By Peter Parker

The anime characters are the most gorgeous and well-known worldwide, and many people are avid anime fans. Have you ever thought of dressing your favourite anime character?

We've compiled our top 10 anime dress up games available for Android and iOS, all of which are at no cost. There is plenty of anime dress up games online, but we've made an effort to select the most engaging and provide the most variety of clothes.

10 Best Anime Dress Up Games for Girls

1. Moon's Closet: Dress-up game, Goth girl creator

The app is designed in the style of kawaii anime. It's only got exclusive clothing items to make an ethereal girl and make her an avatar. Begin by choosing an avatar. You get the option to customize the model. You can pick the colour of the clothes you wish to wear. This increases the application's functionality, and you can make millions of combinations. 


  • The app also lets you select the facial expression you want to use. Create an anime model that appears exactly like you. Select a background to the model and then add the stickers. Do not forget to create an appropriate name for your anime character.
  • Create your anime characters. Select the type of body or appearance, as well as the colour of your skin. You can change eyes, nose, hair, ears, and much more. The app lets you pick any colour. Slide the sliders until you find the colour you're looking for. The app is loaded with different clothing options in a variety of colours.
  • You can also share your avatar with your social media friends and save them to your gallery.
  • You can edit it with speech bubbles that contain phrases and use the anime-inspired pastel avatar as wallpaper for your phone. 
  • Set your favourite manga avatar as your wallpaper. Modern fashions and styles of dressing dress you up.
  • More than 1000 beautiful free assets are available. Change them according to your ideas.


1. This app is ideal for young girls who want to discover their sense of fashion and style.

2. The app offers in-app purchases, which enhance the application's capabilities.

3. There are no advertisements. 


1. It is mainly designed for girls. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS.

Why we picked it:

It is among the top dress up games anime you can find. The Moon's Closet is just 700MB. Install it now and join 500 thousand users across the world.

2. Chibi Disney Anime Princess Fun Girl Dress-Up Games

This app will astonish you with various models where you can dress anime girls. They're drawn in the wrong proportions, and their heads are bigger than their physiques, making them adorable. If you've always wanted to make your adorable anime model, this application will help you realize your dream. Create a unique style. 


  • Eight Cute Anime Girls of different styles that you can choose from
  • Dress her up in the dress of your fantasies
  • A huge selection of party supplies, including costumes and other accessories.
  • Hairstyles to pick from
  • Beautiful scenery with various background music


1. You will be able to choose from 8 different girls.

2. The developers have made every aspect of the game flawless.

3. They constantly keep updating the app with exciting new features.

4. You can completely customize your anime character.

5. You can choose a background and a song. 


1. The app is prone to bugs. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why we picked it:

The app weighs just 83MB, and it is free to download, and you will be able to have hours of fun dressing up as anime characters.

3. Covet Fashion

Covet fashion is a popular free game focused on the latest clothes. It is unique in that it features clothing and accessories made by real brand names and designers. It has a variety of levels. At each level, you are required to dress up the "Barbie doll" according to a specific occasion.

The fashion world begins with a trial show; therefore, try to dress for the event with only small cash and brand. Start with the small things like choosing an outfit and shoes and make-up and perm. After you've finished the preparations, you can attend the show.


  • Find the perfect outfit. Pick from thousands of stunning accessories and clothing items along with elegant hair and make-up designs on our new wide range of models. Create photoshoots, cocktails, and red carpet outfits for various situations.
  • Vote for who wore it better. Make your choice and determine what's trending in the covet fashion scene.
  • All the clothes and accessories featured in the game provide websites to purchase the items you want for your closet. You will not only discover new trends and brands, but you can own these items.


1. Build your wardrobe with a virtual closet. 

2. You can also earn money by completing the looks.

3. The earned money can be used to buy items. 

4. You can share the looks on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

5. You can compete against friends to get high scores and rewards on Facebook.


1. The free coins received can become addictive.  

2. The app can feel disjointed at times. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why we picked it:

It is available for iOS as well and is a fun virtual game that brings out the fashion designer within you. 

4. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy lets each player show off their creativity by selecting the clothes of different dolls. They all look beautiful in every outfit, but choosing the most appropriate outfit is essential.

There are a variety of styles, from evening dresses to fall collections. The styles can all be combined, and the game is not limiting the players' imagination in any way. At first, there will be a time when not all clothes will be readily available, and you'll need to purchase clothes from various boutiques. 


  • Cute Anime Girls of different styles that you can choose from
  • Dress her in the dress of your fantasies
  • The largest selection of party accessories, such as costumes and other accessories.
  • Different hairstyles to pick
  • Lots of Cute Dresses
  • A beautiful landscape with different background music.
  • There are tons of combinations!
  • The game will provide hours of entertainment! The uniqueness of Fashion Fantasy is that it comes with multiplayer, and you can play with your friends and even collect the likes of other gamers.
  • Send your all dolled up cute Anime Girls to your friends via Facebook or email in just one click.


