Anitube closed? Here are some free alternatives!
By momoka

The original Anitube website ( is closed and cannot be viewed, but now a similar site will be created again. This article introduces a site where you can watch anime for free, which will replace and succeed Anitube.

What is Anitube (Anitube) and what is Nitube)?

Anitube is a video distribution site dedicated to anime.

Before it was shut down, around 2017, it had a whopping 80,000 online users! Anitube had as many as 50,000 anime videos.

Now, it is closed due to piracy and illegal uploading as well as free streaming of famous Japanese anime.

Reasons for Anitube's closure

Anitube was shut down because the government required vendors to block connections so that illegal sites could not access it.

At the time, in addition to Anitube, other sites such as "Manga-mura" and "MioMio Video" were also targeted.

Many of you may remember Manga-mura because it was a hot topic at the time.

At the time, pirate sites were a problem, so Anitube was also subject to regulation.

Mirror sites of Anitube


Anitube .site" is one of the successor sites to Anitube. It offers a wide variety of genres from old to the latest productions. You can play online with the built-in player or download videos directly from the site. Each anime also has a comment section so you can read other people's opinions and impressions.


Anitube .biz is a copy site of Anitube. Like, you can use the built-in player and download function.

Alternative sites to Anitube (free)

We recommend the following free anime sites


Welcome to MyanimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Join our online community, create anime and manga lists, read reviews, explore the forums, and follow the news.


For anime fans looking for an alternative to Anitube, we recommend 9Anime is the way to go. It offers thousands of anime and movies, both subtitled and dubbed in English, with high quality sound.


Chia-Anime is accessible from all over the world and offers a multitude of anime. Not only can you stream your favorite anime, but you can also download and watch them later.


When we talk about alternatives to Anitube, we can't leave out Crunch! Crunchyroll Crunchyroll offers about 25,000 anime episodes and 15,000 hours of official content. It is available in multiple languages.


If you love animation anyway, then GoGoAnime is perfect for you. This site has a huge database of anime in various resolutions, from the earliest to the newest. You can also download and watch offline.


AniWatcher is the most comprehensive anime site, containing many current and trending anime. Their anime listings are always up-to-date and they offer both dubbed and subtitled versions, making them a worthy alternative to Anitube.

Alternatives to Anitube (paid)

Next, we introduce paid services that allow you to watch anime in a safe and secure environment.

Paid video distribution services do not have advertisements like free sites, nor do they display subtitles in foreign languages that are unfamiliar to you.
Therefore, you can enjoy videos without any hassle.

All of the three services introduced here are offering a one-month free trial.
If you are at all curious, please give them a try.

dAnime Store

As the name suggests, dAnime Store is a distribution service specializing in anime.

In particular, it offers a large number of late-night anime, with a lineup of over 2,700 titles, an overwhelming number compared to other services.

This service is a must for anime lovers, delivering not only old, new, and popular works, but also ani-songs and voice-over related programs.

The monthly fee is a reasonable 400 yen, so if you are in doubt, we recommend dAnime Store.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the benefits of Amazon Prime.

With over 900 anime titles, it is not as good as dAnime Store, but it offers popular titles and new releases that are often missed.

In addition to anime, there is also a wide selection of movies and dramas.

Amazon Prime costs 3,900 yen per year, which translates to about 300 yen per month.

For those who want to enjoy anime and movies at a low price, Amazon Prime Video is recommended.


NETFLIX is the world's largest video distribution service, offering about 600 anime titles.

Although the number of works is inferior to dAnime Store and Amazon Prime Video, some works are only available on NETFLIX.

NETFLIX charges 800 yen per month for the cheapest plan.

Although the price is higher than other services, NETFLIX distributes original works.

NETFLIX is recommended for those who want to enjoy not only regular animation works but also original works.

NETFLIX is one of the world's largest video distribution services, offering approximately 600 anime titles.

Although it is inferior to dAnime Store and Amazon Prime Video in terms of the number of works, there are some works that can only be seen on NETFLIX.

NETFLIX charges 800 yen per month for the cheapest plan.

Although the price is higher than other services, NETFLIX offers original works.

NETFLIX is recommended for those who want to enjoy not only regular animation works but also original works.

Risks of illegal sites such as Anitube

The risks of using illegal sites such as Anitube are as follows

Virus infection

Using Anitube increases the risk of virus infection, equipment failure, and leakage of personal information.

In recent years, the impact of mining viruses has increased rapidly.

Mining viruses are viruses used in the processing of virtual currency transactions (mining).

The act of equipment hijacking by mining viruses is known as "cryptojacking.

You will not be able to watch new anime

If you use illegal anime sites such as Anitube, you may not be able to watch new anime.

The reason for this is that if people watch anime for free, it will be harder for the anime creators to make a profit.

If more people watch animations for free, which are supposed to be offered for a fee, the profit of those who create animations will decrease.

The more people involved in the production of animation, the less profitable it becomes.

Thus, the more people involved in the animation industry, the more difficult it becomes to create new animations.

To ensure that we can continue to enjoy many more great anime, please do not use illegal anime sites like Anitube.