What is "2CC Manga?" How to read manga for free

By momoka

I can't see "2cc Cartoon", has it closed?
I would like to know about alternatives or successors to "2cc Manga".

I wrote this article for such people.

Manga is a great daily pleasure.
Manga also has the power to move people's hearts.
If you are using an illegal manga site like "2cc Manga," you may be in trouble if it is suddenly closed.

In this article, we will show you how to view manga for free when you cannot view "2cc manga".

What is [Closed] 2CC?

2CC is an illegal site that was said to be the successor to Manga PLAY, and was closed in March 2022.

Please see below for the flow of 2CC from before it started operation to its closure.

Illegal site name

Time of closure

Manga BANK

November 2021


January 2022

Manga PLAY

March 2022


March 2022

The situation is repeating itself: "New illegal sites appear after they are closed.

Using illegal sites such as 2CC is very dangerous, as you may be involved in crimes or suffer unexpected damages.

Therefore, please do not use illegal sites such as 2CC.

The risks of using illegal sites similar to 2CC will be explained later.

Illegality of 2CC and other pirate sites

There are five main reasons why 2CC and other pirate sites are illegal.

  • You can be arrested
  • You are more likely to be infected with a virus
  • You are more likely to leak personal information
  • you will fall for one-click fraud
  • reduce the chances of good comics getting out into the world.

To help you properly understand the risks of illegal sites, let's look at the above five "illegality of 2CC and other pirate sites" in order.

Easier to get infected with viruses

Using 2CC and other illegal sites can make you more susceptible to viruses , which can lead to the following situations

  • Your device runs without your permission
  • Used for mining without permission
  • Leakage of personal information
  • Device malfunctions

Virus infection that increases the risk of unauthorized device operation, device malfunction, and leakage of personal information.

In recent years, mining damage has also been on the rise.

What is "mining damage"?

Mining is the unauthorized manipulation of a device by a virus infection and its use in processing virtual currency transactions.

Mining refers to the process of approving virtual currency transactions (i.e., the process of earning rewards).

It is believed that unauthorized use of a device for processing virtual currency transactions places a heavy burden on the device.

I shouldn't have underestimated the risk of device tampering, malfunction, and personal information leakage..."

To avoid such regrets, do not use illegal sites such as 2CC.

Easy to leak personal information

Using illegal sites such as 2CC increases the risk of personal information leakage through phishing scams.

What is a "phishing scam?"

Phishing" refers to fraudulent activities that steal personal information by encouraging users to register as members or update their registration information.

In addition to becoming a member of an illegal site, you may be led to a fake site by clicking on an advertisement, and your personal information may be leaked.

If financial information such as credit card information is leaked by phishing scams, you may suffer from unauthorized use or transfer of funds.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud due to leakage of personal information, do not use illegal sites such as 2CC.

Falling for one-click fraud

By using illegal sites such as 2CC, you may fall prey to one-click fraud.

What is "one-click fraud"?

One-click fraud" refers to a fraudulent act in which a message such as "You are enrolled" is displayed and money is demanded with only one click.

Some people pay the money without consulting their acquaintances or the police when they are unfairly asked for money.

They do not want anyone to know that they have been using an illegal site, so they cannot talk to anyone about it..."

Considering that you have to cry yourself to sleep like this, it is wiser to use successor sites that are safe and affordable.

To avoid falling for one-click fraud, never use illegal sites such as 2CC.

It reduces the chances of good comics getting out into the world.

The more illegal sites such as 2CC are used, the more good manga will decrease.

The reason for this is that illegal sites take away the profits of cartoonists and publishers.

As shown below, the amount of damage incurred by those involved in publishing from January to October 2021 is estimated to exceed 780 billion yen.

--Manga BANK, the largest illegal manga site for the domestic market, was finally closed in November 2021. Nevertheless, we have heard that access to the entire illegal manga site has increased rapidly due to the Corona Disaster. How much has the amount of damage ballooned?

The amount of damage from January to October 2021 was 782.7 billion yen, calculated by examining the number of PVs and time spent on illegal sites, etc. Compared to 2020, the amount in 2021 is likely to be more than four times higher. This amount of money is being read for free. Under these circumstances, manga artists really won't be able to grow.

There are no interesting works coming out these days..."

