B9GOOD] Can't see it? How to fix it and alternative sites!

By momoka

Is the B9 site not showing anime anymore?

An animation site called B9Good has been difficult to view on smartphones since noon today.

Why is this?

So, in this article, we will discuss "Can't see [B9GOOD]? How to deal with it and alternative sites!" and will explain how to solve the problem.

Can't see [B9GOOD] or have trouble viewing it?

At this point, you can find the video at http://b9dm.com/にアクセスできます.

However, when you press the play button, it does not respond at all, so it can be said that you can not watch [B9GOOD] videos.


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Causes of not being able to watch [b9goed

As of February 2023, b9good (b9dm) seems to be having difficulty connecting, but the site itself exists.

However, b9good (b9dm) seems to have closed down many times before.

The reason why b9good(b9dm) has closed down many times is said to be to evade government regulations.

They know that the b9good(b9dm) site itself is illegal, and yet they continue to operate it.

The reason why you cannot see [b9good]: It is very likely that the site is being migrated in order to evade regulations.

How to solve the problem of not being able to view B9GOOD

There are two ways to deal with the problem of not being able to view B9GOOD.

B9GOOD] Wait for restoration and migration

One is to wait for the site to be restored or migrated.

The following is a list of possible mirror sites to be migrated.



Hosting Provider

Mail Provider



Verdina Ltd.

Tencent Building, Kejizhongyi Avenue


  - b9good.com


  - - s2.b9good.com

- - - s2b9good.com  

- - - s2.b9good.com   - - - s2.


  - - jdhd.b9good.com

Cogent Communications

- - - jdhd.b9good.com   Cogent Communications

Cogent Communications.

  Cogent Communications - hd4n.b9good.com

Cogent Communications



  NTT America, Inc.

NTT America, Inc.

- - bddl.b9good.com


  Cogent Communications, Inc.

Cogent Communications

- jd4.b9good.com


  Cogent Communications - jd4.b9good.com

Cogent Communications

-jd4.b9good.com   Cogent Communications


  Cogent Communications - s4.b9good.com


  - - dl3.b9good.com

NTT America, Inc.

- - - dl3.b9good.com


  NTT America, Inc.

- h5.b9good.com  


  - - jd4dl.b9good.com

Virtual Systems LLC

- - - jd4dl.b9good.com


  Virtual Systems LLC - ls.b9good.com

Virtual Systems LLC

- ls.b9good.com   Virtual Systems LLC


  Cogent Communications, Inc.

Cogent Communications

- jd.b9good.com   Cogent Communications


  Cogent Communications - nanami.b9good.com

Cogent Communications

-Nanami b9good.com   Cogent Communications

It will probably take some time.

So, I recommend using the alternative site of [B9GOOD].

Use an alternative site to [B9GOOD

1 KIMCartoon

KIMCartoon has not been around as long as b9good, but this site has already established itself as an excellent source of Japanese and U.S. animated films and programs. all of KIMCartoon's content is categorized by genre, making it easy to find hidden gems. and find the hidden gems easily.

2 KissManga

If you've been watching anime for a while, you know that most anime shows and movies are based on manga, the name for cartoons created in Japan or by Japanese creators. Instead of constantly waiting for anime adaptations, you can read popular manga for free on KissManga.

3 9Anime

9Anime is a fast online streaming site with a sleek design and an even more sophisticated library of Japanese content. Registered users can make requests and suggestions, and everyone can enjoy 9Anime's wide range of genres, including action, drama, magic, shoujo ai, vampires, women, samurai, yaoi, mecha, girls, and sports.

4 GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime lists dozens of popular ongoing series on its front page. The site has a strong social media presence and can be followed on Twitter and Facebook; the fact that GoGoAnime has been around since 2014 and is still going strong today shows that its administrators know what they are doing.

5 AnimePahe

Think of AnimePahe as a global community of anime fans who have created a shared repository of their favorite shows and movies. The site maintains an active Discord server where members talk about all things anime and recommend new things to watch to each other.

6 AnimeTV

Another excellent streaming site for Japanese anime is AnimeTV. This site does not specialize in any particular genre, but it avoids perversions and is kid-friendly. Of course, you should know that anime shows and movies may feature very dark and mature teams. So please keep that in mind before recommending this site to young people.

7 Anime Twist

Anime Twist is an excellent alternative to b9good because it is essentially ad-free. That's right, when you are using Anime Twist, you can leave your ad-blocking software off because there are no annoying ads or pop-up windows to spoil the experience.


Can't see [B9GOOD]? We have introduced a workaround and an alternative site.

I would like to recommend you to use a legit site rather than free anime site videos.

I would like to recommend legal sites.