30 Best Anime Avatar Makers to Create Avatar Online

Atish Ranjan
Updated on 2022-09-23
Picking the best cartoon avatar maker is the key to ensure the best possible option to create an anime avatar or even a full body avatar

This can happen to anyone and everyone among us. Most of us are not comfortable using the real photos on the website. That is exactly where it may be practical to create a cartoon character or cartoon avatar of yourself. In that case, using a good website or anime avatar maker to create an avatar online can prove to be a practical solution. This can help you shield your online photos and online privacy and can be a great option to assist you in safeguarding yourself.

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Part 1: Why Create a Cartoon Avatar Online?
Part 2: Best Websites to Create Avatar Online
Part 3: Which Among them Would we Recommend?

Why Create a Cartoon Avatar Online?

A cartoon character is a form of yourself, but not the real you. In fact, showing your real identity on social media is not recommended and most of us do not prefer it for a wide range of reasons. There are several reasons you do not want to showcase your real self and hide behind a cartoon online.

It can be one of the best options to create a cartoon avatar online. A few of the reasons that can prove to be one of the prime options because of the following reasons:

  • It helps you in the protection of identity breaches of any nature.

  • It can be helpful in letting you prevent the online hacking attempts.

  • They can be your best option to establish a single identity across multiple online websites which would be a great option

While it may not be an issue with the popular and established services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. But, when signing up with websites or anime avatar makers that are not so famous and if you are not comfortable signing up with your real image, creating a cartoon avatar would be quite ideal.

Best Websites to Create Avatar Online

Having understood the need for creating an avatar online, here are a few of the best websites that can be helpful in arriving at the best options to create an avatar online.

  1. Cartoonify

The Cartoonify app is one of the excellent options to help you create avatar online. The easy and simple to use interface helps you achieve the best results in the context of avatar maker online. The simple steps involved in creating your cartoon avatar help you create your avatars quite faster.

Create cartoon avatar

The huge customization option lets you make use of as many as 300 different graphical features for achieving the perfect options. The lack of any ads on the website can be what helps you create cartoon avatars without any sort of annoyance. You can create an avatar based on the gender you want to create the avatar of your preference. The availability of significant dimensions can be a great option that further enhances your experience. It can be a great option if you want to be among top vTubers.

  1. Avachara

Avachara is an excellent option for creating a cartoon avatar. You should be able to create the best cartoon avatars for use in multiple social media sites with the free avatar maker online. Multiple customization options offered by the site can be a great option. You can expect better customization options when compared to the other competing websites.

anime avatar maker

You can make use of the multiple types of clothes like tops, hats, and pants. In fact, you can make use of the characters of a businessman, casual person, and some other specific characters for the perfect cartoon making at its best. You can make use of several modifications such as removing the items. It can be one of the excellent choices for creating some of the best business avatars. An interactive avatar editor lets you create any kind of avatars of your choice.

  1. Doll Divine

Coming from Mage Anime Avatar Creator, the free avatar maker online has been one of the excellent options for the best available tools for creating wonderful anime avatars. If you are someone who loves manga characters, it should definitely be the right ones you want to go with. You can make use of a wide range of Manga based avatars with hairstyles, scars, skin tones, facial tattoos, and several other options.

Doll divine - cartoon avatar creator

If you have played the dressing game on your mobile, Doll Divine should ideally lend you a helping hand. You can create more than 20 different backgrounds for your individual requirements. However, you cannot download the images you created. Instead, you will need to take a screenshot either on your smartphone or a PC. One issue would be that it uses Adobe flash player and we expect the developers to switch to HTML5 soon.

  1. Character Creator

There are not many cartoon avatar maker apps that let you create full body avatars. Character Creator is one of the perfect options for those full body avatar makers. In fact, you can create your avatars right from top to toe. In fact, you can create a huge number of layers of clothes. You can even add up a wide range of accessories as well.

avatar maker online

Working with the cartoon avatar maker app is easy enough. Simply on the body part, you want to change and you are good to go with any of your customizations. You can even add pets to your avatars alongside the avatar. You may add eagles, cats, and many other pets. The avatars can be zoomed in and zoomed out for the best results.

  1. Charat

If you are in love with the Japanese Chibi characters, Charat should be one of the most reliable options as the best chibi avatar maker in cartoon avatar making. the interface for creating your avatars with anime characters can prove to be a great option. The simple interface and easy to use functionality make it one of the perfect options. It an be one of the best tools for vTubers

One of the huge advantages associated with the Charat is that almost all the characters are readily available and you only need to customize them. You have a huge number of beautifying expressions to choose from. The avatar maker provides you a complete control over the character that you have designed. You are allowed to share the character you created with your friends in social media circles.

  1. DoppelMe

DoppelMe is one of the exciting options that help you get access to an enhanced performance in creating wonderful avatars online. In fact, it has been a great option for creating the mini dynamic avatars with ease and simplicity. One of the excellent options on the avatar maker free we found rather interesting is that it does not need you to have Flash to work with it.

