Anipo is closing? Here are some alternative sites you can use!

By momoka

Anipo, a site offering free anime videos, has been closed.

So, in this article, we will introduce an alternative site to anipo.

What is anipo?

Anipo is a reach site that compiles information on links to illegal videos, mainly anime.

It is gaining popularity as a kind of anime library where users can watch anime for free by compiling links leading to illegally uploaded pirate sites such as AniTube and KissAnime.

Illegal uploading of videos is a violation of copyright law and subject to criminal penalties, but just watching these anime is not illegal under current law, so even though they know it is wrong, they are gaining popularity, especially among students who have no money.

These pirate sites contain illegally obtained videos of everything from classic anime of yesteryear to the latest anime on the air.

How to use anipo

Next, we will introduce how to use an ipo.

How to search for the movie you want to watch!

In anipo, Japanese search is available.

Enter the title of the anime you want to watch in the "search" field on the top right of the top page.

Then, you can watch the anime by clicking on the work you want to watch.

How to watch anime in the order of updates!

On the top page of anipo, "Latest" is selected by default, which means newest first.

In this case, the most recently updated anime are displayed in that order.

When I switched "Latest" to "Ongoing", the currently running animations on TV were displayed.

Anipo is difficult to use.

Anipo is a foreign illegal site where you can browse anime for free. It is written entirely in English, so we find it difficult to use.

In addition, since it does not provide download service, the communication fee is quite expensive.

Furthermore, it is extremely likely that computer viruses are planted in pirate sites such as anipo and Mangamura, and various damages can be expected. It is highly likely that they will be shut down one day.

Recommendation of anime sites easier to use than anipo



The best recommendation is to use U-NEXT's free trial period.


Features of U-NEXT
  • 31-day free trial period!
  • Over 140,000 contents
  • You can read the latest anime for 600 yen
  • Adult movies are also available
  • Over 70 magazines available for unlimited reading
  • Over 90,000 videos available for unlimited viewing!

  Free Trial

U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial period.

This means that you can enjoy anime, videos, and magazines for free for the entire 31-day period!

Of course, if you cancel during the free period, you will not be charged.

This is the best service to watch anime for free.

Click here to take advantage of U-NEXT's free trial period!

ABEMA Premium

The next recommended anime site that is easier to use than anipo is ABEMA Premium.

  ABEMA Premium

Features of ABEMA Premium Features of ABEMA Premium
  • All the movies you can watch as much as you want
  • Instant playback of videos without ads
  • Watch from the beginning even during broadcast
  • Almost zero traffic by downloading
  • Enjoy comments even after the program has aired

  ABEMA Premium

ABEMA Premium ABEMA Premium

ABEMA Premium offers about 20 channels with a variety of programs including news, animation, drama, music, sports, and original programs.

Click here for 2 weeks free for first time users of ABEMA Premium!

Similar sites to anipo

There are many other sites besides anipo where you can watch for free.

Like anipo, all of them are overseas sites, so there is a risk of virus infection.

Use these sites with caution and at your own risk.


B9DM is an overseas site, but the site is written in Japanese and is designed for Japanese users.

High quality animations are uploaded, especially the hottest new animations.

In the "Movies New" section of the main menu, there seems to be a large amount of recently broadcasted TV programs uploaded.

Anime Nova

Anime Nova uploads around 10 anime every day.

Although the site has been in operation for only a short period of time, starting in June 2015, many of the anime are grouped by series and are easy to find.

The site is in English, but the anime titles are in Roman characters, so ease of use did not seem to be a problem.

Anime Nova uploads not only anime but also manga.

However, since they are translated into English, those who are not good at English may not use this site very often.

Anime plus

Anime plus is the same website as Anime Nova.

Anime plus has been in operation longer (since March 2011), so it is thought that Anime Nova was launched as a mirror site of Anime plus.

Anime plus is often used when the video playback is a little slow and the anime you want to watch cannot be found on any other site.

Good Anime

Good Anime is similar to Anime plus.

Although the period of operation was unknown, it is a mirror site of Anime plus.It seems that the

It is thought that they are operating multiple sites so as not to interrupt their advertising revenues even if they close down some of them.

There is constant access from Japan, and the ease of use seems to be no different from Anime plus and other sites.

using domains from Russia and other countries with relatively lax regulations.

The site has an overwhelming number of viewers and popularity overseas

Since the site is operated while changing its address from one place to another, it is essential to search for it on Google and other search engines.

kissanime is an overseas site that mainly uploads Japanese anime, which has been gaining users as an alternative to Anitube and Anipo due to their shutdown.


Full of contents for children.
As with kissanime, addresses change from time to time, so a search is required.


Like kissanime, this is also an overseas pirate site. All searches are in English, and there is little access from Japan, but compared to other sites, this one has a good selection of Japanese anime for children.


One of the most famous sites abroad

This is an overseas site that uploads not only Japanese anime but also many foreign anime. All are in English, but you can search for your favorite anime by character or other tags.


Latest Series Available


AnimeFreak allows you to watch the latest series, but the lineup is not very large.


In this issue, we examined anipo (anipo).

Anipo is a site where you can watch anime for free.

However, please note that it is an illegal site, and uploading or selling without permission is subject to criminal penalties.

We would also like to recommend legal anime distribution sites U-NEXT and ABEMA Premium over anipo.