Christmas is a time for celebration, holidays, enjoyment, and spending good times with family and friends. Amongst all the cheer and fun there are some moments where you are looking to spend some quality time with your family. If you really want to dive into great moments, then there can be no better option than to sit and relax and enjoy your family’s favorite Christmas movies on Disney plus. Moreover, to make this experience extremely enjoyable one you need to have a perfect streaming option at your hand.

While Disney Plus provides you with a massive movie library to choose from for perfect Christmas movies in Disney it also lets you have some fun while decorating Christmas trees with them. Whether you love some action-packed movies like the Ant-Man or the Narnia series or The Santa Clause series you will get all the Disney Christmas movies in one place. You can enjoy some movies with your little ones as well and can see the change in their expressions.

Here is a list of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus:

Frozen (2013)


Musical, Family, Animation

Directed By 

Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

Produced By  

Peter Del Vecho


Idina Menzel

Kristen Bell

Jonathan Groff

Santino Fontana

Josh Gad


Elsa is a princess of Arendelle who has magical powers making her control ice and snow. She uses her powers in a fun way as entertainment to play with Anna who is her younger sister. However, one day while playing Elsa accidentally injures Anna with her powers. This makes their parents who are the king and queen takes both their girls to a mysterious place. Here Anna is healed by Grand Pabbie and her memories of Elsa’s magic are also removed. Grand Pabbie also tells Elsa to have control of her powers and not to misuse them. This leads her in shock and she starts maintaining distance with her sister Anna even after they become adults. King and queen are killed at sea so now Elsa has to take charge as the new queen but she does not know whether to take this position or not. This movie will keep you glued to screens with its beautiful music and graphics.  This is one of the best Disney Christmas movies for children as well as adults.

The Nutcracker & the Four Realms (2018)


Fantasy, Family

Directed By 

Joe Johnston

Lasse Hallstrom

Produced By 

Mark Gordon

Larry Franco


Mackenzie Foy

Keira Knightley

Eugenio Derbez

Matthew Macfayden

Richard E. Grant

Misty Copeland

Morgan Freeman

Helen Mirren


In London of Victorian times on the eve of Christmas, a man named Benjamin Stahlbaum has some presents that his wife Marie had kept aside for her children before her death. He gives these to his three children named Clara, Louise, and Fritz. The present given to Clara is an egg-shaped box kind of thing which is locked and comes with a note saying “Everything you need is inside.” Clara on going to a Christmas party shows her present to an engineer named Drosselmeyer only to know that he had made it for her mother when she was a small girl. When Benjamin calls Clara for a dance she refuses it and after a huge fight full of insults she leaves the place and goes. Soon she finds a string that has her name it which reveals her gift. But its key is hidden in the parallel world which has much more in store for her. Make this Christmas full of magic and adventure stories with this fantastic movie. Along with this one you can also enjoy many Christmas movies on Disney plus with your loved ones.

Noelle (2019)


Fantasy, Comedy

Directed By 

Marc Lawrence

Produced By 

Suzanne Todd


Bill Hader

Anna Kendrick

Billy Eicher

Kingsley Ben-Adir

Julie Hagerty

Shirley MacLaine


Searching for some best Christmas movies on Disney Plus to watch with your loved ones? This one will not disappoint you with its Christmas theme. At the North Pole due to the death of Santa everything comes to a halt. Santa’s son Nick is trying to make up for him and take his place. For this, his training is going on and he is failing miserably. He has a younger sister too by the name of Noelle who is great at distribution and maintenance of the spirit of Christmas. She suggests her brother chill and takes an off to relax before the big event. Listening to his sister, Nick goes to take an off with his reindeer however he does not return back. What must have happened to him? Find out only by watching Disney Christmas movies and enjoying with your family.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)


