, or MAL, is one of the biggest anime social networking sites for anime and manga lovers, with 4.4+ million Anime and 7.75 million+ manga entries. The data increases daily as Anime and manga lovers come to sign up to MAL every day. offers an extensive collection of Anime and MangaManga series for its massive fan base users. People worldwide find is a fun site with similar-minded people and experience millions of anime and manga titles. The users' frequency activities make the site busy with updates, news, community forum, question & answer, and interactive communities in the anime industry.  

In this article, you will explore:

  • 5 best alternative anime sites
  • Difference between Anime and Manga
  • List of popular Anime shows



Myanimelist offers a vast platform for Anime and Manga lovers globally. With great fun and enjoyment and the aspects of exciting stories of Anime, users spend their entertainment time here. offers a wide range of Anime titles to watch and share with your friends. With the huge fan base, users can watch anime titles, latest episodes, recap episodes of the current shows, interact with community people, ask queries, and so on. Myanimelist consists of a vast database of users worldwide and offers the best social media networks. The simple and easy to access site requires you to sign up if you upload the titles, share the new episodes with your friends through social media platforms, interact with the community, etc. MAL includes a few of its core features of daily updates and exciting interactions with people worldwide.

There are alternatives of that offer similar activities which attract the fans to engage themselves.

The Alternatives of Myanimelist:  Must keep in your checklist



The second-largest fan base of Anime lovers is Anime-Planet. The site launched in 2001 and gained popularity slowly among Anime lovers. Unlike other sites, Anime-Planet also offers its users to stream their favorite titles on Anime-Planet. You can stream the latest episodes of Anime. The site's interface is organized in a perfect way that you can easily find out the latest stream, genre-specific titles, and many more. The site also maintains a large fan base community with similar-minded people. You can make new friends and introduce your friend to the new world. Stream all your favorite Anime shows in Anime-Planet, share with your friends on various social media platforms.


Special Topic to News Ranking, AnimeAnime covers all the latest news, new releases for Anime lovers globally. The site supports characters, music, events, novels, game, films, etc., for Anime fans. Subscribe option ensures that you will get all the up-to-date news regarding Anime and its new releases, the star attraction, and the turn and twist in the Anime industry. Even you can know what your favorite character's voice-over artist is and the technology and the streaming of Anime in the current scenario. Display more news on Anime and embark on staying updated with the latest trend in the Anime industry. Fans prefer to remain with AnimAnime to get all the information under one banner.



The most popular Anime tool AniList provides the surface to track down your progress regarding Anime watching points, multiple score types that support the Anime episodes, a list of themes, and public API. You need to sign up with a user id and password and access the streaming of Anime episodes. AniList provides an open community forum for its huge fan base to exchange your thoughts, ideas, suggestions in a friendly manner. The site supports live chat, movies and video categories, forums with its intuitive interface. The site is free of charge for personal usage.



AniDB site is based on a substantial database of Anime from China, Japan, Korea. The site displays the data of Anime shows, characters, music, creators, clubs, episode numbers, etc. you need to sign up to access the data demonstrating there. The streaming site emphasizes Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Anime series for the fans. The interactive forum engages you to exchange your thoughts with anime fans globally. AniDB is different from other websites as the site offers almost all categories of Anime data from China, Japan, and Korea. Covering the three major parts of Anime sources, once you land on AniDB, you will get all the information regarding your favorite Anime character.



Driving with more fun and enjoyment, Kitsu offers its platform to connect with similar Anime fans from Asia and worldwide. Offering its extensive title list Kitsu is famous for its interactive way to communicate with each other. The site supports multiple languages and social media sharing options with tagging options enabled. Integrated chat ensures you connect with the right people on the other side. You can access points, ratings, and different scoring systems. The highly interactive site Kitsu is mobile-friendly and helps the users to build connectivity through the community forum.

Anime is no longer confined within Japan and Korea. Now global watchers can access Anime series, shows, movies, videos through various sites. The reason behind the popularity is undoubtedly the enchanting storyline and character portraying. Young minds feel appealing to watch the Anime series with great enthusiasm.

Anime and Manga: The two aspects of the Japanese animated film industry

You might have heard the words Anime and Manga simultaneously. These two words are often pronounced if you encounter an Anime lover. Do you know what it means? Let us tell you the difference between Anime and Manga.

Japan is the source of these two words in the animated world. Anime means any animated film in Japan, and Manga is any printed cartoon. Though both are not similar, one cannot conclude that Anime and MangaManga are the same in Japanese animation and film culture. But for the rest of the world, Anime and MangaManga mean animated films or comics from Japan.

Several vital points differentiate between Anime and MangaManga. Let's see the comparison.

Anime, the western world considers cartoons from Japan. But it is not correct. Anime involves complex storylines and illustrated themes with adult components. Anime characters are limited, and their movement is little way centric. The visuals of the characters are distinctively animated and English speaking. For instance, Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, etc., are Anime characters popular among young watchers.

On the contrary, MangaManga refers to comic books rather than cartoons. Manga is published in Black & White every week to manage the cost-effective affairs, and readers get a whole week to read the comics. Manga creation involves a single person called Mangakaka, who can create, illustrate and publish the book. It's a small-budget publication process that any creative artist can do. The characters have big eyes, and the storyline has adult themes. For instance, One Piece is a renowned Manga in and around Japan.

List of famous Anime shows

  • KonoSuba: God's blessings on this Wonderful World
  • Inuyasha: The Final Act
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Code Geass
  • My Hero Academia
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Detective Conan
  • Violet Evergarden

These Anime series have mixed genres and are popular among watchers globally. The series is available in various OTT streams, websites, and even in theaters.

Ask the questions, we reply to you!

If you still have queries regarding Anime and how to watch them, let us help you.

How can I watch my favorite Anime?

You can watch your favorite Anime on the above-stated sites, or you can try on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, etc. Based on your subscription plan, you can access the shows there.

Can I watch dubbed anime movies on OTT?

Yes, You can watch the best-dubbed anime movies on your favorite OTT platform and enjoy them with your friends.

How do I get connected with Anime fans worldwide?

Do sign-up in any of the six sites, join the community forum, and you will connect to the world of Anime lovers.

Can I join my friends on these sites?

Yes, you can. One has to create an account and can access all the benefits they demonstrate for the users. You can send the site link to them and ask them to sign-up with a user id and password. You can share your activities on your social media accounts. This is the way the networking community grows.

Are these sites legal and free?

Yes. These sites are legal and free. They will never ask for any charges. If you want to access the exclusive features and benefits, you have to sign up with your user id and password.

Are the news and data they publish authentic?

Yes. Especially AniDB and Myanimelist vigorously publish all the information and data to provide you with authentic info about the Anime industry, the new release, or any new launch of character. If you want to be up-to-date, be a consistent reader and visitor of these sites.

Final words or MAL is considered the best anime site that provides all the necessary information regarding Anime and its latest updates. On the other hand, the alternatives contain similar data to furnish the materials to the users globally. Users have the flexibility to choose one or two sites or multiple sites to stay updated regarding their favorite Anime series. Being an active user, you can actively participate in various anime events. You can show your skill, interest, and enthusiasm to be the part of the largest community in the world.