Apple AirPods Pro Review - Excellent for Apple FansOur Apple expert reviewed the AirPods Pro. He found that they are expensive but well worth it for Apple lovers who will use their noise cancelling function.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

We like this

  • Sound quality is solid

  • Battery life is excellent

  • Design and build quality are top-of-the-line

The Things We Hate
  • Sound quality is not customizable

  • Little bit pricey

  • Avoid dirt and grime

The AirPods Pro are a fantastic buy for Apple users because they offer a nice mix of usability and quality.

So that our reviewer could test them, we purchased Apple AirPods Pro. Continue reading to see the complete product review.

Many consider Apple AirPods Pro to be the most premium wireless headphones available. It is the most comfortable earbuds for most users (the sound is not too loud but can still support many styles of music). The active noise cancelling is also excellent and has been widely copied (i.e. copied).

As you would expect at this price, there are a lot of additional features, such as a chip that allows for immediate pairing with Apple devices, and 360-degree audio. To test the AirPods Pro, I received a pair to use for podcasts and work calls.

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Design: This is the new norm

Although the original launch of AirPods Pro was met with criticisms from design standpoint, the "hanging stem" has since been replicated by many other brands. AirPods Pro present this design in a modern way with a longer, curvier stem than non-Pro AirPods and an oblonger enclosure to house the driver. This is the part of the headphone that makes actual sound.

These earbuds are not new, but I think they look very Apple.

AirPods Pro are only available in the glossy Apple white. This looks great. I'm sure you'll agree that the headphones look good. However, white seems like a strange color to be so dependent on. These earbuds can be carried in your purse, backpack or pocket. However, dirt and grime will build up on the case and the earbuds.

You'll also rub marks on the silicone tips if your ear wax is higher than average. These earbuds are very Apple, sleek and premium.

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It is a significant improvement in comfort

Most noticeable difference between the Pro and regular AirPods is the traditional, more conventional eartips. Standard AirPods do not have a customized silicone tip. Instead, they rest inside your ears. AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of silicone tips that fit deeper into your ears, seal in audio better and stay in place. These eartips will address any concerns you had about fit with the original AirPods.

In practice, my experience was mixed. Earbuds that have silicone tips are too tight in my ears don't appeal to me. It feels tight and oppressive. AirPods Pro doesn't cause me to have this problem because of the soft silicone used. The rest of the enclosure was what caused discomfort issues.

AirPods Pro comes with three sizes silicone eartips. They fit deeper in your ears, seal in audio better and stay in place.

Your earbuds sit in the back of your ear. Gravity balances the device with more stability. It was less comfortable if my skin felt particularly tender that day. You will experience a range of comfort levels, so be flexible and adjust to suit your needs.

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Superior and remarkable durability and build quality

Apple is a brand that knows how to make a quality product. That's the one commonality everyone can agree on. Apple is a leader in this market, with their meticulously designed unboxing experience and the use of high-end materials for every product. This reputation is carried well into premium earbuds with the AirPods Pro. Both the headphones and case are made of premium plastic that feels high-end and luxurious.

Apple AirPods Pro

The earbuds are a good weight, but they do not feel heavy. You'll want to have a couple of them on hand for the magnetic snap, which is a great reason. Apple even achieved an IPX4 rating for water resistance. Although it's not the highest rating for true wireless headphones, this should be sufficient to withstand a light shower or sweaty workout.

High Sound Quality and Noise Cancelling

Apple is very transparent about what the numbers are in its audio engine. Apple calls it a driver with high-excursion and low distortion, as well as an amplifier that is super-efficient to drive it. But all of this is marketing flourish—at the end of the day the thing contributing most to the sound quality is Apple's digital signal processing (what it calls 'Adaptive EQ'). It uses an internally-facing microphone that measures the sound you hear and adapts it for your specific needs.

This worked quite well in practice. My desk is clean and flat when I am inside. It helps me stay focused. It seems to have a bit more bass when I am out with my dog. This helps me to enjoy a richer, fuller sound in noisy environments. In practice, I would give it an A+ for sound quality. Although I prefer a slightly richer midrange, most music can still sound great.

The active noise cancelling (also known as ANC), is also quite impressive. ANC in wireless earbuds is difficult because it depends so much on a tight seal. Even though the AirPods Pro aren't very tight, they seem to cancel quite a lot of noise. Apple's microphones measure the sound both inside and outside your ears using external microphones.

Although I prefer a slightly richer midrange, most genres of music are represented well.

