Need to replace your TCL Roku TV remote? Interestingly, you can replace it with some aftermarket options, which are available in different stores. Remotes can stop working due to pretty several reasons, or the remote could be physically damaged; hence, you need a replacement.

TCL Roku TVs come with physical buttons, so you can still operate the TV even when the remote control is no longer functioning. However, that could be pretty stressful because you have to always get up and get to the TV to press the buttons. Hence, you should consider these best remote replacements.

TCL Roku TVs

Roku is a company that produces streaming devices; it also has a streaming channel named “The Roku Channel,” which is available for free on all Roku streaming devices and TV. Asides from manufacturing hardware streaming devices, Roku partners with top TV manufacturers like TCL to produce “Roku TVs.”

These Roku TVs are typically smart TV that runs on Roku's native OS, Roku OS. Roku TVs grants you instant access to several streaming services, including HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, and many others. All these streaming services' apps are pre-installed into the TVs; however, you could more services from the Roku Channel Store.

TCL Roku TVs are simply smart TVs produced by TCL for Roku. There are several models available, and you could get both small-screen and large-screen options. You can buy TCL Roku TVs from Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy. The TVs come with a remote controller for easy operation.

If the remote control that comes with your TCL Roku TV stops working, you could get a replacement for less than $15 on online stores; or even the exact store where you bought the TV.

5 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement

Hereunder are the best replacement remote controllers you can buy for your TCL Roku TV.

1. Xtrasaver Replacement Remote for TCL Roku TV

The Xtrasaver remote works for all TCL Roku TVs but cannot be used with Roku's hardware streaming boxes. This remote controller is available at Walmart and the design is similar to the stock option you got with your TV. It comes with Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Vudu shortcuts for quick streaming.

2. Roku Voice Remote

This is practically the best universal Roku TV remote; it works on all Roku TVs regardless of the brand that made the TV. Also, this remote supports voice controls. Yes, it does have dedicated buttons to quickly launch certain streaming services, and a push-to-talk feature too. Overall, it's a cool buy for any TCL Roku TV owner looking for a remote replacement.

3. Uyibii Remote Control

The Uyibii Remote Control is compatible with a lot of TCL Roku TV models and it is pretty intuitive, featuring a number of useful buttons. For as low as $4, you’d have this universal remote to replace the stock one that came with your TCL Roku TV. Just like the others, this remote has dedicated buttons to launch certain streaming services.

4. Anderic Universal Remote

This remote only works with Roku TVs; it is not compatible with Roku streaming sticks. It connects via infrared technology and uses AAA batteries. The remote is intuitive; however, it may require programming to get the volume keys working on your TV. There are shortcuts for Netflix, Sling, Amazon, and Hulu.

5. Yimaut Roku TV Remote

Yimaut Roku TV remote works on TCL TVs and Roku TVs from other brands. It is a bit more expensive but very reliable for us. Also, this remote has dedicated buttons for certain streaming services. It is, however, not compatible with Roku streaming sticks, boxes, and players.

How to Download Roku Movies and Shows

You can download Roku Channel’s TV shows and movies using Y2Mate Roku Downloader. This download works on Windows computers and it is super intuitive - easy for anyone to use. It supports up to 4K resolution and saves the subtitles of the movies, along with the metadata.

Y2Mate Roku Downloader is fast in downloading Roku videos, and it supports Batch Mode, which means you can download bulk videos simultaneously. Furthermore, this download can grab videos from other premium streaming services such as Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Pluto TV, and others.

To get started, you need to download and install Y2Mate DRM Downloader on your PC. Launch the app after installation and follow the guide below.


Y2Mate Downloader

First Step:

Click the "VIP Services" option on the left pane. Look out for the Roku Channel card and click on it. You'd be taken to a new window to sign in to your Roku account to continue.

Second Step:

Sign in to your Roku account and search for the movie or TV show you want to download. When you find the movie/show, click the "Play" button to start streaming; a download button would pop up, click on it to download the playing video.

Third Step:

If you need to download more movies, find the movies, play them, and click on the download button to add them to the download queue. All videos in your download queue would download simultaneously; however, you can pause and stop some of them if you wish.


Mentioned in this article are the best remote controllers you can use with your TCL Roku TVs. They are pretty affordable and compatible with virtually all models of TCL Roku TVs. If you need to download movies from the Roku streaming service, Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader can help you save the shows/videos in 1080 Full HD quality and MP4 format.