1. The game is ideal for kids and adults. 

2. Plenty of features and tools available.

3. The user interface is smooth and simple.

4. Real and fun graphics.

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why we picked it:

This game will allow the players to step into the world of fashion and feel like a real top-notch designer. 

5. Love Nikki

This game is designed for people who want to appear as they've just emerged from an anime. Love Nikki instantly reveals that she's got a complicated and intricate background. In a fictional world, you envision an attractive girl named Nikki gifted with a fantastic sense of style. You must traverse seven countries, experiment with various styles, and earn points through different fashion challenges to be a winner. While playing, you earn diamonds, gold, and experience points that matter while you progress with the game.


  • Created to focus on dressing up and featuring excellent image quality and engaging gameplay. 
  • Stereoscopic gaming experiences for girls. Aiming to bring miracles and hopes to girls with an exciting storyline. 
  • There are a plethora of stunning outfits daily Fashion, European style, antique beauty, dream-like fairytales Neutral, stylish, futuristic- Almost every dressing style is covered. 
  • Players can accumulate new outfits and add to their closets by completing daily in-game tasks. 
  • Regularly updated wardrobes to ensure that the game is always in line with the latest trends. 
  • Designer mode for free lets users design and style clothing, hairstyles and accessories, make-up, and even alter the layouts and backgrounds based on their personal preferences.
  • By collecting patterns and separating redundant outfits, players can personalize their clothes and make basic clothes fashion-forward and stylish.
  • You can also meet new people by participating in different game activities.


1. It is loaded with high-quality graphics.

2. Captivating storyline of Nikki.

3. Contains many features. 

4. There are over 100 characters. 


1. You can face bug issues while downloading the game. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why we picked it:

This game allows you to join the stylist battle from across the globe. Win the game to get the title of Stylish Queen. 

6. Super stylist

Super Stylist is among the top dress-up games that take the genre to the highest level. While there's nothing spectacular in the graphics, the gameplay itself is quite thrilling. With Super Stylist, you play as a woman who would like to create her own company as a stylist. By designing clothes for your customers, competing against other users, and accumulating things, you could achieve the highest levels of the fashion industry.


  • Open a store and establish a formidable client base.
  • Dress your clients in stunning outfits that they can proudly wear for special occasions.
  • You can use your stylist's bank to buy the items and earn a profit when you sell the clothing to your customers.
  • Super Stylist even comes with a "social network" where you can share the character's "outfits". Other people will also admire the clothes.
  • Make your clients look gorgeous with make-up that envies girls.
  • Join them at celebrity-filled events and snap photos to use on their Stylagram. Make sure you tag them in their photos!
  • Super Stylist includes a leaderboard you can use to monitor your performance with other gamers. 
  • The game's currency is jewellery and money, which you can earn by watching advertisements or performing tasks. 


1. You can earn money with your dressing style and make-up sense. 

2. You can create new styles for your customers.


1. Too many advertisements in the game. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why we picked it:

A glance through the game will show that the game's developers are informed about the current digital culture and fashion trends. It is among the most popular anime games dress up.

7. Fashion fever

The journey of every model begins with exhausting castings with endless trials and errors as well as a host of flimsy offers and gruesome conditions. However, it's worth fighting all this, and destiny will be kind, your reputation will improve, and the earnings will increase noticeably.

This Fashion Fever simulator perfectly demonstrates the environment of the modelling industry, in which everyone fights to be at the top of the list. You'll need to start with photos for a tinier magazine, and you will have to pick out clothes and put on make-up. There are many essential elements to consider when selecting the appropriate combination.


  • Shop and customize your look with hundreds of choices of clothing and accessories
  • Put together amazing outfits from unique fashion brands'
  • Style an outfit that is perfect for any event and become the talk of the town.
  • Earn additional cash


1. You can pick the most glamorous looks. 

2. You can dress up like a celebrity model and walk the red carpet.

3. You have the option to customize your outfits. 


1. The game freezes at times. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why we picked it:

Discover the most popular and most fashionable fashion brands and choose the proper outfits for every occasion. Select a classic summer style for a fashion magazine photoshoot, or go for a more sexy outfit for the club.

8. Fashion Empire

The new fashion store that launched has attracted the shoppers' attention. They are particularly looking for designer clothes. However, a manager is required urgently to run the shop, and you'll be in charge of his position.

When you are in this position, you will be spending most of your time looking for the ideal clothing for your clients. It is necessary to bring new items into the hall, set up products, make money, and grow production. If done correctly, you'll undoubtedly bring in a lot of cash. 

Access to the secret collection is granted after you have completed specific activities. For instance, you may decide to sell some unique accessories or give the same dress to various customers. However, it's not always that easy. In fact, with each level, it will become increasingly difficult.