The earbuds have this information, which allows them to cancel out ambient noise and measure it. Although the Bose QuietComfort earbuds are better at ANC than AirPods Pro, if you need solid noise cancellation you have a few options.

Battery life: The best of the class

AirPods' first generation set the bar high for battery life. They can provide up to 24 hours of music when you include the battery case. Apple's new features like the better sound quality and enhanced ANC have almost equaled that 24-hour listening time.

Apple AirPods Pro

There is some variance in how long the earbuds can be charged without charging. They are capable of listening for 4.5 hours using ANC and 3.5 hours talking, while you listen to music only. Apple includes fast charging so that you can listen for about one hour in just five minutes. The case even has Qi wireless charging, which makes it easy to charge the battery.

Apple Users Connectivity is Impressively Instant

The connectivity is what Apple refers to as the H1 chip. It's the main selling point of an AirPods device. The AirPods Pro transmits music using Bluetooth 5.0.

The H1 chip gives you the magic experience of an instant pairing popup for your iPhone/iPad as soon as the case is opened (no need to dig through the Bluetooth menu). AirPods Pro can also be used for video and gaming thanks to the H1 chip.

Apple AirPods Pro

However, it's not perfect. First, you have to be an iPhone user. This means that you are missing out on a lot of AirPods' value. Android users, however, can count these earbuds as theirs. There were also some quirks within the Apple ecosystem. Things weren't as easy as I expected when it came time to switch from my iPhone to the iPad of my girlfriend to my MacBook at work (which deals with various Apple IDs),

Apple's ability to recognize when your device isn't connected properly to your AirPods is quite smart. In these cases, you will get the "do you wish to connect?" prompt. In many instances, the prompt will appear asking if you want to connect. However, the "magic" Apple promises via the H1 chip has its limitations.

Software and extras: There are a lot of options you might use.

Any AirPods products' software is found in your Device menu. This is because there aren’t many options available on Mac OS. Most customizations can be done in iOS. You can choose which earbud mode you want (transparency or ANC), and whether 3D audio has been enabled. Also, this menu lets you adjust the length of your control buttons. You won't find a high-precision EQ option here and it's not as detailed as what you would get with a pair Sony headphones.

Apple's little extras are just the beginning. AirPods' transparency mode is quite impressive. It feels much more like your environment than other flat-mic'd products. The immersive audio setting allows for compatible music and video to be played in a way that mimics surround sound.

Apple AirPods Pro

All the sensors are available, including the force-sensitive touch controller and proximity sensor. This allows you to pause music and play it again when the earbuds are removed. Many of the same features can be found on similar-priced options, but you will get them here if you want solid UX. You shouldn't expect too much customization.

Pricing: High-end, but still affordable

The $249 price tag may seem a bit steep at first. You can buy premium earbuds made by another brand for $200, which will sound better and allow you to customize your earbuds. However, premium brands such as Samsung, Jabra and Bose all come at the same price or even more so Apple is hard to beat.

I found a pair on Amazon for less than $200 at the time that this review was written. The price of the AirPods Pro is getting more affordable. They are reasonable priced because they were expected to cost more. It seems like an exaggeration. This is how you should approach Apple.

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The AirPods Pro is Bose’s latest wireless earbuds, and they offer top-notch noise cancelling and a wide range of use cases. Bose is the better in fit/comfort, while the QC buds provide incredible noise cancelling. The AirPods Pro are better in terms of fit, battery life, and finish. Each brand offers a premium experience, but it's up to you how convenient the H1 chip makes your decision.

Final Verdict

A pair of extremely balanced earbuds

AirPods Pro is a popular pair of earbuds, so it comes as no surprise that they are my top choice. These headphones are great for packing in your bag and briefcase. They have a high-quality sound quality, premium construction, and long-lasting battery life. These earbuds may not be suitable for everyone. There are some connectivity issues, noise cancelling that is not perfect, and an Apple-like lack customization. It's almost an automatic purchase if they are under $200.


  • AirPods Pro Product Nom
  • Apple Product Brand
  • Prices from $249.00
  • Oct. 2019 Release Date
  • Weight 1.6 oz.
  • Dimensions of the product: 1.8x2.4x0.9in
  • Colour White
  • Battery life up to five hours with earbuds, 24 hours when using a battery case
  • Wired and wireless wireless
  • The wireless range is 30 feet
  • Limited Warranty of 1 Year
  • Bluetooth Spec Bluetooth 5
  • Audio Codecs SBC, AAC

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