The best video editing programs will be discussed in this article. You can read a thorough analysis of the features of various video editing programs.

The top video editing programs let you express your creativity with your projects regardless of your level of editing proficiency. No matter their level of experience, anyone can use programs like Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020. The ability for the user to create their ideal vision in storyboard mode is a feature this program has that other programs don't always have.

Don't overlook the importance of your operating system. If you have a Mac, you might want to use Apple Final Cut Pro or another Mac-friendly choice. If you want to switch between devices, it will be simple for you to do so if you use a subscription service like Adobe Premiere Pro. While still producing top-notch results, the best video editing programs will simplify the process for you.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The industry's first and most well-known timeline-based video editor, Adobe Premiere Pro, has long been the benchmark for video editing programs. The software from Adobe is equipped to produce video for any kind of commercial production, including those for film, television, and the Internet.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

Almost any type of video format can be handled by it. The processing power of Premiere Pro allows it to work with natively formatted 8K and 360-degree virtual reality video. Support is provided for video imports and exports even from competitors like Final Cut Pro.

Premiere Pro goes above and beyond by supporting as many sources and angles as necessary, even though the majority of professional-grade programs are capable of multi-camera editing. The included Lumetri Color Panel makes it simple to handle complex color adjustments. The Adobe integration of After Effects and Photoshop gives professional editors one more reason to select Premiere Pro.

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Best Overall Runner-Up: Nero Platinum Unlimited

Nero is a well-known brand when it comes to flexible and user-friendly multimedia suites, and Nero Platinum Unlimited is no exception. The most recent version of the company's flagship product enables you to burn media, create your own, edit your own work, organize your collection, stream your own media, and perform a variety of other tasks.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

It is the perfect multitasking tool for novice users or aspiring filmmakers because it has everything you need to author, burn, and store the best content you can create.

It now has improved facial recognition to identify portraits, people, and groups more precisely. It also includes the DriveSpan and 1-Click Video Story apps to make editing stored works even simpler. Whether you need to edit that awesome new film you shot with friends or you just want to organize your files, Nero Platinum Unlimited is a fantastic choice.

Apple Final Cut Pro is the best for Macs

Apple's Final Cut Pro X software is categorized as "prosumer" because it straddles the line between a product for consumers who want to up their video-editing game and one for professionals who need powerful editing tools. Although some users may be put off by the lack of a traditional timeline-track interface, the program is still easy to use and efficient.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

Excellent organizational features like libraries, ratings, tagging, auto analysis for faces and scenes, automatic color coding for track-specific clips, practical keyboard shortcuts, and drag-and-drop media importing make it competitive with Adobe's Premiere Elements. Although you can't directly open projects created with Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier, there are plenty of third-party plug-ins available that can. ​

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021 is the best for Windows

The most recent iteration of Movavi Video Editor was created with beginners in mind and includes unique features that make it simple to create. Its drag-and-drop interface is particularly helpful because it enables you to edit your clips, including trimming, cutting, and other modifications, making it simple to present your very own masterpiece.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

With picture-in-picture support, callouts to annotate specific sections, stickers to place on your clips, and more, it also includes a wide variety of transitions, titles, and special effects to spruce up your finished product.

Have any outdated videos of poor quality that you wish you could improve? Activate Magic Enhance. Want some additional video? Additionally, you can record fresh clips directly from Movavi Video Editor. With all of these resources in mind, Movavi provides effective methods for packaging and disseminating your footage, whether you're a veteran auteur or a budding filmmaker.

Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate offers the best value

The standard version of Pinnacle Studio 24 comes with everything you'd get with the Ultimate version, plus a number of upgraded features. It offers you a seamless editing interface, the ability to work in full HD, as well as a great set of features for structuring a perfect video story.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

It does everything the lower version will do. However, it will also provide you with a wide range of post-effects that far exceed the price range of this item.

To begin with, there are incredible seamless morph transitions to assist you in fusing all the components of your visual story together. Additionally, there is a fairly distinctive paintbrush filter effect that will work with already-shot video to allow you to turn live, raw footage into animated living things.

In addition to supporting the upload of 360-degree video, Studio 24 Ultimate also includes a surprisingly user-friendly set of trim, edit, and control features for 360 video that will enable you to guarantee that your viewer has the precise immersive experience you intend.

Last but not least, they enable you to overlay any element on the screen with a motion-tracked image-blurring filter, allowing you to hide someone's face, their license plate, or anything else you'd prefer not to appear in your finished product.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 is the best for YouTube

Nearly all apps are good at editing videos for YouTube, but Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 is the best. VideoStudio offers an exceptional collection of tools, with nearly all the features and tools you could possibly need at your disposal (including transitions, effects, titles, templates, and more).

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

The export options offered by VideoStudio are rounded out by support for 360-degree VR, 4K, Ultra HD, and 3D media. While not all of these formats are currently supported by YouTube, it's good to know you have the ability to do so in the future. Although the user interface is not for beginners, you will quickly become an expert at recording, editing, and sharing.

Easily grouping or ungrouping clips on a timeline to edit in bulk or one at a time complements features like time remapping for adding slow motion, high-speed effects, or freeze action.

Everyone can find something with the more than 2,000 customizable effects, transitions, and titles. Even though the video itself is the main attraction, custom-fit audio makes it possible for your movies to look and sound great by perfectly matching your project with a soundtrack.

Sony VEGAS Movie Studio 17 is the best for vloggers

With the digital filmmaker in mind, Sony VEGAS Movie Studio 17 allows you to edit your video to your satisfaction and then immediately upload it to Facebook or another social media platform for quick sharing. To give your vlogs a high-production, professional feel, create video in stunning 4K (ultra HD), XAVCS, or AVCHD.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

Movie Studio 17 makes video editing quick and simple so you can keep up with the pace of the Internet's viral content thanks to its large, user-friendly buttons, fewer menus, and the well-liked Simple Edit Mode. The software also includes Sound Forge Audio Studio 14, which will help you improve the quality of your online media.

Corel VideoStudio Pro 2021 is the best option for beginners

Similar to Adobe's or CyberLink's product line, Corel's Windows-only VideoStudio Pro offers a robust set of features. Right away, it is clear why VideoStudio Pro is a fantastic choice: It has a large library of royalty-free music and supports 4K, 360-degree VR, multi-cam editing, and other advanced features.

The Best Video Editing Software for 2022 [UPDATED]

The use of "checkmarks," which can be used to apply effects to all of the clips in your timeline at once or to mark which clips you've already used, will quickly become useful to beginners. You can also sync speech in your video clips with subtitles using voice detection.

The extra features that VideoStudio Pro provides, like support for multiple monitors, easier title creation, and even stop-motion animation, are perfect for beginners. Corel is ideal for hosting online or for social sharing because it provides almost every output format imaginable.

Another feature that stands out for beginners is storyboard mode, which will allow them to draft the exact vision they have in mind for a finished product without wasting hours and days on edits that may never be seen.


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