[Atsumori] Contents and appearance time of balloons | How to deal with the next time and recipe list [Atsume Animal Crossing]

Updated on 2023-06-29
Introducing balloons in Atsumori (Atsume Animal Crossing Switch). It also includes information on how to get and use balloons, the types of colors and how to split them, the recipes you can get, and the conditions under which you can get golden balloons.

This article is about how to efficiently collect DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

gift box contents

Items that are easy to appear differ depending on the color

colour Easy item
furniture, clothes, accessories
furniture, clothes, accessories
Kinkoseki, Tekkouseki, Clay
30,000 bells, 10,000 bells, 5,000 bells, 1,000 bells
(*only available from yellow balloons)
DIY gold slingshot recipe

Items that are easy to drop differ depending on the color of the balloon. Furniture and clothes can be obtained in any color, but red and green tend to appear more easily, so be sure to aim for them. Also, bells and DIY materials are only available in certain colors.

Appearance conditions and how to find

Appears randomly every 5 minutes

Appears randomly when the time is ~0 minutes or ~5 minutes. Let's explore the coast when the time comes.

Knowing the direction of the wind

You can check the direction of the wind by looking at smoke from houses, etc. Let's wait for the balloon on the windward coast.

Rely on the sound of the wind to find

When a balloon is nearby, you can hear the wind whistling.

Easy to find by looking up at the sky

You can look up at the sky by pressing the R stick up. The visible range expands, making it easier to find balloons that are far away.

how to drop a balloon

A button while holding a slingshot

Hold the slingshot and move to the bottom of the balloon, then press the A button. Bullets are fired from the slingshot, and if they hit well, they can be shot down.

Press and hold the A button to enter standby mode

In the unlikely event that you set up the pachinko at an early timing, press and hold the A button to enter standby mode. Determine the timing when the balloon comes right above and shoot it down.

Click here for how to obtain pachinko and required materials

Can be dropped with a net

After the ban on island chestnuts is lifted, you can also make a step ahead of the balloon and shake the net to break it. However, it is much more difficult than dropping it with a pachinko, so be careful.

What to do when balloons don't come

wait by the shore

Balloons are carried by the wind from the sea to the island. It's easier to find them by moving up and down the coast rather than running around the island looking for them. The most efficient method is to leave the sound as it is and look for balloons when you hear the sound of the wind.

enter and exit the building

Entering or exiting a building resets the currently spawning balloons. If you lose sight of it, go in and out of the building and try to find it again.

Precautions when dropping

Don't drop it on the water's edge

If the dropped present falls into water such as a river or the sea, it cannot be recovered. Be especially careful when near water.

Earn miles by dropping them in water

Basically, it is NG to drop presents in the water. However, you can get 500 miles only once when you drop it, so if you think you might miss it, try dropping it.

Disappears when there is no space to place an object

If there is an item or building in the place where it falls, it will move up to 1 square and fall. If all the surrounding squares are full and there are no squares where you can put things, the present will disappear . Let's drop it in a place with as much space as possible.

The balloon disappears when you enter the building

When you enter the building, the balloon that was flying will disappear . If you don't have a slingshot and can't drop the balloons, you'll have no choice but to make a slingshot on the DIY table outside, so always stock up on hard wood for slingshots.