You can create an online character right from scratch and create your avatar exactly as per your preference. Once you have created the skin color and eye color, the website lets you choose different facial expressions to choose from. You can pick the different facial expressions that include angry, sad, happy, and sleepy faces. You can even give an item for the character to hold.

  1. Voki

Voki is one of the prime options that can help you create amazing avatars from your own selfies. The free editor that forms part of the package lets you use your imagination and creativity to customize a huge range of looks and appearances. If you have imagination and creativity, the sky is the only limit to achieve the best results.

One of the prime options we found interesting and unique on the website is its ability to give some voice to the online character you just created.

create cartoon avatar

Voki is actually created as an educational tool, but it also provides you access to an advanced functionality in letting you use it for creating avatars online. The basic functionality is free, but if you are looking for the advanced properties and features, it may be worthwhile to check out the premium version as well. In any case, the full version too comes with a full potential.

  1. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot has been rated to be one of the excellent and exciting websites to create avatar online. Of course, if you compare it to the other competing websites, you will find it offering a little limited functionality. Working with the tool involves generating a perfect vector, putting your imagination to some work, and you have access to a perfect experience.

You can specifically work on specific features of your face. Customizing the cheeks, cheekbones, and eyes is what we thought to be one of the huge plus points of the website. The online cartoon maker also lets you tilt the position of your head to any of the direction you would want to. Create a signature pose for your character to make it stand apart.

  1. Marvel Superhero Avatar

Are you someone who works with those space characters and other such superhero characters? You will find the Marvel Superhero Avatar is one of the prime options and an enhanced experience ever. The ability to create unique and exceptional characters further makes it one of the prominent cartoon makers ever.

If you have been following the Marvel HQ characters, you will find Marvel Superhero Avatar one of the excellent options ever for most of the expectations you may have. The website lets you create Spiderman, Iron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy themes which should be yet another exciting choice ever for your needs.

  1. Face Your Manga

The Face Your Manga is one of the prominent and exceptional websites that lets you create a cartoon avatar version of yourself. In fact, most of the fans of cartoon making believe that it is one of the best options for creating a virtual cartoon version of your face. The web editor on the Face Your Manga anime avatar maker website indeed stands apart from the rest.

Your avatars created from the website will indeed appear as if they have come out of the comic book. One of the unique features offered by Face Your Manga includes the ability to add blemishes to your face or create something truly unique. This can include birthmarks, scars, moles, or even a third eye. The site has more than 14 million avatars.

  1. Freepik

How about using a readymade photo for creating an avatar? Freepik can be a great solution for most of your expectations and requirements in the best anime avatar maker. They seem to have more than 6000 or even more avatars that you can create. You can download your images for free as per your preferences.

The tagging system is what would help you get access to an enhanced experience with respect to the best possible efficiency. You can be assured of the best possible options for the perfect illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentation templates. It can be one of the prime options to create a free avatar maker.

  1. Superherotar

For the Marvel or DC comic fans out there, Superherotar can be one of the excellent options. You can easily create your own version of the superhero character and share it with your friends. You can further customize your character and make it look to appear all the more powerful and efficient. The ease of using the tool further enhances your experience.

The procedure involved in creating your cartoon characters online is no longer a tougher task and quite similar to the dressing games. You can simply pick the superhero body parts and then combine them together. You can simply add extra accessories and save them onto your device. You can create several characters that include Zombies, Vampires, Manga, Star Trek, Vikings, Pirates Avatars as well.

  1. Avatarmaker

A simple and easy to use anime avatar maker online, Avatarmaker can be considered a no-nonsense option for the best funny avatar maker you can rely upon. It has all the features right on your screen and provides access to an enhanced option with all the tools right on your screen.

You can get your images for creating standard dimensions for all your needs. It provides you an easy-to-use option for creating avatar quickly. You can download them in vector or PNG format. Upload option to Gravatar directly can prove an excellent option.

  1. Picassohead

Are you looking to find the best artistic options for the best anime avatar maker free? You can put your creativity to the best use It is your best option for creating an online avatar easily. The drag and drop functionality provided by the tool is one of the best among the free avatar maker options.

You can create an avatar rather easily with the elements such as nose and hair. However, saving and downloading images is a little tougher task. You can take a screenshot or email it to yourself. The avatar you create would look like a painting and that explains the name.

  1. Portrait Illustration Maker

The Portrait Illustration Maker is one of the prime options for the best anime avatar maker apps. You can simply create an avatar based on your gender. The site involves the use of graphical design and offers a user-friendly application.

You have a huge number of customization options. Each of the different options such as hairstyles can be tried in more than 90 different ways. You can even annotate the different parts of the face thereby creating a unique avatar.

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  1. Canva

Canva is a great graphic designing tool and is used for a wide range of projects. It can be a good option for the best Roblox avatar makers. While you might have used Canva for a wide range of other options, using it for avatar making maybe something new.

While you cannot create a real face kind of options but can be used to create smiley icons for your avatars. It can be a great option to improve the look of the already created cartoon avatars. Worthy of trying due to its professional performance.

