BET Com Activate Full Guide

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If you are a fan of programs like parody, music, talk shows, or sports, you must have heard about a very popular TV station named BET.

This guide will serve as your one-stop solution to know everything you need to know about BET - What is it? What shows it has in store for the viewers, and how you can activate it on different devices.

Not only this, but we will also share some incredible BET alternatives for you right here in this article.

Because there is so much to discuss, let’s dive straight in…

Everything You Need to Know About BET:

BET stands for Black Entertainment Television, which is a broad digital TV station that was created by Robert L. Johnson. This TV station gained popularity over a short period of time due to its wide collection of programs ranging from political, parody to sports and other entertainment shows and movies. Its targeted audience is the young generation mainly.

Some of its popular shows include:

·         Menace II Society (1993)

·         The Game (2006–2015)

·         Games People Play (2019 )

·         The Family Business (2018 )

·         Ruthless (I) (2020 )

·         Baby Boy (2001)

It has also got a DVD, video-on-demand service under the Banner of BET Home Entertainment.

Steps to Activate BET at

If you want to activate BET, all you have to do is follow these easy-peasy steps and you are all set:

·         Go to the App Store on your device

·         The BET app is available for download

·         To receive the BET activation code, choose your TV service provider

·         Go to to get started

·         Fill in the BET activation code

·         Continue by pressing the enter key

·         Use the correct password to log in to your TV provider

·         You are ready to use your activated device

How to Activate BET on Different Devices?

BET is compatible with different devices and you can activate it on the devices you own, very easily by simply following the basic steps.

Let’s check out different ways to activate BET on different devices:

How to Activate BET on Roku? 

·         Visit the "Channel Store" on Roku

·         Look for the BET Now app on your device

·         Download it

·         Launch now

How to Activate BET on Android TV?

Many of you might be users of Android TV, if this is the case, follow the basic guidelines to launch BET on your Android device:  

·         Go to the Google Play Store and download the BET app

·         Sign in with your BET account

·         Check an activation code

·         To activate the BET channel on your Android TV, check you're both connected to the same Wi-Fi router to avoid any issue

·         Log in to the web browser

·         Now go to (BET) and type in the code that appears on your Android TV

How to Activate BET on Apple TV?

 Are you looking to activate BET on your Apple TV? Don’t worry, we have got you all covered. Just follow these guidelines.

·         Turn on your Apple TV

·         Check you’re connected to an active internet connection

·         Go to the Apple TV app store and type in "BET" or "BET Plus" in the search box

·         Open the BET plus app, and the activation code will appear on your screen

·         Copy the code or freeze the screen

·         Visit in one of the tabs and sign in with a valid user account

·         Visit in a new tab, and then paste the activation code from your screen into the box below

How to Activate BET on Fire TV?

Even the fire TV users won’t find it difficult to activate BET on their devices. All you need to do is follow these steps:

·         Open the Amazon Fire Box and type BET into the search field

·         Download and install the program

·         Sign in with the correct password

·         Enter the activation code

·         Go to the BET.Com/Activate website

·         Enter the code and click the Continue button

·         Follow the directions displayed on the screen

How to Activate BET on ChromeCast?

Here’s what you need to do to activate BET on your ChromeCast devices:

·         Connect your Chromecast device to your television

·         Download the BET NOW app from the Play Store

·         Open the BET app and sign in using your password

·         Check the internet connection of devices to see if they are connected to the same network

·         Tap the Cast symbol on the screen to begin

Can You Activate BET on Your Smartphones?

The answer to your question is,  yes you can.

If you have no TV at all? Don’t panic!! You can still activate BET on your smartphone. Follow this list of steps to get started…

·         Open your phone's App Store and Play Store, depending on whether you have an Apple or Android device

·         Look for the BET Now program and then install it by following the on-screen directions

·         Just don’t forget to enter the correct password to log in

·         You're good to go

Best BET Alternatives to Try in 2022

BET is quickly becoming popular because of the range of amazing content it has in store for the viewers. 

However, the service does not offer a downloading facility to its viewers which definitely is a major turn-off for users who are always on the go or traveling. 

But wait, there is nothing to worry about…

You can easily fix this problem by subscribing to any of the available video downloaders available in the market. Plus, there are a few other Live TV services you can use to stream your all-time favorite BET content to enjoy in your leisure time. 

Y2Mate DRM Downloader:

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is a complete package that includes all the amazing features under one name. It has got everything you would ever like to have in any video downloader.

With Y2Mate DRM Downloader, you can easily download videos from sites, such as BET, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming platforms. Not only this, but it also supports downloading in various video formats like MP3, MP4,3GV, WEBM, and more.


