Countdown to Christmas: The Best Advent Calendars of 2022

By Yvonne

Utilize the very best advent calendars that 2022 has to offer in order to get into the holiday spirit. From chocolate and beauty calendars to toy and alcohol calendars, we've got a pick for every interest and budget. Find the perfect advent calendar to countdown to Christmas and make the holiday season extra special.

The Finest Advent Calendars Available in 2022

Advent calendars are a famous holiday tradition that offers a joyous and merry method to count down the days until Christmas. This tradition began in Germany in the 19th century.

These calendars typically feature small doors or windows that can be opened each day to reveal a surprise, such as a piece of chocolate or a small toy. There are many types of advent calendars to choose from, including chocolate, beauty, toy, and even alcohol calendars.

To help you find the best advent calendar for you or a loved one, we've compiled a list of our top picks for 2022.

Chocolate Advent Calendar: For those with a sweet tooth, a chocolate advent calendar is a delicious way to celebrate the holiday season. Our top pick is the Lindt Advent Calendar, which features a selection of creamy milk, dark, and white chocolates in festive shapes.

2022 Christmas Advent Calendar

Beauty Advent Calendar: For a pampering treat, consider a beauty advent calendar filled with skincare, makeup, and other beauty products. Our top pick is the Sephora Collection Advent Calendar, which includes a mix of makeup, skincare, and haircare products from popular brands.

beauty Advent calendars 2022

Toy Advent Calendar: Kids will love counting down to Christmas with a toy advent calendar. Our top pick is the LEGO City Advent Calendar, which includes 24 mini-builds, such as a snowplow, a snowmobile, and a Christmas tree, to create a festive scene.

Christmas Advent Calendar 2022

Alcohol Advent Calendar: For adults looking for a festive way to celebrate, an alcohol advent calendar is a fun option. Our top pick is the Beer Advent Calendar from Craft Beer Kings, which includes a variety of craft beers from around the world.

Best Wine and Alcohol Advent Calendars 2022

When choosing an advent calendar, consider the recipient's interests, age, and dietary restrictions. For those who prefer a non-traditional option, consider making a DIY calendar or choosing a charity calendar that supports a cause close to your heart.

Overall, an advent calendar is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday season. We hope our top picks have inspired you to start your own holiday tradition with an advent calendar.

Why advent calendars are popular around the holiday season

Advent calendars are a popular holiday tradition that originated in Germany in the 19th century. They were originally used as a way for children to count down the days until Christmas, with each day representing one of the 24 days of Advent leading up to Christmas Eve.

Today, advent calendars are popular for a variety of reasons. For many people, they provide a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday season. They can also be used as a way to build excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas Day.

Advent calendars can also be a way to share a special treat or gift with someone. Many calendars are filled with small surprises, such as chocolates, beauty products, or toys, which can add to the excitement of opening a door or window each day.

Advent calendars are also available in a wide range of themes and styles, making it easy to find one that suits the interests and preferences of the recipient. This has contributed to their popularity as a gift idea, especially around the holiday season.


What is an advent calendar?

Counting down the number of days till Christmas is a popular holiday activity that often involves the use of an advent calendar. On the advent calendar, there is a door or window that can be opened on a daily basis, and behind each one is a surprise of some kind, such as a piece of candy or a miniature toy. Advent calendars can be found in a wide range of formats, including calendars focused on chocolate, beauty products, toys, and even alcoholic beverages.

What are some things to keep in mind when searching for the ideal advent calendar?

When choosing an advent calendar, consider the recipient's interests, age, and dietary restrictions. For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, look for calendars that offer allergen-free or vegan options. You may also want to consider the theme of the calendar and whether it will appeal to the recipient. For non-traditional options, consider a DIY calendar that can be customized with the recipient's favorite treats or a charity calendar that supports a cause close to their heart.

Can advent calendars be used as gifts?

Yes, advent calendars make great gifts for the holiday season. As a joyous and merry way to enjoy the holiday season with friends, family, or coworkers, they can be given as gifts to anybody on your list. Many advent calendars are designed as gifts and come in attractive packaging, making them thoughtful and appreciated gifts.

Are there any non-traditional advent calendars available?

Yes, there are many non-traditional advent calendars available that offer a unique twist on the traditional format. Some options include DIY calendars that allow you to fill the pockets or compartments with your own treats or charity calendars that support a particular cause. Non-traditional calendars can be an excellent option for those looking for something different or for those with specific interests or dietary restrictions.