How to Turn On Closed Caption on Amazon Prime?
By Jenny

Due to pandemic all over the world people were distanced from their loved ones so a wide range of digital platforms like Spotify, Instagram and Facebook became their only source to remain connected with each other as well as to get entertained through their advantages. Read this article to know how to turn on closed caption on amazon prime.

Facebook offers users to create their separate rooms, and Spotify allows users to enjoy their favorite songs just by creating a personalized playlist and sharing it with their buddies. That's why users should know how to turn on amazon prime closed caption.

How to get closed caption on amazon prime on your smart TV?

1. Start to play your favorite movie or show on your Amazon Prime which you are willing to turn on closed caption.

2. With the help of the remote, tap on the 'CC icon' which is visible on the playback menu. If the CC icon is not visible, then you might not be able to turn on closed captions.

3. Users can adjust the display settings of the amazon prime subtitles followed by creating preferences if it is allowed by the device present in the menu of subtitles settings.

Although it depends on the Smart TV, users can choose the language of the subtitles in the settings or in the Amazon Prime video app itself in the subtitles settings.

How to turn on closed Caption on Amazon Prime on your mobile device?

1. Open the application of Amazon Prime Video on any device such as Android, iPhone or iPad. Start your desired show or movie in which you would like to turn on closed captions.

2. In the top-right corner there's a speech bubble icon tap on that.

3. Select the language which you want to use and turn on the subtitles. Click on "Subtitles Settings" for customizing the appearance of your subtitles. You have successfully learnt how to turn on subtitles on amazon prime.

How to turn on closed Caption on Amazon Prime on your computer?

1. The first step is opening the Amazon Prime video and navigating it on the PC or Mac. Start with your show or movie which you prefer to see with closed captions.

2. You would find a speech bubble icon, click on that in the top-right corner.

3. Select and press the language which you add comfortable with and turn the subtitles on.

4. Tap on "Subtitles Settings" in your pop-up window for changing both the color as well as the size of your subtitle text.

5. Meanwhile, you can also turn off your subtitles by selecting off on the speech bubble icon.

What separates Y2Mate Paramount Plus downloader from any other software?

Y2Mate Paramount plus downloader has a huge user base because the developer of this software kept in mind to make the software in such a way that it can satisfy the requirement of every user. Read till the end to know how to get subtitles on amazon prime.

This application gives users the benefit to download their favorite movies, documentaries as well as shows with amazon prime closed caption. Moreover, users are also free to save videos for a long period. 

It's worthy to mention that this software never removes your secured content without the permission of the user. The application serves its best to help if the users are experiencing some the issues like:-

  • Buffering issues
  • The video keeps stopping due to network issues
  • Issues related to video or audio
  • amazon prime subtitles not working

The above mentioned are some general issues faced by the users and the use of the Y2Mate downloader eliminates such problems and offers an enriching experience. Moreover, through the software, you can also win offline recordings of the videos. It would answer your query regarding how to get a paramount plus for free on firestick.

That's why it's regarded as the epitome of both trending TV shows as well as superhit movies that could be easily watched in offline mode. It also becomes a part of your content library, since the content is being saved there.

Undoubtedly, kid shows, teen shows as well as web series are some of the trending content that users keep watching repetitively.

What are the features of the Y2Mate downloader?

Some of the common beneficial features of Y2Mate downloader are detailed below:-

1. High-speed download of trending live tv shows as well as videos

Amazon Prime allows its subscription users to watch their desired content on loop, users are free to binge-watch unlimited videos as they require. Y2Mate downloader, users also get hold of country-specific support along with the quality service so that the users can enjoy the videos at any time of the day.

2. Provides the option to skip unnecessary ads

Users looking forward to a seamless video experience having an option to skip annoying ads, then they should try the Y2Mate downloader since it gives such an option to its users. The ads can be removed without any hassle during the process of installation automatically. It ensures its users that they won't experience any kind of interruption through ads while watching their shows.

3. Features subtitles in a wide range of languages 

One of the primary concerns of the users is regarding their viewing experience. Sometimes it gets affected because of some issues in video subtitles. Every streaming downloader doesn't resolve such an issue. In this regard, users can trust the Y2Mate downloader. In this application, subtitles are already remixed into your desired videos and you have an option to save them as SRT files.

4. Save as many offline videos you want up to 1080p quality 

Offline video experience tops the priority of the users since that option gives them the liberty to watch their shows or movies at their desired time. Y2Mate downloader gives you the option to enjoy offline videos of premium quality. The high-quality videos make the experience more attractive for users. Users are just required to tap on download on their device to have an offline copy of their desired video.

5. Facilitates batch download

While discussing the high downloading speed, Y2Mate is paramount plus the downloader should be mentioned. To improve the overall efficacy of video's downloading speed, this application had an option of batch mode downloading. Batch mode offers users to not only choose but also download various videos at the same time. This option lowers the video's downloading time and is useful to finish the required task in a short period.

6. Save your videos in MP4 format

The downloaded videos on the device can be easily streamed on any kind of device, Y2Mate downloader ensures that the videos which have been downloaded offer support to MP4 format. It is highly compatible with different devices such as iPhone and iPad and users don't need to enquire if it's compatible.

7. Access videos with a built-in browser

Y2Mate downloader is highly popular to download videos without greater consumption of time as well as effort on the behalf of the users. The download process won't be disrupted in any way and users are not needed to move out of the application.

How to download shows from the Y2Mate downloader?

The process to download videos from the Y2Mate software is very easy irrespective of any kind of device be it a PC or laptop. Users need to keep in mind some simple steps while downloading it to their device before using it. The steps are enumerated below: -

1. The first step is the installation of the software on your device. Start by opening your live stream service and you would notice a list of shows.

2. Sign in to your account. You can easily login into your account by entering your details such as your password.

3. Check if the subtitles and metadata are correct. Select the desired language for videos subtitles along with meta info and click on the download option.

4. You would notice a download button, tap on that. Users would witness it had started automatically in the apps' background. Users can watch their favorite movies or shows with amazon prime closed caption. It won't disrupt their downloading process.

5. As the download process reaches its end stage, you will receive a confirmation notification. The most useful feature of the Y2Mate downloader is that you can share the downloaded videos with your friends and family. The file is transferable via USB cable and can be stored at any place. 

What are some of the advantages of the Y2Mate downloader?

Y2Mate downloader offers various benefits to its users. Its performance is outstanding because it offers premium quality video as well as images having a 5.1 stereo soundtrack.

Some of the noteworthy advantages are as follows:-

  • Download your desired movies or shows in the premium resolution which provides full support to 1080p quality.
  • The outstanding picture quality because of advanced features in the software.
  • The option of bulk downloading at high speed for every type of series and episode with just a single tap.
  • Both metadata and subtitles could be adjusted easily by fixing settings, production, star casts as well as the storyline, along with plot settings in your preferred language.
  • Speedy download of your videos and you can save your required downloaded file in the form of an SRT file.
  • Download files can be accessed on your content library.
  • The application is a great source of commercial-free advertisement options to enjoy your favorite shows as well as movies on loop.
  • Eliminates buffering issues

Such types of advantages give users an enriching offline watching experience.


This article would brief you about how to turn on closed caption on amazon prime, along with it's features and benefits. One of the main reasons behind the launch of subtitles on amazon prime is entertaining the users. The users who have a Prime subscription can enjoy uninterrupted TV shows as well as movies .