  1. Photolamus

A few of the above cartoon avatar makers are good at casual cartoons. Photolamus lets you create a caricature from the existing photos. You can get access to a portrait kind of effect. You will find it offers decent and accurate performance.

However, the anime avatar maker is not free. You pay per image. Created by professional artists, the cartoons are indeed one of the most realistic and worthy of the price you pay for them.

  1. Befunkey

Befunky is one of the unique and excellent options for creating cartoon avatar online. It let you add a wide range of multiple effects to your character. You can add a lot of effects that include artsy, frames, text, and other goodies to make it all more impressive.

You can even create a portrait with your existing photo and give it a cartoonish look. If you have an artistic and creative side to your personality, this can be a great way to bring it out.

  1. Pho.to

The wonderful cartoon avatar maker is designed to create watercolor drawings from your photos and create unique drawings. You can even use it to create face morphs. Simply upload your face onto the website and apply multiple facial expressions.

A huge range of effects and expressions available on the site should ideally help create a wide range of aquarelle or watercolor drawings. You can alter your photos into watercolor paintings.

  1. Kartunix

Kartunix is a good choice for creating a vector-based anime avatar maker with more than a single stage of experience. Multiple options include Cute anime, cool cartoons, manga style, Kawai, emo, realistic illustrations, and full body avatars.

The interface of the website is one of the excellent options and provides you with a practically unlimited number of styles for creating avatars. It can be your best bet for the perfect full body avatar maker.

  1. Place it Avatar maker

Are you looking for an anime avatar maker for your social media profiles? This can be a great option for Discord avatar maker. It can work as a great option for gaming channels and even double up as a YouTube avatar maker.

The cartoon avatar maker has a very wonderful appealing interface. It can be the best anime avatar maker you can opt for in 2021.

  1. Instructables

Instructables is yet another great option for the free anime avatar maker. It can help you as the prime cartoon avatar maker. If you cannot create the graphics yourself, you can take help from an illustrator.

The web app can help you cartoonise any image or photo right away. You can cartoonise yourself or any other image. If you have not found the best cartoon maker from among the apps here, this is the best option by every count.

  1. Pixton

Pixton is yet another cartoon avatar maker app and creating an avatar using it can be as easy as using a paint application. It has access to a huge number of custom avatar characters you can make use of.

The number of customization options available on Pixton includes a wide range of customizations and coloring options. The interface is one of the most professional ones ever.

  1. Shrink Pictures

Shrink Pictures can double up as one of the high-end cartoon avatar photo maker. It lets you create a cartoon avatar from any photo or image. Simple to use features and interface are its huge strengths. A simple three-step process can make it a high-end option ever.

It should be an easier option to create a cartoon avatar online. The app simply shrinks your image and converts your image into an avatar. There are no customization options involved, making it a perfect option ever.

  1. Custom Anime

Custom Anime is one of the high-end cartoonise tools and doubles up as a great cartoon avatar maker. In addition to cartoonising your face, it can also double up as full body avatar maker. It provides you access to a huge range of customizations such as clothes and hairstyles.

The Custom Anime app provides you access to a huge number of customization options for beards, headgears, and other facial features.

  1. Hero Machine

Hero Machine is one of the advanced options for creating a cartoon avatar online. Irrespective of your drawing skills, you can use the tool for creating professional-looking cartoons for fantasy and science fiction.

It lets you create cartoons with the best possible artistic skills. Hero machine has everything that you are looking ahead to. That makes it a full-fledged cartoon maker online.

  1. Gaia Avatar Maker

The high-end customization offered by Gaia Avatar Maker is what sets it apart from the rest of the avatar maker options. It was the site the popular anime avatar maker Tektek accessed content from.

You need to register yourself on the site before you can use it. The Gaia Avatar Maker lets you express your feelings without any sort of inhibitions. Capture the attention of the users.

  1. Recolor. me

Recolor.me is an online community of users who help you customize the avatars. The resources available on the platform make it a great option to look forward to. One of the difficulties would be the need for registering yourself on the site.

Registration of the service can make it one of the high-end options that would make it a great choice. The platform is developed by Tekton which is the prime company behind Tektek.

  1. Small World

The platform claims that it opens up the possibility of infinite opportunities You will be able to make everything possible with the services offered by Small World. You can opt for any sort of customizing your avatar. You can get access to a huge range of customization options.

Give your creativity a huge boost with the best possible YouTube avatar maker capabilities. The easy to use interface is what further makes it a reliable option ever.

  1. Neopets

Neopets is yet another great option to help you create avatars online with a huge range of customization options. You can either customize your existing avatar or create a new one from scratch.

While the website offers the best performance even without registration, you can get the best possible customization if you create an account on the site. You have a huge list of resources that have to provide you unrestricted access to bring the best of your ideas.

Which Among them Would we Recommend?

While all the cartoon maker tools have been one of the excellent options for most of your expectations and requirements, we loved Cartoonify and Avachara to be the great option ever. The two capable cartoon avatar maker app provides you an easy to use interface and a simple functionality. In fact, the two tools provide you access to a very powerful performance in creating content worthy of it.