC 25 has different versions of itself on various platforms while on the other hand, QC 35 II has to not face issues like that considering they can simply just enable the long-term NFC/Bluetooth connection.
  • Both Headphones are pretty clear on their stance on voice cancellation. The process is much sleeker. Both of them provide the same kind of noise cancellation prowess. You can shift to any one of these headphones if you want. The only exception shall be that Bose QC 25 has one-time use alkaline batteries, Without a battery, you can use the product to make sure that it works. It will work without a battery as well but will not function as noise cancellation, you can use and connect it on USB.

Bose QC 25 Review

How to Pair Bose Headphones?

Once you have gotten a fair idea of both Bose QC 25 and BoseQC 35 II, the next probable assessment is fair regarding pairing and Bluetooth connectivity. How to connect Bose headphones? The process however is simple. What you can do at first is, get the Bose Connect app. Install it on your iOS and Google Play app. Once done installing, all you need right now is to open the Bose connect app and switch on the headphones. Once you activate, Bose headphones by themselves get connected. There is also another technique to do the connectivity manually, here are the steps:

  • First of all, make sure you turn on the power button of your Bose headphone.
  • Now there shall be a slider, start pushing the slider towards the Bluetooth icon.
  • Once that is done, now you will see a blue blinking light near the Bluetooth icon.
  • On your device you will get the pairing message, all you need to do now is press allow.
  • Look at the light and you will notice that it is starting to blink again.
  • But this time the color however is different. The blue light means that the headphones are prompting an en route to your electronic device to allow Bluetooth on the headphone to connect with your device so that the data interspersion can begin. Once the process is molded procedurally you see a white light. The white light blinks at first and it means that the connection is underway. But then the light remains on projecting that the work affair of pairing has been completed and as soon as the light goes off, it symbolizes that the connection has been done.

Bose QC 35 II also offers what we call multiple Bluetooth connectivity accessibility. But each device that you wish to connect needs to be paired at an individual level. Once that is done, you are good to go accessing music through wireless services on multiple devices.

Final Thoughts

Bose QC 25 is a great headphone. It stands apart from the rest in comfort, noise cancellation, and sound quality. What it lacks is a decent pricing solution. Please enjoy listening to your favorite songs on Bose QC 35 and Bose QC 35 II as well.