•        Download HD quality BET videos up to 1080p

•        Quick download speed

•        Auto Downloading enabled

•        Batch downloading to help you download multiple videos at once

•        Subtitled videos (in your preferred language)

•        Save subtitles as external SRT files

•        Easy to use

•        Metadata info to help you organize your media library

MyStream Downloader:

MyStream Downloader is next on our list. Its user-friendly and smart interface will help you download any of your favorite BET videos without the hassle.  

 With MyStream Downloader, you can download your videos in the premium quality of up to 1080p, 4K, and even 8K. Also, it lets you download content from countless other websites and social media platforms, including Netflix, Funimation, ESPN Plus, YouTube, Twitch, and more. 


•       Supports different streaming websites

•        Ease of use and simplicity

•        High-definition picture quality of up to 1080p

•        Language selection for subtitles

•        Batch downloading and lightning speed features to ensure you download sets of videos in a flash

•        You can save your downloads in MP4 format and enjoy them on whatever devices you want

•        Your downloads will be completely ad-free

•        You can set audio tracks according to default settings

•        Save subtitles as separate SRT files. Plus, you can remux them into your videos as well

•        Use the built-in browser to search and play your videos

•        There’s an online downloader you can use to download videos from social media sites anytime, anywhere

BBfly Downloader

The BBfly Downloader can be really useful because it provides you with unlimited access to over 100+ websites where you can download your favorite videos. 

Premium-quality video and audio output, batch downloading, and MP4 conversion are some of the many benefits of using BBFly for your downloading needs. 


•        No time limits for viewing

•        Shows on BET in 1080p

•        Subtitles and dubbing available

•        Free Upgrades

•        Access to different websites and social media channels

•        Save your downloads to your device and enjoy on a larger screen whenever you want

•        Excellent country-specific support

•        Adapted for playback on multiple devices 


FlixPal can be your best buddy for everyday video downloading needs. This tool supports countless streaming services, including BET. Plus, you get to choose your customized settings for video and audio output. 


•        High-Quality Downloads (1080p resolution)

•        Download from live streaming sites, such as Twitch

•        200+ websites to choose from

•        Batch Download Mode for MP4 Files with High Compatibility

•        Downloading at High Speed with GPU Acceleration

•        Free of ads

•        Save subtitles as SRT file

KeepStreams Downloader

Another downloader you can use to watch and download BET content is KeepStreams Downloader. As its name hints, this downloader will enable you to keep your streams for offline viewing - one of the best features for binge-watchers. 


•        Save playlists from different social networks

•        Anime streaming services

•        Get Twitch and ESPN Plus

•        Save subtitles as separate files

•        Batch Download the most recent episodes

•        Download BET videos in the highest possible video quality

Sling TV:

Sling TV is another option you can try to watch super entertaining content available on not only BET but BET+ too. With this service, viewers can get access to live TV networks and sports programs for an affordable monthly fee.

The only downside is this service is available in certain areas only. Also, you don’t really get to personalize your viewing experience as you could do when using other downloaders mentioned above.


•        Compatible with major streaming devices

•        Frequent promotional deals and add-ons

•        Partial access to local channels

•        DVR

•        Selection of many popular channels

However, the same disadvantage of having this app is no support for offline viewing. Hence getting fewer recommendations from its users.

Fubo TV:

You can also stream live TV from over 100+ channels, including BET. You can watch Fubo TV on multiple devices, including your smartphone, Roku, Apple TV, ChromeCast, gaming consoles, and Amazon Fire TV. 


•        Includes 111 channels

•        More than 130 4K events

•        Cloud DVR

There are different pricing plans available that you can choose according to your needs and preferences. 

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV is an internet TV service that is administered and owned by Viacom CBS Streaming. By subscribing on one of the Pluto TV subscription plans, you can watch your favorite content from numerous networks, including Comedy Central, AMC, and others. 

Users can access Pluto TV through mobile and several web applications with no need for them to sign up for any monthly or yearly plan. 

But similar to Fubo TV, Pluto TV services are accessible for the users of specific areas only. 


·         Free streaming service

·         Includes great classic shows and movies

·         There will be ads and commercial breaks while watching Pluto TV channels

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BET, simply known as Black Entertainment Television, is an American cable television introduced mainly for the American and African audiences. Today, BET is one of the popular streaming choices for many viewers worldwide.

In today’s post, we shared with you a step-by-step guide of activating BET on different devices. We also introduced you to several video downloaders you can use live stream and download BET content for offline viewing. 

We strongly suggest Y2Mate video Downloader because of its versatility and vast accessibility of different streaming websites and social media platforms. Its ability to convert videos in MP4 and run them on different devices is an added advantage no binge-watcher would like to miss out on.  

Which one do you like the most? Share your feedback down below. We’d love to know about your preferences.