  • Decorate your boutiques with thousands of beautiful decors
  • Design hundreds of distinctive products that range from chic to trends
  • Dress up yourself and your fashionable staff in the most stunning way you want
  • Makeovers with the most up-to-date make-up and fashion trends
  • Collect exclusive designer and iconic items
  • Exciting mode of the story featuring fashion shows, captivating characters, and the freedom
  • Adventure to the top of the mountain with hundreds of quests in various cities. Win large and shine your online skills. It's Fashion Week every day! Join a vibrant, fashion-conscious community.


1. You can decorate your boutique. 

2. Opportunity to join the fashion community.

3. You can dress your staff also. 

4. You can open multiple stores.  


1. The downloading takes a lot of time.

2. The game freezes in the middle while playing. 

Supported Platform: Android and iOS
Why did we pick:

The game gives you unlimited opportunities to express your creativity. The boutique will keep growing, and you will unlock new levels as you keep playing. 

9. Star girl

Star Girl is a simulation game where you design an avatar and acquire the look of a potential star. The game's purpose is to work (modelling, singing, dancing, acting, and all three), shopping for clothes and meet celebrities.

It's fun to be with celebrities. Some celebrities have parodies. For instance, William Smith's real name can be pronounced Bill Smythe, but his model is akin to the actor. It is possible to take a date with Will Smith! But the true significance of these dates is that they may give a gift that can be a precious item of clothing.

Star Girl has an impressive number of places where players can visit for employment opportunities. You could get an employment opportunity in one place, and in another location, you can surely meet your perfect partner. In shops, there's always something you'd like to purchase. If you've got friends from the game, then you can go to their houses and snap some selfies to keep as a keepsake.


  • Shop at stores loaded with the latest trends in fashion! Every item is for you, and you can shop till you're full!
  • You must work hard to be a good player. Earn money by developing your career in different areas! The more you put in and the longer you work, the more clothing you can purchase!
  • Meet your dream guy! A Star Girl deserves the very best. Let the romantic side of you by joining this love-fest of hot girls!
  • Star Girls all over the world compete for the top prizes! Do you stand out to the crowd? Make sure you are in the best shape, and you'll soon get fame!
  • Look for your face on the cover of magazines, posters, billboards, and banners! Go to one of the best clubs and enjoy the life of luxury in your house!
  • Get together with your game friends. Make selfies with your avatars, and then share your photos on Facebook and other social networks! 


1. You can dress up in your favourite celebrity characters.

2. You can earn money and use it to buy new products.

3. You can be a singer, model, or actor.


1. Has issues when you try to play on the phone. 

2. There is a bug when you try to purchase items. 

Supported Platform: iPhone
Why did we pick it:

This phone is just for iOS users, and it allows you to show off those stunning looks and look angelic. 

10. Christmas Baby tailor

Have you ever imagined becoming a renowned fashion designer? Do you wish to make stylish clothes according to your designs? You can try playing the Christmas Baby Tailor game. In it, you'll discover a variety of fabrics and accessories. 

Pair accessories like bags, sunglasses, and other fashionable accessories for a complete look. Make sure you pick stylish shoes and opt for the latest hairstyle. Your clients will be happy, and social networks can share the results.


  • Christmas is upon us, and the kids eagerly wait for their Christmas dresses. Take on the role of a child tailor or make fancy outfits and help others enjoy the Christmas season. 
  • Create and personalize clothing and pants in the latest trends and styles. Use unique colours and patterns and make yourself a great kid tailor on the eve of Christmas. 
  • It is possible to draw a design that you cut out, then put it on the machine. With it, you can make many different types of clothing such as elegant dresses, skirts in various styles, pants or winter coats, and autumn and winter coats.


1. You can choose from unlimited fabrics and clothes.

2. You can decorate clothes in Christmas styles. 

3. Manage your personalized tailor shop.

4. You can design clothes for friends and family. 


1. Girls can only play it.  

2. There are too many ads. 

Supported Platform:  Android and iPhone.
Why did we pick it:

It is a creative and fun-filled game for the kids which can make them learn about different colours, shapes, and designs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Covet Fashion Safe?

Parents need to be aware that Covet Fashion can be fun and safe for teenagers to enjoy with their style. However, many ads, in-app purchases, and links to purchase clothes and other accessories make the app free and an unreachable minefield to navigate.

Can you play fashion empire offline?

The game is designed for fashion-conscious girls of any age. It's free to play and allows you to enjoy Fashion Empire while offline. The game is regularly updated and packed with fantastic gameplay.

What kind of game is a top stylist in?

Super Stylist is a fun game where you're a fashionista to outfit your customers in the most stylish outfits you've ever seen. Super Stylist is enjoyable and easy: your customers ask for a detailed look and purchase the most appealing look.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned games are the best dress-up games for any anime character lover. Try these games to experience a grown-up twist to your favorite childhood game. Most of these games are available for free and will give you a virtual experience of the life of a celebrity. You must surely try all these games and relive your childhood days where you dressed up in your mother’s clothes and used their make-up. We are sure you'll love them.