Acer Stream review
By Yvonne

Acer keeps forging ahead with new smartphone launches in 2010, and the latest, the Stream, looks stunning on paper.

Acer Stream Review

It's a decent attempt, but it's not worth the price. We don't think you would choose this handset over other phones on the same market. Make sure to play around with it before spending.

The pros

  • +

    Dolby Mobile's sound equalizer is fantastic

  • +

    The screen resolution is excellent

  • +

    Web browsers that work well

  • +

    Great media integration in nemoPlayer

  • +

    Camera has strong macro mode


  • -

    Video at 720p is very jerky

  • -

    Screen is pale outdoors

  • -

    You will need a larger battery

  • -

    Management of complex widgets

  • -

    Keyboard: Silly language selection key

Acer has launched a variety of smartphone models this year, including beTouch and neoTouch versions running Android.

The Liquid E is an Android 2.1 update to an older handset that we considered to be promising but failed to deliver.

Acer continues to push forward with its new launches. The Stream looks stunning on paper.

We have the basics of Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS as well as a large, bright 3.7 inch AMOLED screen. It has an 800x480pixel resolution, 1GHz processor and 720p video recording. There is also HDMI out and a 5-megapixel camera. The build quality is very nice.

Acer stream

Acer has fully skinned the Acer Stream, even though it barely touched Android's user interface on Liquid E. Acer is not known for its ability to skin operating systems well.

We hoped that the Stream would be able rival HTC's Sense interface.

The truth is somewhere in between. HTC Sense remains the best, however Acer did a great job skinning the Stream.

The Acer Stream isn't cheap, as you would expect from its specs. At £399 SIM free, it's actually a shade more expensive than the HTC Desire.

It's still brand-new, and its price could drop to match the Desire in the coming weeks.

The Acer Stream has many things we like, even before moving on to the software. This design is a world away from what we have seen in recent Acer smartphone models.

Acer stream

The front border has a metallic-look finish and a black surround that contains four touch buttons.

It has a very industrial feel, and the chassis is very heavy.

These buttons are used to perform all the Android functions: Search, Back, Home and Menu. In a circle surround, the Home button glows green when it is fully charged and red while charging.

Acer stream

Each button has a white backlight that is lit when one presses it. There's also a tiny bit of tactile feedback.

The Acer Stream is different from all other Android phones in that it has three additional physical buttons located at the bottom of its front chassis. These buttons are marked with arrows and offer media controls such as play/pause and previous/rewind.

These devices work while you listen to music. You can also control the playback of your favorite songs from another app. This is extremely useful.

These devices work when you view video via HDMI, but they do not work with still images.

Only a few buttons are scattered around the edges of Acer Stream. Clear and unadorned, the bottom has a headset jack of 3.5mm.

The main power button is located on the left. A volume rocker can be found to the right. Both buttons are very thin.

Acer stream

You will find the micro-USB power/PC connector cable, and the mini-HDMI port at its right end.

Acer stream

The only complaint about the buttons on the sides is the difficulty in accessing the micro-USB or HDMI ports due to the rubber cover.

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