TOP 7 Best BitChute Downloader

Updated on 2023-07-25
Most online downloaders support downloading videos from BitChute. However, these BitChute downloaders are the best.

In today's world, it is possible to download any video or movie you find online; you just need to use the right downloader. There are pretty many downloader programs and apps out there, but not all of them can download videos from BitChute. To download your favorite clips and videos from BitChute, you need a BitChute downloader program.

What is BitChute?


BitChute is a video hosting service for far-right groups and individuals. It is quite different from mainstream services like YouTube and Vimeo. On BitChute, you would find conspiracy theorists videos and also "hate speeches." Since its launch in 2017, BitChute has faced several bans from different authorities. Notwithstanding, the service is still up and running, and can be accessed from any location.

Can I Download BitChute Video?

Apparently, it is possible to download videos from the BitChute network. If you found a video you'd love to download to your phone, from BitChute, you need to use a BitChute downloader, and these downloaders are among the best, fastest ones to choose from.

Top 7 BitChute Downloaders

These are BitChute downloaders that allow you to grab videos from the platform while browsing with your phone or PC.

For Android and iOS Devices:

1. Rumble & Bitchute Downloader

The Rumble & Bitchute Downloader is a free mobile app for Android users that supports downloading videos from the BitChute network. It comes with a clear-cut interface that's pretty easy to understand.

Actually, this app is a web browser with built-in capabilities for downloading content from different free video-sharing platforms, except YouTube. This app is compatible with old Android devices running version 4.4 (KitKat), and it's lightweight; just 7.2MB size.

2. Grab Polar Bitchute Video Downloader

The Grab Polar Bitchute Video Downloader works on both iOS and Android devices because it runs through web browsers and does not require native app installation. It is a free BitChute downloader with a super-intuitive interface that anyone could understand.

This downloader is entirely free to use, and it can also run on computers. With Grab Polar Bitchute Video Downloader, all you need to do is to copy the BitChute video link, paste it on the address bar, and hit the "Download" button or "Enter" key.

3. Free Video Downloader

With Free Video Downloader, you can download BitChute videos using their page links. Just as other regular web-based online video downloaders, the Free Video Downloader BitChute tool works on both Android and iOS devices because it runs on web browsers.

The interface is easy to understand, and there are o intrusive ads to disrupt your browsing experience. This downloader is entirely free to use, and it is available from any location you are based. You can equally use this downloader on computers.

For PC Users:

These downloaders work best on PC; they are quite faster and easier to use. However, not all of them are entirely available for free.

4. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

When it comes to downloading videos from online platforms and websites, software-based downloaders are typically better than web-based alternatives. This is because software-based downloaders offer more features, flexibility, and allow you to download videos in bulk.

The Y2Mate DRM Downloader software is an all-inclusive PC program that lets you download videos from over 1000 websites, which includes BitChute. It runs smoothly on all editions of Windows 7, 8, and 10. This PC program flaunts a clear and intuitive interface, as well as packs a bunch of useful features.

With Y2Mate DRM Downloader, you can download up to 10 or more BitChute videos at a go; all you need to do is to paste the video URLs into the download box that’d appear when you click on the “Paste ULR” button, and you’re good to go.

It may also interest you to know that Y2Mate DRM Downloader supports downloading BitChute videos in clear 1080p HD quality, along with 5.1 audio track.

5. Bitchute Downloader by NeoCologne

This BitChute downloader is available as a browser add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You need to add the extension to your Mozilla Firefox browser; it'd detect the BitChute website and allow you to download the videos you find on the platform. However, if you don't have the Firefox browser on your PC, you can't use this add-on.

6. YTGram Bitchute Downloader

Here’s another good web-based tool you could use to download far-right videos, and every other content you can find on the BitChute platform. It runs through web browsers, and as such, you can use the program on both Windows and macOS computers.

Furthermore, the interface of this downloader is clean, which makes it load faster on any browser. You can also choose your native language, YTGram Bitchute Downloader’s interface supports up to 13 different languages.

7. Download Video Net

Lastly on our list is the Download Video Net tool; this online downloader application can grab videos from over 100 video-sharing sites, which includes BitChute. It is a web-based program, so you don't need to download any package file, and it works on both Windows PCs and MacBooks.

This downloader is dead-easy to use, it allows you to download BitChute videos one after another, and the download speed is quite fast. More so, this downloader supports TikTok, Instagram, and many other popular networks where you will find trendy videos and clips. The Download Video Net BitChute Downloader is actually free.


All these BitChute downloaders allow you to download videos from BitChute to MP4 format. Particularly, the Y2Mate DRM Downloader lets you download multiple BitChute videos at once and the app is very fast with downloading files. It also has a built-in web browser so you can log in to your BitChute account from within the program.

All other applications and web-based apps in this article allow you to download from BitChute sequentially. That is to say, you can only download one BitChute video at a time using those tools.

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