Comedy, Family

Directed By 

Michael Lembeck

Produced By 

Robert Newmeyer

Jeffrey Silver

Brian Relly


Tim Allen

Judge Reinhold

Elizabeth Mitchell

Ann Margret

Wendy Crewson

Eric Lloyd

Liliana Mumy 

Spencer Breslin

Martin Short

Alan Arkin


Scott who is married to Carol has been doing the duties of being a Santa for 12 years. Carol is has taken the job of a teacher in the region of the North Pole. This is a Christmas eve where she shares her life story with a few elves when she was expecting her first child. Scott has invited his other family members to his home on Christmas while himself being busy with a meeting with mother nature, the tooth fairy, and other magical creatures. Jack Frost is also one of them and he is jealous of Scott. Scott’s parents are unaware of the fact that he is a Santa, and Jack helps him in hiding this fact only to take his position in return. This is one of those Christmas movies by Disney that will keep you entertained and you can enjoy this with your family this Christmas.

Godmothered (2020)


Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Family.

Directed By 

Sharon Maguire

Produced By 

Ivan Reitman, Justin Springer


Isla Fisher

Jillian Bell


Motherland is a spellbinding place where fairy godmothers take training to give happiness to people by fulfilling their wishes. A young fairy Elanor is also present here. She is still learning control of her powers but she does not like to follow the rules made by the elderly fairies. Over time Eleanor comes to know that the fairy school will soon be shut down so they all will be tooth fairies now. Accidentally, Eleanor finds a letter from a young girl of 10 years in the assignment room. She decides to help the young girl with an older student, Agnes. This leads her to an up and down ride in her magical journey. This is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney plus which will keep you glued to your screens till the end. You will enjoy this magical movie this Christmas.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)


Adventure and Fantasy

Directed By 

Andrew Adamson

Produced By  

Mark Johnson

Philipp Steuer


Anna Popplewell

William Moseley

Skander Keynes

Tilda Swinton

James McAvoy

Liam Neeson

Jim Broadbent

Georgie Henley 


Looking for fantasy Christmas movies on Disney plus? Well, the Narnia series has the best scenes to offer. In this movie, during World War II some children Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edmund are deserted from London. However, when they play hide and seek Lucy hides in a wardrobe not knowing it is a door way to a mysterious world. She meets Mr. Tumnus and is taken to a place named Narnia. This winter place is cursed by a white witch for cold weather which will never bring Christmas to the place. This man tells Lucy that if the witch finds any humans then she will keep them with her. So, Lucy has to return to her place where no one believes her story. One night Lucy tries to go back to the place again but this time Edmund comes with her. There is a lot in store for the siblings in the magical world of Narnia. This magical movie is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney plus.

Black Widow (2021)


Action, Adventure.

Directed By 

Cate Shortland

Produced By 

Kevin Feige


Rachel Weisz

Scarlett Johansson

Ray Winstone

William Hurt

Olga Kurylenko

OT Fagbenle

David Harbour

Florence Pugh


It is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney plus if you and your family are a fan of Marvel movies. It is a spy thriller movie which is also full of action where a heroic character by the name of Black Widow fights from the dangers of the world. In saving the world from all this Natasha, the Black Widow also has to go through some darker secrets of her past. However, she stays strong all the time and lets nothing make her fear. The memories of her broken relationships before she became an avenger, tries to haunt her from time to time. Her journey will keep you inspired this Christmas.

Soul (2020)


Comedy, Family, Animation

Directed By 

Peter Docter

Kemp Powers

Produced By 

Dana Murray

Voices by

Jamie Foxx

Tina Fey

Rachel House

Richard Ayoade

Graham Norton

Alice Braga

Phylicia Rashad


Angela Bassett

Donnell Rawlings


If you are looking for some Christmas movies on Disney plus for the younger audience then Soul is a great movie to watch with your kids. Joe Gardner is a music teacher and pianist in New York City. He has a dream of playing Jazz on professional terms. In the meantime, he receives an offer to join as a full-time teacher which he accepts on the urge of his mother. Joe is able to impress Dorothea for a night show, who hires Joe to play the piano. However, due to distraction, he finds himself in a manhole. Now he becomes a soul who has some unfulfilled wishes and he is unwilling to die, In Great Before souls are prepared for Earth where Joe is also mistaken for a soul mentor. Here he gets the opportunity to train a contemptuous soul and this brings him a lot of unusual experience.