To avoid this situation, please do not use illegal sites such as 2CC.

== ==

List of similar sites that can replace or succeed "2cc manga

In this chapter, we will introduce sites that can replace or substitute for "13DL.NET".
Many of these sites have already closed down, and the sites that are currently continuing will no doubt be forced to close as well.

Manga-mura (Manga Village)

Manga-mura (マンガ村) is so well-known because it made the news; it was established in January 2016, but closed in April 2018.

Manga RAW (manga raw)

Manga Raw was the most popular illegal manga site after Manga Bank closed down. It has been repeatedly closed and revived. There are reports of virus infection.

Manga Gohan

MangaGohan " is preferred to "Manga RAW" in part because of its clean site. The site is repeatedly closed and restored. There are reports of virus infection.

Manga PLAY

Manga PLAY " is similar to "Manga Mura," a site that became famous for its roots in "Manga BANK. It has been repeatedly closed and revived.

Manga Village Pro

Manga Mura Pro is a paid version of Manga Mura (Manga Village). Like "Manga Mura (Manga Village)," it was closed down.

New Manga Village

New Manga Village" is now closed.

comick.top (Manga Bank)

Illegal manga site in the "Manga RAW" series. A successor/replacement of "Manga RAW". High risk of virus infection.

Manga World

Manga World is a site that collects manga distributed by publishers on the Internet. It is dangerous because it requires application downloads. There are reports of virus infection.


The successor to "Manga PLAY" is an illegal manga site. You can't read manga without downloading, so it's quite risky.

Manga Zip

Manga Zip" requires downloading, so the risk of virus infection is high. Still ongoing.


Fbay was one of the largest illegal manga sites in Japan at one time, as "One Piece" and "Tokyo Revengers" were available on Fbay, but it is now closed.


Currently closed. After "Manga Bank" closed down, it was revived as "Combay" but soon closed down. It was revived again as "Fbay.

Star Romi

Currently closed.

manga rock

Currently closed. released in the early 2000s for the international market. Manga Rock (manga rock) was available both on the website and as a smartphone app (iOS and Android).


Accessing "mangapro.top" leads to "manga raw.


Closed and revived repeatedly, and still ongoing, but difficult to use.


Repeatedly closed and revived, still ongoing.

MangaToro (MangaSum)

Repeatedly closed and revived.


Repeatedly closed and revived.


Repeatedly closed and revived, and continues to this day.


Closed and resurrected repeatedly, still ongoing.


Closed, revived, and still going.


Still in operation, but it is difficult to use.

Raw Manga Raw Manga

Repeatedly closed and revived, and still ongoing.

Manga1002 (Free Manga Planet)

Manga1002 (Free Manga Planet) is now closed.
Affiliated sites "Manga1000" and "Manga1001" have been repeatedly closed and revived.


Currently closed.


After "LoveHeaven" was closed, it was revived as "LoveHug". It is still unstable. Dangerous due to reports of virus infection.


Repeatedly closed and revived. Dangerous due to reports of virus infection.


Popular illegal BL manga site, now closed.

Manga11(Komiraw, hakaraw)

Dangerous due to reports of virus infection.


Mostly displayed in English. Dangerous due to reports of virus infection.


After "MangaLaw" was closed, it was revived as "RawMangas". Dangerous due to reports of virus infection.

Manga Village pro

Currently closed.

Manga City

Currently closed.

Manga Country

Currently closed.

Cartoon Star

Currently closed.


Currently closed.


Currently closed.


Now closed.

Manga Tower

Now closed.


Currently closed.

Cartoon Hideout

Currently closed.


Currently closed.


Revived as "LoveHeaven" after the closure of "LHScan". Now closed.


After "RawQV" was closed, it was revived as "MangaHato" but moved to "KissLove". Finally closed.


The above is a detailed explanation of "2cc Manga".

Illegal manga sites like "2cc Manga" will eventually be forced to close.
There were three risks in using illegal manga sites.

Three risks of continuing to use illegal manga sites

  1. Risk of virus infection
  2. Risk of having personal information revealed
  3. Risk of being forced to mine virtual currency

If you continue to use illegal manga sites, you may be held liable for a large amount of damages or punished for illegal activities.

This is a bit worrisome, isn't it?

To enjoy manga with peace of mind, we recommend using the official manga site trial service.