Where can I download Nintendo 3DS ROMs? How to use and precautions

Updated on 2023-06-29
There are various emu sites where you can download JPNROM for Nintendo 3DS, which has changed to Switch and the number of users is decreasing. We will also touch on how to use and cautions when downloading JPNROM for Nintendo 3DS.

Sites where you can download Nintendo 3DS ROMs


Nintendo's hardware has undergone many changes so far, but now Nintendo Switch is the mainstream, and the number of users of 3DS, which took the world by storm, is decreasing. There are various sites where you can download such 3DS JPNROM.

In addition, this article does not recommend downloading 3DS JPNROM/games from the site introduced, and the execution of this illegal act, which will be described in detail later.

We will not be held responsible for any damages or troubles that may occur when you download or download any content based on the information in this article, so please use it at your own risk.


Emusite for downloading Nintendo 3DS ROMs/games

If you have ROM data, you can play Nintendo 3DS software with an emulator installed on your PC.

For that purpose, I will introduce what kind of emu site you can download JPNROM/games for Nintendo 3DS.




First is zipperto. In addition to 3DS, you can also download retro game JPNROMs from Ziperto. Starting with Nintendo's Game Boy Color, PlayStation's JPNROM/games, etc. are also available on Ziperto.

Although advertisements are displayed, the operation of the zipperto site itself is light, so it is also an emu site that is easy to use .




Romsdownload.net also has recent action game JPNROMs/games, so if you want to use various games, you can say it's an easy site to find.

Romsdownload.net is also highly rated by users due to its user-friendly interface, even for beginners. You can assume that most 3DS JPNROMs/games are also available.




ROMSFUN.COM is also a site where you can download JPNROM/game data of old retro games . It is an emu site that has software for PlayStation devices per PSP as well as Nintendo devices.


3DS ROMs & CIA For Citra

3DS ROMs & CIA For Citraのトップページ

3DS ROMs & CIA For Citra can also download JPNROM/game data of many retro games. There are a lot of software other than Nintendo devices, and there are many famous software for each device .


Roms Universe


RomsUniverse has many JPNROM/game data besides 3DS JPNROM/game data. Since you can download various emulators besides DS, you can use it not only for ROM but also for emulator purposes.




Retrostic provides a lot of retro game data such as Nintendo 3DS JONROM / game data and ISO.

There are more than 40 types of game consoles, more than 70,000 JPNROM/game data, etc.

, and we also provide emulators in addition to ROMs, such as requesting games and having them added . It is said that the risk of viruses is low, so you may be able to use it with relative peace of mind (it cannot be said that it is completely safe, so please do so at your own risk).




Emuparadise provides not only JPNROM/game data such as 3DS but also movies and music . The site has been around for many years, and of course it also offers an emulator. There is a wide variety of games, so you may be able to find what you are looking for.


ROMs World

ROMs Worldのトップページ

ROMs World has a Pokemon image on the top page, but there are many other Nintendo software besides that .

There are also JPNROM/game data other than 3DS such as Nintendo's GameCube and Sony's PlayStation, and I have the impression that there are many popular software in ROMs World.




On ROMNation, you can download a wide range of data, from arcade MAME ROMs to Nintendo 64 JONROM/game data and 3DS JONROM/game data .

However, there are a lot of advertisements, and they are displayed until JONROM/game data is downloaded, so that point is a hindrance.




Gamulator is an emu site that is updated frequently, has new games, etc., and is said to be relatively safe. The contents of the Gamulator site are added daily, and the site itself is highly rated for its ease of use and download speed .




RomtoHome is a site where you can download JONROM/game data for Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

RomtoHome is divided by model, such as 3DS, among each manufacturer, so you can download JONROM / game data for many models.


Portal ROMs

Portal ROMsのトップページ

Portal ROMs allows you to download JPNROM/game data for PSP, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Wii/Wii U, 3DS, etc.

In addition, this is a torrent link site (details will be described later), so please understand that when using it.




DopeROMS is a site where beginners can learn about emulation. DopeROMS provides a lot of JPNROM/game data, and you can also search for JPNROM/game data that you are interested in by searching keywords from the search box .


Rom Hustler

Rom Hustlerのトップページ

With Rom Hustler, you can download JPNROM/game data with a simple procedure of selecting the type of game machine you want to download and downloading the software you are interested in.

Since the number of downloads and ratings are displayed along with the game name, it is easy to refer to as a reference when downloading.




As the name Romsmania suggests, Romsmania has a huge amount of JPNROM/game data . You can also use the search box to narrow down the vast amount of data, making it easy to find JPNROM/game data for Nintendo 3DS.


How to use the emulator site


Now, let's move on to explaining how to use the Nintendo 3DS emulator site. Here, I will explain how to use it with zipperto.


Things necessary


First, prepare the items listed in the following table. The reason for preparing is also displayed as a remark, so let's prepare by referring to them. If you already have it, please check the free space including the data saved in it .

Things necessary remarks
large capacity HDD Especially essential if you want to store many types of ROMs.
USB memory If you want to carry and play, prepare here. If you have about 128GB, you can afford it and feel safe

Download procedure


Now proceed to the download steps.

As mentioned above, although we explain how to download, this is illegal and we do not recommend it. Please use it at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for anything that happens.


First, access the Ziperto site and select 3DS from the game hard category.


Click the title of the game you want to download from Ziperto. (JPN) etc. are displayed, but this indicates the language, and JPN is the Japanese version of the software.


There are multiple download links for ziperto. Click for whatever you want. After that, download the JPNROM/game data from the download button on the external link of Ziperto.


Precautions when using emulator sites


Now, this is also the most important point about what to pay attention to when using an emulator site. Please be sure to check this before executing the download.


Because it is illegal, there is a risk of arrest and compensation


First of all, even if ROM data such as 3DS is on the Internet, it is all illegally uploaded, so-called pirated data . Downloading illegally uploaded data is prohibited by Japanese law.

And if you know that it is illegally uploaded and download it, it will be treated as an illegal act, and there is a risk of arrest and compensation. Although it is a crime to file a complaint, there is no telling what will happen in the future, as many people have been paying attention to pirated sites since the Mangamura incident.

Some of the recommended sites mentioned above use what is called a torrent service. It also leads to the reason for the arrest of


Even if you don't intend to do anything illegal, you risk being arrested. Also, if the IP address is exposed, it is easy to identify the individual, so if something happens, it may be possible to identify it from the IP address.

I have introduced several sites where you can download Nintendo 3DS ROMs, but I understand that downloading from these sites is fraught with such illegalities , and if I do download, I recognize that it is my responsibility. Please do it above.


Risk of virus infection or hacking


Besides the legality issue, there is a high chance that the ROM files you download may contain viruses or malware.

Downloading from overseas sites has such a high risk, and there is also a risk of being infected with a virus, making the PC unusable, and leaking personal information. Hiding your IP address is a particularly easy target for hackers.


Using a VPN can prevent it to some extent, and security software has the advantage of blocking the download of such dangerous files, but it cannot be said that there are no viruses or malware that can escape the eyes of security software .

Such risks increase markedly when downloading ROMs from overseas. Think of it as the same as the Nora app available on your smartphone. Please be aware of the risk and download at your own risk, just like the illegality issue mentioned above.


At the end


You can download the JPNROM/game data for Nintendo 3DS required for use with the emulator from the overseas sites mentioned above.

You can use it to play Nintendo 3DS games on an emulator, but the download itself is illegal and carries the risk of viruses and malware.

Dumping from your own 3DS software is also a gray zone, but downloading from outside is basically out, so please use it after understanding that you are responsible for all downloads .