6 Best Video Cutter Software in 2021 [Windows & Online]

Peter Parker
Updated on 2021-11-19
Are you looking for the Top 6 Video Cutter for PC. So here is some of the Best Video Cutter Software for PC, which will help you to cut, trim videos within minutes.

A video trimmer is an editing tool for cutting video clips out of more extensive videos. It helps users to edit the unnecessary parts of longer videos for particular purposes.

Many amateur video editors are not familiar with the meaning of a video cutter, although they may need one to finish their work. You can convert home videos into fun projects by using a free video cutter on the market. A good video cutter should be easy to use, even for beginners. Below, we have listed the Top 4 Easy video cutters for PC, specially designed for beginners.

Moreover, we have also listed the Best 2 Video Trimmer for PC [for Professionals]. The experienced video editors will help you to edit video at a quicker swiftness. Further, you will get a lot of features in the professional software. But before heading to the list, let us know what essential factors you should consider before choosing the easy video cutter for pc.

What Points to Consider before choosing the right Video Cutter?

So come let us take a look at what we should consider before choosing the right video cutter software. It is one of the most serious questions that we can ask ourselves before making a purchase of a video cutter. We want to ensure that we get the right product for our needs and stand behind its features and abilities. This can be your best video cutter for pc.

  • Easy to use:  Before choosing video editing software, consider learning the software and becoming proficient. Also, consider niceties such as auto (express) modes. No matter if you're a beginner or a pro, software that provides (automatic) templates and (automatic) modes will make it easier to edit videos.

  • Most Video Format Support:  For one, check that the software can export high-quality video output, especially if you plan to use the software with the newest cameras. Moreover, make sure the video cutter software supports most of the video formats like MP4, MKV, etc.

  • Advanced Editing Tools:  Cut, crop, rotate, and zoom to make your video better. However, you must ensure that the software contains advanced tools and filters to enhance the video quality and keep only your best takes.

  • Hardware Requirements:  Consider the amount of computer memory, available hard disk space, and processor speed required to run the video cutter. So, make sure that your PC is capable of handling such high-quality software.

Top 4 Easy Video Cutters for PC [for Beginners] in 2021

1. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a cutting-edge video editor that combines the powerful tools you need with an intuitive interface. With Movavi Video Editor, you can create your videos look specialized in no time.

It's designed to handle all video formats, DVDs, and the Internet. Movavi Video Editor lets you crop, resize, merge, cut out pieces of videos or audio files, add special effects or text. The program has broad format support, including AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, WMV, and more.

In short, this is the best Youtube Video Cutter and editor for a wide range of tasks, from basic trimming, cutting, and splitting to applying effects, adding transitions, and background music.


• Filters for a special touch to the video

• Transitions and effects

• Quick video processing

• Built-in music


• No post-processing

• Extensive variety of transitions

• Filters for an imaginative touch

• Automatic video creation


• Limited support of video formats.

• It tends to run slow on potato PCs.

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is another great video editor that helps you create an edited version of any recorded video. The video editor preserves the quality of the original video and all the information along with it. The program lets you create a demo video from a long-duration video , cutting unnecessary video parts, replacing music tracks with your ones, etc. In addition, Camtasia enables you to make subtitles with one click in several languages.

Moreover, the free Video Editor is a powerful program that allows you to create videos for Windows PCs, Macs, the Internet, CD-ROMs, DVDs, or other media. You can capture live action from any video source, including webcams, FireWire cameras , TV tuners, VHS/DVD players, MP3 players, digital cameras, and VCRs.

Camtasia Studio software comes with everything you need to create professional video presentations and YouTube videos. You can use the easy-to-use editing tools to flawlessly cut, rearrange, and combine your media with telling your story. Overall, it is the best YouTube video cutter and personal video editor.


• Wide range of media, transitions, animations, etc.

• It supports PPT, audio, video, photos, etc.

• Quick video creation

• Easy start, pause, restart while recording.

• Super easy editing tools


• Simple user interface

• Preloaded with effects

• Easy exports

• Multiple music tracks


• The software takes more time in loading

• Response time needs improvement

3. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

Gihosoft Free Video Cutter enables you to cut large and long videos into sections of your requirements. It's a free application with important features like a hand-drawn art style interface, exact spin button, etc., with no quality loss; you can save new videos in other different formats.

If you want to cut video without quality loss, Gihosoft Free Video Cutter can be helpful for you. It adopts an advanced H.264 codec algorithm and hardware acceleration technology and enables you to cut your HD videos smoothly.

Firstly, you have to select the video/audio and the files you want to edit. Then the next step is to edit the video using transitions, effects, music, cut, replace, etc. Finally, your video will be ready to export. The H.264 codec is supported on most platforms like YouTube. So it will be a great youtube video cutter if you are a YouTuber, vlogger, and editor.


