The 1More Quad Drivers Review: Audiophile Earphones The 1More Q Drivers are high-end earphones with advanced audio technology that shine right from the box. They were put to the test for 15 hours.

Earbuds for Quad Drivers - 1More

1More Quad Driver

We like this

  • Excellent audio quality

  • Numerous accessories available as an accompaniment

  • Cord stays tangle-free

  • Earbuds that fit comfortably

The Things We Hate
  • Prices high

  • There is only one option for color

1More Quad Driver in ear headphones are more than just an audio accessory. They offer a rich audio experience both for audiophiles as well as casual listeners.

The 1More quad driver in-ear headphones were purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test them and evaluate them. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

1More Quad Driver in ear headphones will make you want to play any playlist. The wired, elegant earbuds provide a rich listening experience for both audiophiles and experts alike. The earbuds' inner workings have impressive credentials. You'll be able to enjoy a superior listening experience thanks to an experienced sound engineer. To see if these headphones could produce cinematic sound, I used them for a variety of music.

1More Quad Driver

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Design: Excellence in details

These earphones aren't heavy by any means, but portability is made easier—and fancier—with the gift of a leather magnetic carrying case that easily fits into a work bag or backpack. The case was easy to remove the headphones from. It is constructed of oxygen-free, heavy-duty copper wire and covered in Kevlar. The cord is extremely lightweight and yet very tangle-resistant.

The aluminum and tungsten earbuds are a dark gray/silver shade and feel simultaneously substantial but also very lightweight—an attractive mix that lends a high-end feel. In terms of appearance and build material, the earphone jack as well as button control panel are also similar. The buttons have a pleasing circular shape, and they respond to touch prompts easily. This is in contrast with other remote earphones which feature rectangular or flat buttons. They are easy to access, as the panel is located below the chin or around the collar bone.

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Comfort: Very little

There are eight sizes of ear tips available, ranging in size from 10 to 14.5 millimeters. I did not spend much time experimenting with the fit. They came with 14 millimeter buds. The 45-degree angle rubber earpieces created an excellent fit. It wasn't too loose or tight. These earphones were comfortable for a six hour listening session.

Quad Driver earphones are the original THX-certified earphones.

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Sound Quality - Layered, full

Quad Driver earphones are the only THX certified earphones. You may have heard of THX because it was George Lucas, who pioneered the THX audio standards for home theatres, cars and computers. Given this impressive stamp of approval, you'd expect amazing sound—and that's just what I experienced.

Although I initially missed the deep bass notes I gravitated towards, it became a habit. As I spent more time listening to different kinds of music—from hip hop to folk to classical—I started to pick up on new sounds that I thought were coming from outside the music at times, but were, in fact, a part of the arrangement or song. This included breathing and high notes on instruments. I also noticed background sounds that were not present in the music. 1More promises that this will be the case. This is all due to these headphones' 40,000Hz high frequency range. This far surpasses the usual range of 20Hz to 22,000 Hz.

These are not noise cancelling, but the company claims they can reduce noise. That's what I believe. After several days of using the appliance at home, and outside, it became almost inaudible. I felt immersed in the music I was listening.

1More Quad Driver

Highlights: High-end packaging and accessories, as well as a driver

The 1More quad driver doesn't come with any additional software or apps, however the accessories that came along are thoughtfully packaged and well thought out. These earphones include eight extra earbud pieces as well as a shirt clip and a 1.4 inch adapter.

The packaging itself is beautiful and you won't mind putting any accessories that aren't needed in the box. You can store it either on your bookshelf, or with your records collection. These accessories are not cheap, but they add a nice touch to an already refined product.

Driver construction is the main draw for the 1More quad driver hardware. Quad driver headphones typically use four BA (balanced armature) drivers. The driver's mini arms are made of wire and magnets. They draw current from the coils to create a balanced sound. This same driver application is used by the Quad Driver, but it's combined with a dynamic driver that transmits bass. The Quad Driver is a quad-driver that does not include the usual four BA drivers. Instead, it combines a diamond-like carbon driver with two high-frequency armatures and one that handles the lowest sound waves.

Quad Driver is a great value for money if you are looking for top-notch sound quality.

Prices: The best quality at a bargain price

You can purchase the 1More quad driver for $170 MSRP. You may be more used to buying earphones at $100, or even less. This is because these headphones are not wireless, and the 3.5-millimeter connector that's becoming less compatible with new smartphones, doesn't make them as affordable. An adapter is a simple solution. It could be as low as $9 to convert 3.5mm lightning cables.

If you don't mind having to buy an adapter, or giving up wireless connectivity, but you still want high quality sound, then the Quad Driver is a great value when compared with single-driver models in the $200 price range. This product is unique in its quad-driver design and pricing, making it a formidable competitor to quad-drivers that can cost as high as $500.

Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones vs. Westone Earphones

The 1More Quad driver is often compared to the Shure or Westone offerings. These companies are experts in audio equipment, supplies and accessories for professionals musicians and music specialists. The Quad Driver has a worthy rival in the Westone W40 Earphones (see Amazon). Contrast is the 499 MSRP which is significantly more costly. You get Bluetooth and aptX codec technology as an extra cost. This allows you to enjoy CD-like sound quality and convenience while on the move.

These wireless headphones have an 8-hour battery life and a 32-foot range, according to Westone. They also come with an IPX-4 water and dust resistance rating. Another plus is the longer 2-year warranty and additional accessories like the proprietary Bluetooth cable that's compatible with any earpiece and swappable metal faceplates—but you'll only get five pairs of alternate foam tips. You can also choose the cheaper 1More Quad Driver, which is distinguished for the Hi-Res and THX certifications and unique configuration.

Final Verdict

Headphones are for those who desire an immersive listening experience.

For serious listeners who want to enjoy listening for as long as they like, the 1More Quad Driver headphones are the best choice. These earphones are elegant, but they have a unique look that may not be for everyone. These earphones are worth the investment if they transmit cinematic, professional audio.


  • Quad Driver Earbuds
  • Products Brand 1More
  • Prices from $170.00
  • Weight 0.65 oz.
  • Wired / wireless Wired
  • Controls compatible with iOS and Android
  • 1-year warranty

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