Avantree Aria Reviews: Unusual Headphones from a Less-Known Brand. Avantree Aria Me headphones have noise cancelling, an accessory package and a clever EQ trick. Testing lasted 18 hours.

Avantree Aria Me

Avantree Aria Me

We like this

  • Amazing personal sound quality

  • Excellent accessories package

  • Very comfortable

The Things We Hate
  • Cheap-looking design

  • ANC is not a special thing

  • For an off-brand, it can be a bit pricey

Although not the best-selling product on the market today, Aria Me headphones have great features.

This article explains
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Durability and build quality
  • Tone Quality and Noise Cancelling
  • Battery life
  • The Codecs and Connectivity
  • Software, controls and extras
  • Prices
  • Avantree Aria me vs. Soundcore Live Q30
  • Final Verdict
  • Specifications

Avantree sent us a unit to review for one of the writers. Continue reading for the complete review.

Avantree may not be the biggest audio brand, but it is the one that is most loved by the audiophiles. Avantree Aria Me Bluetooth active noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets offer a refreshing take on a crowded market. Avantree is known for making headphones that are comfortable and easy to use at home. Avantree's majority of products are RF-style wireless headphones. These can be used to watch television quietly or improve the sound quality for those with hearing impairments.

Aria Me headphones can be described as customized Bluetooth cans. They use equalization technology to adjust the sound to individual hearing. The Aria Me headphones also include all the features that premium headphone markets require, including active noise cancelling and premium Bluetooth codescs. The Bose headphones and Sony headphones are well-known, so I was curious about this less-known option.

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Design: Uninteresting and unattractive

The Arias' aesthetic design is perhaps the most disappointing. The headphones are drab and uninspiring. Both the earcups and headband, which are simple, oval-shaped, made from a cheap, matte, but not entirely glossy, plastic. Each earcup has the Aria "leaf" logo embossed. The swiveling arms holding each cup are also made of the same plastic but in dark gray (the only contrast accent on the headphones).

Avantree Aria Me

I normally praise simple and elegant designs, but these headphones don't seem premium. They look a lot like Bose QC Series headphones, except that they don't have high-quality materials and contrast colors. Instead, the headphones are made of low-quality plastics with no design details. They do include a charging stand (more on that later), which means that they'll look good hanging on your desk, but this is a small consolation for an otherwise blasé look.

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Comfort: It's more pleasant than you thought

The headphones' outer shell is made of low quality materials, which can be seen inside. The earpads felt so soft for headphones made from cheaper materials.

One additional bright spot is the amount of space allowed for your ears inside the cups—the shape is just perfect for my ears, and feels really airy and spacious.

Although headphones priced at $300+ are softer than the lower end, the leathery covers on headphones that cost more than $200 feel great against the ears. The padding is made of a soft memory foam and molds to your head. The padding at the top is not as thick as I would have preferred. This may be because of the charger pins.

One additional bright spot is the amount of space allowed for your ears inside the cups—the shape is just perfect for my ears and feels really airy and spacious. The weight is the last thing. The headphones weigh in at about half of a pound. However, they are noticeable after wearing them for a while.

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Durability and build quality: A book's cover is not enough.

You'd expect these headphones to feel better than the cheap materials you mentioned earlier. Although a large portion of the exterior chassis is made from cheap plastic, most joints and stress points that are important are constructed with good care. The adjustable headband is an example: Although much of the structural component of the system is plastic, it's actually made from sturdy, solid steel.

These headphones are strong and durable, which is a problem that I know of. Even though the earcups aren't exactly what you would expect, the earpads and earpads look sturdy. I don't worry about any fingerprints or other small scratches due to the matte plastic.

Avantree Aria Me

These headphones don't have any type of official durability certification like IP ratings or drop protection. It is important to use these headphones with care in adverse weather conditions and while on the move. It's not common to find an official certification for headphones over-ear so this is hard to consider as a problem. These headphones are not the best-looking, but they provide an excellent experience.

The sound quality and noise cancellation are quite solid with one nice trick

Normaly, I would start by focusing on the section's sound quality. But in this instance, I will focus more on the active noise cancelling. ANC technology has been incredibly impressive as a category in the last few years. The flagship ANC headphones by Sony and Bose can block out all sound. It's difficult to believe that lower-end headphones don't have this feature. Noise-canceling is quite good on Arias, providing a pleasant level of noise reduction even in noisy environments.

Its adaptive part of the equation is where it fails. ANC doesn't always block variable sounds such as outside music or speaking. Arias are a good example of this. These will be fine if your goal is to block out any AC units or subtle room sounds. I did also notice that how these handle music being played over the ANC is a little suspect—artificially boosting mids when ANC is activated.

Avantree allows you to download sound profiles that can be saved and loaded into headphones.

It is difficult to talk about the Aria Me headphones' sound quality. These headphones are quite dull right out of the box. There is a noticeable muddiness to the midrange, and very little clarity on the treble. Due to 40mm drivers, the bass is not as strong. Although you get good coverage (20Hz-20kHz), the volume is not very impressive. These headphones really come to life when the "Me" part of the product title is activated.

