3 Best FREE VTuber Apps for YouTube & Twitch You Can't Miss!

Updated on 2021-07-14
Today we're looking at and demonstrating 3 free VTuber applications You Can’t Miss! And the way to use them for free during V-Tubing on YouTube and Twitch

Today we're going to be looking at 3free V-Tubing applications that you can use on your streams, or to make YouTube videos. So in today's article, we're going to do just a quick demonstration of each application. If you'd like to see a more in-depth look on how these applications work, you can contact us through email and we'll do my best to give new reviews.

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No.1 Free VTuber App: VMagicMirror


The first application we're going to look at is an application called VMagicMirror, which is probably one of the most popular ones. It doesn't require a webcam or any form of tracking because it completely relies on the keyboard and mouse or gamepad, so i'm going to give a quick demonstration of this application.


Right now we are just using the mouse and the keyboard, so you can see how it tracks with the keyboard and then basically just every key press turns into your avatar moving its hand on the keys. And if you move your mouse, it controls where your head looks and it also moves one of your arms for the mouse now.

What's really nice about this application is that it does have lip tracking, besides, it also has the ability to track your head movements for the webcam. If you turn that on, this app will track your head movements with your web camera.


Navigate Through Gamepad to Track Body Moving


Another good thing is that if you have a gamepad, VMagicMirror allows you to track your body through the gamepad. So if you turn on your gamepad and press the buttons, and you will move around based on your gamepad, but at the same time you can see yourself moving your head, which really allows you to bring your character to life.


Bind Key Phrases and Hot Keys to Expressions


VMagicMirror also has expressions and you can bind these to key phrases, or you can also bind them to hotkeys and gamepad inputs.

Here we can show you an example of it right here, and you can see my expressions playing through, and it even allows you to wave and say hello or greet or express something amazing. What's really nice is that it does bring your character to life.


Downside of VMagicMirror


Some of the downsides is that the camera tracking, it is not that great i'm actually in a pretty well-lit environment, so what you saw me in before earlier was um was the program called leopard but for some reason even though i'm in the exact same condition, it does tend to move me back and forth a little bit.

Another downside is that it doesn't have eye tracking, so it doesn't track your eyes for blinking, it just kind of blinks automatically. Overall I would say this is probably the best application to use, if you don't have a webcam and you want to be able to bring your character to life.


No.2 Free VTuber App: VSeeFace


The second application that I recommend is an application that we just actually recently discovered called VSeeFace.


VSeeFace can just be controlled with your webcam if you just want to get body movements, but also just like the program that i'm using right now, VSeeFace allows you to have full finger tracking as well as allows you to move your arms as well.

Let’s do a quick demonstration right now for the application called VSeeFace. It's actually an application that I discovered recently, this is probably one of the most capable free V-Tubing applications that you can use on a desktop.

What do I mean by that? That means for this application, you need to use at minimum a webcam, and that gives you the body tracking that I have right here.

But it also if you have something called Elite Motion, it allows you to have hand tracking and it's not perfect, but it does really a pretty decent job. Just like all the other applications, it also gives you the ability to have a range of expressions.

One thing about this application is that it's still in development, the developers of this application are improving users’ avatar to see if they could work out the issues that the users are having.

What's really nice is that this developer is listening to the community, and actively trying to improve this application. So maybe next time we see this application, it'll be even better than it is today.


No.3 Most Expensive Free VTuber App: Virtual Motion Capture


The Third and final application that i'm going to show you is maybe the most expensive free application, Why is it called the most expensive free VTuber app?

VTuber app

Mainly because it requires you to have a virtual reality headset, and it works best if you have vive trackers as well.

So if you have full body tracking so basically what this application does is to allow users to bring their avatars to life using full body tracking or if you just have the headset and two controllers that also works as well.
We are going to give you a demonstration of it, so the next application is called Virtual Motion Capture, so what's really nice about Virtual Motion Capture is probably the best application that you can use to bring your stream to life, because it allows you to animate and bring to life your entire avatar.

If you have your three trackers plus your controllers and your headset, that means you have a tracker for each foot, one on your waist, controllers in each hand, and one of your headsets. So you have five points of tracking, and this actually allows you to have full gestures with your fingers by using your controllers

It allows you to have gestures and movement and it's probably the best way to bring your character to life.




Voila! Those are the 3 free applications that I recommend to use for V-Tubing either on stream or on YouTube, if you have any questions or you'd like me to go into further detail in these applications.  You can let us know!  Here are some good products that V-Tubers frequently use during their streams, one is called Leap Motion used for hand tracking, the other is a Webcam used for body tracking. Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial!

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