Best Movies on Apple TV+

Updated on 2023-09-01
This article lists some free Apple TV shows that make Apple TV worth it. You can enjoy some Apple TV kids movies and Apple TV horror movies.

Apple TV+ can offer its service free of charge to anyone who buys new Apple devices (a deal that is still in effect, so far). Apple TV+ does not have a large library, unlike Netflix and Hulu and particularly IP-branded streamers such as Paramount+ and HBO Max. The cost of Apple TV plus is $4.99 every month.

This article will introduce some free movies on Apple TV. These free Apple TV shows make Apple TV worth it. You can enjoy some Apple TV kids movies and Apple TV horror movies.

Best Movies on Apple TV+

Apple TV Kids Movies

If you love kids movies, you can check the following Apple TV kids movies.

Puppy Place (2021)

Best Movies on Apple TV+

This show, about Charles and Lizzie, is a great example of Apple TV kids movies. They foster many different dogs until they find permanent homes. Every episode shows the dog-loving children learning about and caring for a different pup. This is a wonderful show for the entire family, especially pet lovers. I think it is also one of family movies on Apple TV.

Get Rolling with Otis (2021)

Best Movies on Apple TV+

A tractor who lives on Long Hill Dairy Farm, is called Otis. Otis and his friends go on different adventures in each episode of this animated series. Otis will always help a friend in need no matter what the problem. The show is based on the Penguin Random House book series. Apple TV kids movies are educational and children will learn lessons about friendship and compassion.

Harriet the Spy (2021)

Harriet the Spy is about Harriet, an 11-year old who is outspoken and curious. She investigates everyone and everything and soaks up as much knowledge as possible. Harriet hopes to become a writer someday, but in order to realize her dream, she must learn, learn and learn. To do this, she must be a spy. This animated adaptation of the children's classic is the first to be made by The Jim Henson Company. It was set in 1960, keeping true to the original publication date for the book and the book series. This is another Apple TV kids movie.

The Snoopy Show (2021)

Best Movies on Apple TV+

Charles M. Schulz's comic strip is brought back to life in this reincarnation. This includes Woodstock, the adorable sidekick of Snoopy, and Joe Cool. The two have many adventures together and Snoopy continues his fight against the Red Baron using various disguises such as Joe Cool, Masked Marvel and Flying Ace. Although the episodes are only seven minutes in length, they will bring back childhood memories and delight children of all ages. Other beloved characters, such as Charlie Brown, Lucy Linus, Linus and Peppermint Patty, are back, along with Snoopy. These are Apple TV kids movies.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (2022)

Best Movies on Apple TV+

Everyone who grew up during the 1980s and 1990s will remember Jim Henson's beloved Fraggles. Apple TV+ brought them back with a series of shorts called Fragagle Rock: Rock On!. The success of these made it possible to order a new version of the original. The show, which premieres on January 21, will feature the return of beloved characters Gobo and Red, Wembley, Mokey and Boober as well as new Fraggle friends. This show is one of Apple TV kids movies that will appeal to both nostalgic kids and adults who are looking for an adventurous and fun way to celebrate the world around them.

Apple TV Horror Movies

Except for Apple TV kids movies, if you are interested in horror movies, you can check the following Apple TV horror movies.

Lisey’s Story

Best Movies on Apple TV+

This is a story about a man obsessed with his favorite writer. He believes that his favorite writer Scott Landon (Clive Owen) had unpublished works and attempts to pressure Lisey Moore (Julianne Moon) to release the works with verbal threats and physical violence.

It's also about grief. After Landon's death, Lisey manages her mentally ill sister Amanda (Joan Allen), as well as tries to control her opinionated and brash sister Darla (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Scott left Lisey clues that look like scavenger hunts to help her locate ways to help Amanda.


Best Movies on Apple TV+

Servant, one of Apple TV horror movies, is about the terror of taking care of a reborn doll. These dolls are morphed and sculpted to look like a real baby. They can be used for many purposes. The first episode ended with a quite real cry from a quite baby. Its horror references are demonic, relationship-heavy and child-based. Servant has enough charm and character to keep you awake at night. It is unfocused, but ultimately creepy.

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This article lists some free Apple TV shows that make Apple TV worth it. You can enjoy some Apple TV kids movies and Apple TV horror movies. Moreover, Y2Mate Downloader has been one of the premium options for downloading your favorite Apple TV content to watch offline.