Avantree allows you to make custom sound profiles that can be saved and loaded into your headphones by downloading the app. The app will give you a brief 'hearing test" to help you do this. The app will play a variety of frequencies, and you'll need to use a dial for adjusting their level. It loads a customized EQ to the headphones at the end. This is theoretically tailored for your hearing range.

This feature was turned on by my hearing aid and I was amazed at how clear, fuller and more detailed it was.

This feature was turned on by Avantree for me and I was amazed at how clear, fuller, more detailed, and detail the sound quality was. Avantree deliberately muted the sound from the box so the customized profile headphones can be heard better. This is either way, the EQ has made Bluetooth headphones sound better and really brings the quality to par with higher-end models.

This is by far the best improvement Bluetooth headphones have seen with EQ, and the quality of the audio really does match the higher-end models.

Battery life: It's not the best

Over-ear headphones are physically very large—much larger than earbuds. They can store larger batteries, which means they have higher battery expectations and life expectancies. Even with ANC enabled, the best headphones will last for over 30 hours on a single battery. The 650mAh batteries of these headphones only provide around 15 hours when ANC is activated. Although you can get more than 20 hours if the headphones are used without ANC it is still a very poor product.

Avantree Aria Me

The downside is that the headphones can only be charged via micro-USB, so they don't promise a fast charge. Avantree tried to differentiate Arias with a stand that charges the headphones. If you intend to use these headphones as intended at work, the small hourly totals should be sufficient for you to get through the entire day. The headphones can also charge when the headphones are placed on the stand.

There are many benefits to connecting and codecs

Avantree made it a priority to offer as many connectivity options on its Aria Me headphones as possible. They make the Aria Me headphones a compelling pair of headphones for consumers. Bluetooth connectivity has arrived. It supports two sources simultaneously, though the switching between them takes a while.

Avantree also offers aptX HD and aptX high latency codescs, in addition to its lossier SBC protocol. These headphones are great for playing high-quality audio sources and lower latency than Bluetooth headphones at a higher price. The physical and tactile button that allows you to pair the headphones without having to read the manual was also a great feature. Although the connection was good, there were some Bluetooth glitches. It wasn't enough to cause me to snore about the connectivity.

Software, controls and extras: One package that makes you feel complete

The headphones have a variety of features and controls. All this is done with an extremely simple piece of software. Avantree's app is essentially a tool for creating sound profiles, and it doesn't do much else. It is also very poorly designed and developed. You won't find a modern, fancy UX here.

Avantree Aria Me

Avantree chose a simple app, as most controls are located on the headphones. There are volume and pause controls as well as a Bluetooth/on/off switch and a toggle button to activate the ANC. The app also has a button that mutes and turns off the microphone. Although there aren't any fancy touchpads or dials, the buttons on this board are very useful.

You will also find a lot more accessories in the full package than what you would normally receive with headphones. The package includes a USB charging cable, an aux cable to plug the headphones into and a hardshell bag with leather trim. There's more: the sturdy-looking charging stand that I described earlier makes the headphones seem more expensive than they might. The case also includes a flexible, removable boom microphone with its own dedicated mue switch. This is a great deal, considering how low the cost.

Prices: Affordable, but not too expensive

These headphones are not as well-priced as some other models. While they aren't priced in the same $300 range as Sony and Bose, the name of the Arias wouldn't justify it. The Arias, however, aren’t cheap at $150 as of the date this article was written. The Arias are priced at a strange mid-premium level, which can cause them some identity issues. The Arias' personalization of sound quality, and loads of other features make them worth the price. You can also find headphones with a similar sound quality for a reasonable price.

Avantree Aria Me

Avantree Aria me vs. Soundcore Live Q30

Anker's Soundcore, an audio-focused brand that targets budget consumers is one of the best when it comes to brands. The Life Q30 isn't as extravagant as the Liberty wireless series. It offers premium headphones with a stylish appearance that feels more expensive than it is. However, they sound dull and lack a lot of bells and whistles. They offer exactly the opposite feature set to the Aria Me headphones. Avantree is for you if you want more controls and options and the ability to personalize. Soundcore headphones are headphones that feel and look like the real thing, but sound great.

Final Verdict

A nice total package.

Avantree Aria Me is very comfortable. It also comes with a good selection of accessories. You'll be happier spending more if you are looking for the very best without any compromises. They are available in smaller packages if you're looking for Bluetooth headphones that fit your budget. In this present climate, many people are now working remotely or distancing themselves from their families, it is worth considering the ANC, personalization and detachable boom.


  • Name of the product Aria Me
  • Avantree Product Brand
  • Prices from $149.99
  • Publication Date: January 2020
  • Weight 8 oz.
  • Dimensions of the product: 7.5x6.5x3 in.
  • Color Black
  • Battery Life: 15 hours with ANC, 24 hours without ANC
  • Wired or wireless Wireless
  • Wireless range 30 feet
  • 2-year warranty (with registration
  • Audio Codecs SBC, AAC, aptX HD, aptXLL

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