Antman (2015)


Adventure, Action, Comedy, Sci-fi

Directed By 

Peyton Reed

Produced By  

Kevin Feige


Paul Rudd

Corey Stoll

Evangeline Lilly

Bobby Cannavale

Michael Pena

Wood Harris

Michael Douglas

Judy Greer

David Dastmalchian

Anthony Mackie

Tip Harris


Hank, who is a scientist, finds that at S.H.I.E.L.D some people are trying to clone the shrinking capability of the Ant Man. He assumes that this can bring possible dangers for mankind as Pym can hide wherever he wants using this technique. So, Hank resigns from S.H.I.E.L.D and finds that Pym’s daughter Hope has kicked him out of his own company due to some reason. In the midst of all this chaos Cross finds perfection for his shrinking suit which he calls Yellow jacket and this makes Pym a little horrified. This suit will bring a lot of changes in everyone’s life with its resizing capability. You can enjoy this wonderful film with your family on Christmas Eve as it is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney plus for action lovers.

12 Dates of Christmas (2011)


Drama and Romance

Directed By 

James Hayman

Produced By 

Beth Miller

Salli Newman


Richard Fitzpatrick

Amy Smart

Jayne Eastwood



Kate is a woman who does not find any feelings for love in her and wants to return to an old relationship of her past. On the other hand, Miles who is a widower is searching for a partner to invest himself in romance again. On Christmas Eve they both have a blind date with each other and thereafter, Kate finds herself fastened to a series of incidents in time loop. Moreover, she finds that in this time loop she gets 12 chances to improve her relationship with people making her fall for miles in the process. This is one of the Disney Christmas movies that can be enjoyed with family during the winter holidays.

Process of Downloading Disney plus Movies/Shows Offline on Windows/MAC

Amongst all the celebrations of Christmas when we sit to relax we wish to watch some good movies with our family. Then for this moment, there are some Christmas movies Disney has to offer. However, you need to have an internet connection that gives you a seamless experience without a glitch during your movie time. But what if we say that you can watch your favorite Christmas movies in Disney even offline? Will you be surprised? Well don’t be and thank us later.

Watch Disney plus movies offline with Y2Mate Disney Plus downloader

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Steps to Download Disney plus Movies with the Help of Y2Mate are:

Step 1: Installing and launching Y2Mate Disney Plus after downloading it

This fabulous installer allows you to have full accessibility towards downloading movies and shows from Disney plus. Moreover, it provides a great experience of seamless watching of your favorite movies. You just need to download this amazing software from the official site and then start launching it. As soon as you do so you will be able to get access to the Disney plus service on the home screen itself. 

Step 2: Getting access to Disney Plus and locating the videos required to be downloaded

Now as soon as you launch the Disney Plus service the next step is to sign in to your Disney Plus account and then you will be getting access to the movie video of your choice that you wish to download. Additionally, you will be able to browse any Christmas Disney movies of your choice with the ease of the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader.

Step 3: Finally Downloading the Video

When the process of signing in is finished you can begin downloading your favorite Christmas movies of Disney plus with ease. You just need to click on the button saying ‘ready to download’ and the download will start automatically in the background. The moment the download process is complete just sit back and enjoy a seamless movie experience.


Can Y2Mate help me in downloading movies from other sources?

Yes, you can download a variety of movies/shows from HBO Max or Amazon Prime too using Y2Mate. 

Can I get all parts of Narnia on Disney Plus to watch offline too?

Yes, you can get all parts of Narnia and other Christmas movies on Disney Plus. You can even download them on Y2Mate to enjoy offline.

What are upcoming movies on Disney Plus to watch in 2022?

Sneaker Villa, Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild, etc. are some amazing releases available on Disney Plus in 2022.


Christmas is about warmth, celebration and of course movies. What is better is if you have a collection of fantabulous movies at your hand to watch with your dear ones. Therefore, If you wish to watch Christmas movies on Disney plus and not get an offline option do not get disheartened as we got you covered with the above solution. Now, you can sit and relax on your big couch beside your decorated Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols and enjoying good times. Have great Christmas movies at Disney with Y2Mate and make better memories for tomorrow.