5 Best Free Horror Movies on Tubi

Updated on 2023-07-25
Are you having a slumber party at your place and do not know what free horror movies to watch to make the night even more memorable and fun? We are here with some of the spookiest and worth watching movie suggestions of all times that you can watch on Tubi for free.

A little something about what Tubi is.

Tubi is an American content platform founded by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks on the 1st of April, 2014, as a free ad-supported service. Tubi is originally based in San Francisco and is owned by the Fox corporation. According to the statistics, in January 2021, Tubi has a considerable customer base of 33 million monthly active users.

Best Free Horror Movies on Tubi

Are you having a slumber party at your place and do not know what free horror movies to watch to make the night even more memorable and fun? We are here with some of the spookiest and worth watching movie suggestions of all times that you can watch on Tubi for free. You will have to deal with a few ad breaks! Here’s the list

Jennifer’s body

Let’s talk about our first pick, Jennifer’s Body which was released back in 2009 and lies in the comedy-horror genre with a lot of dark humor and violence. The movie's core cast features Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, Johnny Simmons, and Chris Pratt.

Jennifer’s Body is based on two teenagers named Needy and her friend, a popular cheerleader named Jennifer. These two girls are complete opposites but great friends. One night they both decide to attend a show of an indie rock band, but the show catches fire. Jennifer and Needy lose contact amongst this havoc and meet later that night. Although Jennifer seems fine, she has murder on her mind. She draws in her prey by the art of seduction. Needy cannot digest this transformation of her friend Jennifer and decides to look into her condition through occultism.

The Hills Have Eyes

The horror movie The Hills have eyes was released a long time ago in 1977, but this timeless horror movie is scary enough to send chills down your spine. Written, edited, and directed by Wes Craven, this film is based on the folklore of Sawney Bean, who was an alleged head of Scottish cannibals. Yikes!

The cast includes Russ Grieve as Big Bob Carter, Virginia Vincent as Ethel Carter, Susan Lanier as Brenda Carter, Robert Houston as Bobby Carter, and others.

The story starts when the Carter family is driving through Nevada’s Mojave Desert to Los Angeles. Suddenly the car stops, and they find themselves stranded and helpless along with the fear of cannibals who feed on the travelers for food.

This movie is not for the faint-hearted because of several scenes of animal violence, crucifixion, and sexual assault. When you pay a little more attention to the Hills have eyes, you will realize it rejects various religious ethics and portrays the US class warfare, cult psychology, and the extent to which one can go for survival.


Terrifier is one horror movie not to be watched alone because of extreme brutality and sheer violence, but a must-watch with your friends to double the terror! Launched in 2016, the movie was received positively by the audience, especially the people who live for over-the-top violence and gore in movies.

Terrifier is an 86 minutes long, short, intense watch directed by Damien Leone. It also features the return of “Art the Clown,” played by David Howard Thornton, who is an antagonist and preys on the three primary victims who are Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran, and Samantha Scaffidi. Want to know what happens next? Watch it yourself on Tubi right now for free!

The Fog

Next comes The fog, a horror movie released in 1980 and features Jamie Lee Curtis, the ultimate scream queen! Written and directed by John Carpenter, The Fog is based on the story of a small coastal town which has one of the weirdest and darkest secrets.

Can you think of what it could be? Well, a dense fog starts to roll in the spooky town along with the ghosts of the dead. Scary, right? The film is a horror classic and was also perceived well by the audience because of its oh-so-unique storyline.


A classic horror movie of 1987, Hellraiser is a short movie starring Doug Bradley and is based on a short story of “The hellbound heart,” created and directed by Clive Barker.

He aimed to portray his days of hardship and struggle in his screenplay. When he worked at the S&M bars, he witnessed pleasure and pain simultaneously, making him curious. This curiosity led him to invent “Cenobites,” a race that linked the two contradictory states of pleasure and pain and created severe consequences for those who tried it.

How to Download Tubi Videos and Movies Offline

Now that you Know which horror movies are the most interesting ones, you can just log in on Tubi and watch these for free. If you think advertisements would be a problem for you, then all you need is an offline video downloader, which will not only help you download your favorite movies for free but will also provide you with an ad-free experience.

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All OTT Platforms Guide

In this article, we have tried to help you out with your issues that may arise due to the unavailability of downloading features. The great downloaders currently available in the market are your go-to option. But of course, there are many more that we couldn’t include. Given down below is the link to all other OTT platforms that will let you download all your favorite movies, live streams, reality shows, and documentaries for offline viewing in your spare time.

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The five horror movies that we have mentioned in this article will send chills down your spine and are definitely worth watching on Tubi completely free of cost. If you are not a fan of advertisements, you can check out the offline downloading options mentioned above.