Acer Liquid S100 review
By Yvonne

By bringing the fastest Android phone on the planet to market, Acer has good reason to be proud of the Liquid S100. The Liquid S100 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a super high-resolution screen.

Acer Liquid S100 review

It was a passable attempt at Android phones, but we were disappointed by the next-generation processor that made us so happy.

The pros

  • +

    Processors that are fast

  • +

    Slim chassis

  • +

    Visual home screen bookmarks

  • +

    Fast internet surfing


  • -

    Battery life is terrible

  • -

    Buggy messaging system

  • -

    Sorting contacts confusing

  • -

    Android constantly crashes

By bringing the fastest Android phone on the planet to market, Acer has good reason to be proud of the Liquid S100. This phone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, super high-resolution screen and a ton of excitement.

Although Acer is a relatively unknown mobile company, it has made an impact with the Windows Mobile NeoTouch S200 and now the Liquid S100. It brings top-end specs to the table and Android OS.

Acer phones have had a problem in the past. They often failed to perform well when used as intended. Can the Liquid help change this?

Acer liquid s100

Although the phone is quite basic, the white plastic case encasing the 3.5-inch display and a large plastic border surrounding it makes the device look much smaller than the iPhone and Samsung H1.

You can use the four touch-sensitive buttons on the bottom to access basic Android navigation. The hieroglyph design is also very cool.

Acer liquid s100

Left of the phone is the power/lock and right the volume and shutter buttons. The first button is easy to press one-handed, although the chassis can creak from time to time.

Acer decided, strangely enough, to add a miniUSB slot onto the Liquid. This seems old-fashioned. It is found on the bottom, near the 3.5mm headset jack.

Acer liquid s100

One speaker is located on the phone's back next to its camera. It's adequate, but it produces basic "chav on an train" sound quality.

It is quite a scary experience to take the battery cover off. You feel like you are going to break something by digging in your nails at the top.

The phone feels a bit cheap overall, with the silver buttons and white chassis making it seem a little toy-like.

Acer includes a basic range of accessories inside the box. A miniUSB connector lead and separate charger make a great addition, while the included earphones are good enough to double as an extra hand-free device (but without media control). Although we are still learning how to apply screen protectors on mobiles without adding millions of bubbles, there is a small selection in the box.

Acer liquid s100

You can also get a microSD card of 2GB, and an adaptor that will allow you to make it a full-size SD card. It is crucial because the phone will not save media and photos beyond the built-in memory of 512MB.

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