Can't access Animedao? Alternative free anime viewing sites and how to deal with it!

By Kaya

This article describes what to do when Animedao, a popular free anime viewing site, is not available, as well as alternative sites. We will explain in detail what to do in general when access is not available, as well as alternative sites where you can watch anime for free.

About the situation when Animedao is unavailable

Animedao is a favorite free anime viewing site for many anime fans, but sometimes there are situations when access is not possible. There are many possible causes, including server problems, communication problems, and regional restrictions.

Common problems and solutions for Animedao

First, let's look at some common problems that can occur when Animedao is unavailable and how to deal with them.

  1. Server problems: If Animedao's server is down, you will not be able to access it. In this case, you will have to wait until the server is restored.
  2. Communication problems: If your Internet connection is unstable or temporarily down, you may not be able to access Animedao. Wait until the line is restored or try using another Internet connection.
  3. Regional Restrictions: Animedao access may be restricted in some countries or regions. To deal with this, you can use a VPN or proxy to access the site.

In addition to these issues, there are several other workarounds, such as clearing your browser's cache and cookies, or trying to access the site on a different device. However, if you are unable to access Anim or Animedao after trying any of these methods, consider using an alternative free anime viewing site.

General remedies for Animedao inaccessibility

The following are some common remedies you can try when Animedao is not available. Some of these methods may or may not work, but they are worth a try anyway.

Check your Internet connection

First of all, make sure your Internet connection is working properly: if your Wi-Fi is disconnected, if your mobile data connection is limited, or if there are other connection problems, you will not be able to access Animedao.

Delete browser cache and cookies

You may not be able to access Animedao due to your browser's cache or cookies. Deleting the cache and cookies and refreshing your browser may solve the problem.

Use a VPN or proxy

If you are unable to access Animedao due to regional restrictions, we recommend that you try using a VPN or proxy. This will allow you to access using an IP address from a different country or region.

Popular Free Anime Viewing Alternative Sites

Even if Animedao is not available, there are several popular free anime viewing sites in Japan. Here are some recommended free anime viewing sites.

1. ABEMA - A great selection of anime channels

ABEMA is an Internet TV station that offers several free anime channels. New anime and past hits are available for viewing, and special programs are sometimes broadcast.


2. niconico nico douga - anime uploaded by volunteers can be viewed

Nico Nico Douga is a video sharing site where you can watch videos uploaded by users. Some anime works can be viewed for free, and you can enjoy sharing them with other viewers using the comment function.

京都アニメーション 3.16よりニコニコ動画にて 京アニ作品17作一挙配信!

3. dAnime Store - Enjoy anime with a free trial period

dAnime Store is a paid anime distribution service, but it offers a free trial period when you register for the first time, so you can enjoy anime during that period. If you check the works you want to watch during the period, you can enjoy anime at a discount.

dアニメストア | 初めての方は初月無料のアニメ見放題サイト!

4. U-NEXT - Free Trial Points

U-NEXT is a video delivery service for movies, dramas, and animations. A free trial is available when you register for the first time, and you can use the points you receive to watch anime. Find your favorite works and use the points to enjoy them.


With these sites, you can enjoy anime for free even when Animedao is not available. Please understand the features of each site and find the anime viewing environment that suits you best.


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In this article, we have introduced some solutions to the problem of not being able to access Animedao, as well as some popular free anime viewing alternatives in Japan. If this does not solve the problem, try using a VPN or proxy.

If that does not solve the problem, try using one of the popular free anime viewing alternatives in Japan, such as ABEMA, Nico Nico Douga, d-Anime Store, or U-NEXT, each of which has its own unique features. Some sites allow you to enjoy anime for free, while others offer a free trial or point system to watch some of the works.