• It supports almost all video formats.

• Free for all users

• Add text, images, audio, video, etc

• Export videos in high quality


• Free video cutter

• Community support

• Stable and easy to use

• It works with all formats


• The user interface is a bit complex

• Post-processing is a bit slow

4. Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut Video Editor is a multi-track HD video editor and VJ software. You can utilize it for audio, video, and audio-visual work. With the editing grid on the bottom of the screen and the slide show at the top, you can easily edit without watching your computer monitor. It provides powerful multi-track HD video editing techniques, such as "slit-scrolling" and non-linear editing.

Bandicut Video Editor is a non-linear video editor designed for beginners or professionals where you can take video, edit and upload videos directly from your iPhone/ iPad/iPod Touch. The intuitive interface lets you create videos on-the-spot with smooth transitions , amazing special effects, stunning text captions, and titles.

With advanced features like green screen support, custom themes, advanced sound editing, advanced image effects, and more, you'll be ready to make the next Hollywood blockbuster in no time with the help of Bandicut video editor. Also, it doesn't require you to use it online as it is not an Online Video Cutter, so that you can edit offline.


• Extracts audio from video

• Connect multiple video files

• Remove specific parts in a video

• Split and trim the files

• Exports video in original quality


• Quick trimming

• Best offline/ online video cutter

• User-friendly interface

• Perform basic editing tasks.


• Not for professionals

• Advanced editing tools are missing

Best 2 Video Trimmer for PC [for Professionals] (List 2 video trimmers)

Many video editors are available for professional editing on PC, but only a few are good. Below, we have listed the best two video trimmers for PC, which professionals can use. These video trimmers are the best for professional editing as you can use transitions, effects and make your ones.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe's Premiere Pro CC is the most comprehensive video editing app on the market. Adobe Premiere Pro gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking video, from video and audio editing to the tools you need for earning revenue from your content.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most constant, feature-rich NLE software for editing videos. The professional version is available at $20 per month. Given its features, you will indeed conclude that it's one of the best video trimmers for pc in 2021 to enhance your business. But when I have to choose the best video trimmer for PC, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of my favorites. It separates from the rest of the competition is its new approach to performance, leveraging powerful GPUs, which has increased how fast it performs. It has saved its place as one of, if not the best, video editing software on the market today.


• Motion graphics templates

• Make your custom effects, transitions, and templates

• High-quality video exports with lossless quality

• Supports all types of video formats

• Supports largest files


• Advanced editing tools

• Wide range of templates

• Easy content creation

• Organised interface


• Subscription-based software

• Complex to use for beginners

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora video trimmer for PC is the best video editing software for both amateurs/professionals. It allows you to trim and cut videos.. This video editor provides easy and fast video editing. Just drag and drop your video file, preview before you crop, and capture the best scenes to become a movable part of your video project.

Filmora claims to give you an ultimate experience giving you more effects editing options. This intelligent software allows you to trim your videos and cut as many parts as you want. It also provides you to select multiple pictures and videos and join them into one.

This video trimmer for PC is very trouble-free to use because of its friendly user interface. It has lots of unique features, including adding transitions, transitions effects, and many more. Furthermore, it allows you to merge two or more different video files by adding voice-over commentary, text caption, or music background. You don't want to be savoir-faire to use this video trimmer.

Most importantly, it supports all kinds of video formats, enabling users to easily edit videos of no matter on various forms. It retains the original quality of the clips with fast export speed, making it great for improving the user experience. The best part is that it provides you with a free trial version to understand this software quickly, and it works perfectly well on Mac Operating Systems.


• 4K editing support

• GIF and scene detection support

• Advanced text editor and color tuning

• Video Stabilizer and noise remover

• Audio mixing feature


• Beautiful effects

• Advanced editing with high-quality videos

• It enhances video quality

• Easy import and export


• It puts a watermark on the video

• Post-processing makes the computer slow

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Which is the most excellent software to trim videos?

The most excellent video trimming software, you can go with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Movavi, Camtasia, Wondershare Filmora, Gihosoft, and Bandicut.

2) Can we edit videos in Windows Media Player?

Yes, we can edit videos in Windows Media Player easily with a smart plug-in named SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin.

3) Can trimming lower the superiority of the video?

Trimming does not lesser the superiority of the video. However, some software is not good in trimming and editing, so they can reduce the quality of your video. 


Using this video cutter can save a lot of your time and money by using these Video Trimmers for PC without gaining much knowledge about editing. These are the most comprehensive and functional video trimmers because this software has such a simple user interface. These software features are far more than other video trimmers out there. So this was all about Best Video Trimmer for PC for Beginners and Professionals. Hopefully, you will like our approach.